This 11-year-old boy was mocked for his shaved head then his principle stepped in

11-year-old Jackson Johnson shaved his head in support of his sick grandfather, Rick. The kids at his school were not nice about his decision. The cruel children shouted insults such as, “you look like a cancer patient!”

After a bunch of insults, the young man finally broke down and told his mom about the troubles he was facing at school. She took the matter to principal Tim Hadley.

The principal, hearing about the bullying at his school, did something unexpected, he sat down in front of Jackson’s class, explained what happened, and had Jackson shave his head in solidarity.

Every bit of the Principals hair was shaved off as the entire 6th-grade class watched. 

“You never know what someone is going through. So before you judge, before you make that comment, before you think about what you might say, take this into account: you don’t know what someone else’s life is like. Even if everything looks great on the outside, the could be broken on the inside. So support and love each other. We’re a family,” he said.

Facebook comments soon started rolling in from other parents who shared their own stories of struggle and love.

Porsha Wooden writes, My mom was diagnosed with cancer 7 months ago in the hardest thing she had to do was too cut her hair off . The most horrible experience to see my mom crying on the floor. I took the Clippers and began to shave my hair off so we both be can bald together. Now she is cancer free!”

Veronica Olenchuk also chimed in with this touching story: My son and I shaved our heads bald while raising money for my dad who had cancer. I couldn’t take his treatments for him, be sick for him, but I sure wasn’t going to let him go bald alone! Some of the more “important” people in my life at that time looked down on me for what I did.. but I didn’t care! I wore my bald head with pride for my pa!”

The new time you see someone with a shaved head just remember that they could be sharing their love of a loved one with the world to see and that’s truly special.