12-Year-Old CEO Is Helping Shelter Animals Get Adopted By Making Them Fashionable Bowties

This 12-year-old CEO decided to turn his passion and love for animals into something that could benefit animals living in shelters.

What started as a way for him to spend time with his family and create fun and fashionable bowties turned into a company that earned him recognition from a former President of the United States. Darius Brown is proving to everyone that age doesn’t matter as long as you work hard and find a cause you care about.

The Beginning Of Beaux & Paws

Beaux and Paws instagram of bowties
Photo Credit: Instagram / @sirdariusbrown

At age 2, Darius Brown was diagnosed with speech, comprehension, and fine motor skills delay, but that hasn’t stopped him.

At age 8 he began helping his sister Dazhai cut fabric to make bows, which helped him develop his fine motor skills while also spending time with his sister. That’s what gave him the inspiration to start his company “Beaux & Paws” and become one of the youngest CEOs in the country.

The Cause For The Company

beaux and paws dog with bowtie
Photo Credit: Instagram / @sirdariusbrown

When Darius was 11 he founded the pet couture company Beaux & Paws, which created unique bow ties for both humans as well as their furry four-legged friends.

He began donating the bowties to New York animal shelters after learning about all the rescued animals that were being moved from Texas and Puerto Rico to NYC following Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. Darius wanted to help the dogs look fashionable and attractive in hopes of getting them adopted faster.

Celebrity Support

darius brown with GMA Host michael strahan
Photo Credit: Instagram / @sirdariusbrown

Since starting his company, Darius has donated bowties to animal shelters through the U.S. and has received national support. He’s received endorsements from The New York Knicks and the New York Giants, as well as support from celebrities such as Good Morning America’s Michael Strahan and Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Kenya Moore.

In March of 2018, Darius even received a letter of support from former President Barack Obama, commending him for all he’s accomplished.

Darius’s PAW-some Mission

Beaux and Paws puppy with bowtie
Photo Credit: Instagram / @sirdariusbrown

In June 2019, Darius’s sister Dazhai started a GoFundMe page to help Darius raise funds for his exciting summer plans. The fundraising goal is set at $7500 and it’s just under halfway there in less than a month.

Darius plans to visit five adoption centers and shelters throughout the U.S. to volunteer at and promote adoption events, according to the GoFundMe page description. If it’s possible, he would like to visit more than 5 shelters, depending on funds and scheduling.

The Work Is Never Done

beaux and paws facebook photo
Photo Credit: Facebook / Beaux & Paws

Darius’s main focus for the summer is visiting shelters, but after the funds are raised and allocated, he has a number of other tasks he would use any excess funds for.

His GoFundMe says the funds could also go towards shipping fees for sending bowties to shelters and adoption centers he won’t be able to visit in person, as well as for purchasing supplies to make the bowties themselves, and also potentially purchasing a new sewing machine.