13-Year-Old Proves $1,500 And A Good Work Ethic Is All You Need To Build A Home

Luke Turned The Obsession Into Reality

Luke Thill / YouTube
Luke Thill / YouTube

Luke Thill might seem like any other normal 13-year-old on the surface, but once you get to know him you quickly realize he has bigger aspirations than most adults you know! After learning about tiny homes he noticed that no one under the age of 14 was making them. So he figured, why not him?

“I was just on YouTube looking around and came across a tiny house idea and then that spiraled into looking at almost every YouTube video there is, it felt like,” Thill told ABC News. “I got obsessed with them and decided to build my own.”

Luke wanted to do it all on his own but there is one thing he would need for his parents: permission