27 Of The Most Ridiculous Dog Haircuts You Will Ever See

When it comes to the treatment of our pets, some people really want to act as if their favorite puppy or dog is a human. When it comes to these hilarious dogs, their owners gave them haircuts that were never meant for a family pet.

From mohawks and pigtails, to Lion Maim’s and evil haircuts that should never have happened, these haircuts will have you questioning the sanity of each pets owner.

1. Big Body. Little Head. This Dogs Haircut is Hilarious

2. Big Head. Little Body.

This Dog is Super Funny Because of Its Haircut

3. A Majestic Creature. These Are Always Hot Headed.

Super Funny Dog Haircut

4. No. Just No. Dogs Hair Should NEVER Look Like This.

Super Funny Dog Haircut - Hilarious

5. Awesome Dog Mohawk

Super Awesomely Bad Dog Haircut

6. Why Did You Forget To Cut The Rest Of This Dogs Hair

Small Head and Huge Hair on Body - Funny Dog Photo

7. This Dog Is Grumpy Over His Haircut

Scruffy Dog Haircut

8. So Much Hair On His Little Head.

Really Funny Dog Haircut

9. Dogs Should Not Wear Pigtails

No Dog Should Have This Haircut 10. Haircut Makes This Dog Look Like A LionLion Haircut on a Dog 11. Awesome Beard, Just Not For A Dog. Horrible Dog Haircut 12. We Call This One A Trouser Dog. Horrible Dog Haircut - Made Me Laugh 13. Dog Looks Like A Hovercraft With This Haircut. Horrible Dog Haircut - Lol14. An Adorable Dog, With A Not So Adorable Haircut.
Hilariously Funny Dog Haircut 15. Mohawks are Adorable, But Not This One. Hilarious Funny Dog Mohawk 16. A Mop Top On A Dog? Lol. Funny Top of Head Dog Haircut 17. Before and After. Let’s Go Back To Before. Funny Dog Picture - Before and After 18. Another Big Haircut On The Head Of A Dog. Funny Dog Haircut 19. Words Can’t Even Explain This Dog’s Haircut. Funny Dog Haircut - Long Hair 20. Mohawk From Top To Bottom. HeHe. Funny and Horrible Dog Haircut 21. The Fluffiest Dog Head Of All Time. Fluffy Dog Haircut - Hilarious 22. The Evil Dog Haircut. Evil But Funny Dog Haircut 23. The Majestic Dog Haircut. Dog Haircut Made Me Laugh 24. Crazy Hair Days Are Everyday For This DogAwesome head of Hair on Dog 25. This Is A Rastafarian Dog. Amazing and Funny Dog Haircut 26. Another Dog With A Full Body Mohawk. A Dog With A Really Funny Haircut 27. Poodles Are Funny Enough Looking Without This Haircut. A Dog with a funny Haircut

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