A Makeover Miracle Completely Transformed This Five-Decade Old Marriage

When we are thinking of our perfect partner, we generally think of someone we can grow old with. Physical attraction certainly plays a part, but it’s more important to find a partner who you can laugh with and understand as you both go through your own ups and downs.

Getting into a committed relationship is hard enough, but maintaining it for decades is a whole other story. Well, Kevin and Jo have a story that should inspire you to remember what’s really important in a relationship.

Meet Kevin And Jo


You know you’re in a solid relationship and marriage when you take on the world as one, instead of as individuals. The couple we’re about to talk about made a once-in-a-lifetime choice that many may disagree with until they see the final result.

That couple is Kevin and Jo Taylor. They first met in 1967 when Kevin was just 16 years old and Jo was 14. It was love at first sight.

They Fell In Love In High School


They’ve known each other since high school and from the beginning, it seemed to be a classic love story. They would study together. They would go to the park to play together, and they even partied together.

They shared some extraordinary moments and experiences while they were growing up. To say that they were childhood sweethearts would be an understatement. As the years went by, they created a loving family together.

They Had A Family Together


Now, if we can fast forward 50 years, they have had some time to reflect on their relationship. Yes, at this point they had been together for five decades already.

The couple had five children of their own who, at the time, already had kids of their own. Heck, some of their kids were even having kids. That meant Kevin and Jo weren’t just grandparents, they were great grandparents too, which they loved.

It Was Choatic At Times


You can probably just imagine the fun that this couple was having with their big family. Kevin and Jo always found comfort in each other through all the chaos. When you have that many people in your family, it’s chaotic, to say the least.

They were each other’s foundation and rock when the other was down on their luck, or having a bad day. The level of comfortability was incredible.

Jo Thought Kevin Was Dreamy


Looks were just never an issue in their marriage. They loved each other no matter what the other person looked like. Not only that, but they trusted one another. Commitment to them meant trusting their partner and accepting the mistakes and learning from them.

When they first met, Jo said that Kevin was dashing and handsome. He even reminded her of a young Patrick Swayze. That’s a pretty darn good compliment.

It Was Never A Material Love


But, it was never about the looks for either of them. What made the two stay together was their love for adventure and trying out new things. The two have never been afraid to explore new adventures, regardless of their age.

They often travel via Kevin’s Harley-Davidson motorcycle, which they say makes them feel like newlyweds again. It adds a little bit of danger because it certainly isn’t the safest way to travel.

They Loved The Outdoors

married bikers 5

Kevin recalled the time he had fallen in love with Jo the very first time he saw her. Even though she was younger than him, he said, there was something about her that just made him introduce himself.

They both immediately noticed that neither one of them was boring. They both liked adventure and quite frankly, wanted it every day. There was no such thing as a bad road trip or vacation. They saw the positive in everything.

They Lost Hope In Their Appearance


There was a time when they both noticed their young looks had faded pretty quickly. They were both greying and losing their youth faster then they wanted. That didn’t stop them from going on a crazy adventure here and there, but it was certainly in the back of their heads.

They were so busy trying to keep up with their five children that they forgot the years would do some damage to them.

They Ride Together Every Day


They ride every day. It’s a belief of Kevin’s that they have to do something fun and edgy every single day, no matter what. Jo thinks that Kevin is crazy for these beliefs, but she rides with him anyway.

Despite loving to take risks and living life on the adventurous side, neither of them were willing to take risks when it comes to their styles or appearances. I mean, why should they?

Kevin AKA Santa Claus


Kevin has been keeping his big Santa Claus beard, and Jo has kept her lengthy locks. If neither of them complained, they didn’t really see it as an issue. Grooming just wasn’t on the to-do list when they had five kids crawling around the house.

It’s even farther down the to-do list now that they have all those grandchildren and great-grandchildren hanging around the house. Jo wasn’t ever bothered by Kevin’s looks.

They Didn’t Know Where to Start


It honestly just wasn’t a thought that entered either of their minds. But, times do change, and so do people. As hard of a pill that may be to swallow, it’s the truth. Was it time for them to start looking into some grooming choices?

Well, neither of them would even know where to start. It seemed like a daunting task to carve out the time to go somewhere and put time and money into themselves.

The Kids Were Planning Something Special


But, this is when the story gets really interesting. Before the couple’s 50th anniversary, Kevin and Jo’s children and grandchildren were planning the best gift. They knew that they had to go big. 50 years together is an incredible amount of time, and a really big accomplishment.

The kids had to make sure that it would knock the socks off of their parents. So, the meticulous planning began for them.

It Was Going To Have To Be Huge


The present was going to have to be as good and meaningful as the anniversary. After a lot of time and a lot of planning, the kids were finally able to agree on one massive present.

The only problem? They were unsure if they were going to be able to pull it off. There was this show on TV called Ambush Makeover which had partnered with NBC and the Today Show.

They Were Chosen For The Show


The program was extremely popular for changing the lives of its subjects for the better. So, the children decided to take a shot in the dark. They figured it would never happen, but why not? The kids wanted to give them both a makeover for the ages.

As luck would have it, Kevin and Jo were chosen to be on the makeover program and invited on Valentine’s Day to inspire young couples.

But Would They Accept It?


It was the only gift that would actually be able to match the incredible event that was 50 years of marriage. But, this show wasn’t really in Kevin and Jo’s interests. It was going to be a surprise, but would they like it? After all, that’s what mattered the most at the end of the day.

So, the moment of truth was just around the corner. The kids brainstormed how they were going to sell the idea to their parents.

Jo Was Excited


After a few meetings, they went and told Kevin and Jo that they were accepted onto this TV show for Valentine’s Day. They framed it as “an adventure of a lifetime” and the parents were sold on it.

Jo was excited by the concept of a makeover on the show, which would modernize her decades-old hairstyle. Kevin wasn’t on the same page, though. While the adventure seemed interesting, the whole makeover thing wasn’t his cup of tea.

Kevin, Not So Much


He ended up saying no to the idea at first. At the time, Kevin’s beard was falling all the way down to his chest. If he would’ve walked into a mall around Christmas time, he would’ve been bombarded by kids.

Kevin was worried that they would end up taking his beard away. That was his major concern. He felt like it was a big part of his vibe, and an integral part of his look.

But, After Some Convincing He Was Okay


He was eventually convinced to go on the show as even he was starting to notice that his beard was too long. He could go for a trim and he certainly wasn’t going to be doing it himself. Why not let a pro handle it?

The kids were ecstatic that they now had both of their parents on board for the new adventure. Would they even recognize their parents after they were groomed? They couldn’t wait.

They Arrived In Style


It was finally time for their episode to be shot. It was new territory for both Kevin and Jo. The two arrived at the TV set on their beloved Harley motorcycle.

The couple was very curious how the segment would go. They went up to ask the producers about some of the details, but other than that they were 100% down with whatever happened to them that day. Just like every other day, it was all a part of the adventure.

The Treatment Was Going To Be Top-Knotch


One of the people who was going to do wonders for Kevin and Jo was legendary hairstylist, Louis Licari. His expertise was exactly what these two needed to give them some youth back into their look.

Licari is a noted member of the fashion industry. He’s someone who can look at your face and almost immediately tell you what will work best. He owns the famous New York salon named Licari Cutler.

They Were In Good Hands


Licari was also joined by TV personality Jill Martin, who acts as another “judge” on the show. She has 10 Emmy Awards to her name. If that doesn’t make her a credible person when it comes to the styling and entertainment world, then I don’t know what does.

She is also a writer and blogger for a variety of magazines and other fashion outlets. This transformation was going to be huge.

The Nerves Were Catching Up With Them


When the couple met the two stylists, they were so excited. It was completely new territory for them, but it was going to be absolutely perfect for what they needed.

Jo couldn’t help but explain the history of her hair to the stylists, while Kevin talked about how he had become accustomed to the way his beard feels and looks on his face. With every second that passed, they both got more nervous.

They’d Have To Say Goodbye To Each Other


Before the makeover could even begin, the couple were told by the show’s staff that they cannot see each other, especially while the makeover is underway. So, for the first time in a while, they would have to say goodbye to each other, at least for the time being.

They headed to their rooms and the makeover was on. The audience was all in and gushing over their 50-year love story.

It Had To Be Perfect


Everything was happening backstage and so far so good. Jo couldn’t wait to see what her husband looked like, and Kevin was giddy to see how beautiful his wife would be.

Licari made sure that Jo’s hair was well-taken care of, but he also made sure that Kevin’s beard was done to perfection. Licari was as invested as anyone in making sure this 50-year anniversary present was going to be extravagant.

It Was Time For Them To Meet Face-To-Face


Licari did his part in bringing Kevin and Jo’s hair back to life. Yes, Kevin protested about anyone touching his beard originally, but he was excited about the change when he got to the studio.

After the makeover was done for both of them, it was time to bring them face-to-face. Actually, the event was not just for the two of them — it was for everyone. The audience couldn’t wait to see what they looked like.

They Both Looked Like Different People


This was a huge deal for the family. Kevin and Jo’s makeover was important to the kids because they wanted the best for their parents. Jo looked dazzling. All of her loose-fitting clothing was gone. She was now sporting a fitted jacket and the change was spectacular.

Kevin came out right after. His beard was cut down, it was dyed brown to make him look younger, he was wearing a suit, and he was carrying red flowers for his beloved Jo.

They Were Both Shocked


They both looked like new people. Jo seemed more gorgeous and confident. It made her feel young again. She was so surprised to see Kevin looking so dapper. It was reminding her of the first time Kevin courted her.

He was sporting a new hairdo and style which was reminding her of the first time they ever met. These two are a living testament that a long-lasting love can only grow as time goes by.

They Look Like Different People


It’s honestly like these two are starting a new life together. Kevin and Jo remind us that couples need to be best friends first, and lovers second. They remind us that romantic dates and crazy adventures are the glue that keeps a marriage together.

They teach us that a harmonious relationship can be filled with times that you and your loved one can create wonderful memories. These two are awe-inspiring.

It’s Inspiring


If you’re truly in love, no changes on the outside can affect how you both feel on the inside. So feel free to spice it up a little bit. If something is getting a little bit stale in your relationship, do something different. Go on the vacation that you were scared to go on.

If you’re going to be spending the rest of your life with someone, you better choose well and pick somebody who will grow with you and nurture you for a long time.

They Melted Our Hearts


For some people, love and trust can be a difficult thing. Every long-term relationship will face problems from time-to-time. No matter what kind of adversity or challenge comes your way, you must remember that you and your significant other are on the same page.

When you remember these lessons in love, be sure to remember Kevin and Jo. The ups and downs didn’t define their relationship, their everlasting love did.