After 35 Years Of Delivering Mail, Hundreds Came Out To Celebrate Mr. Floyd

When Floyd Martin took a job with USPS 35 years ago, he never knew how much it would change his life. At first, he simply took the job because they offered to pay him double what he was making at the bank. Through snow, rain, heat, and darkness, Floyd delivered mail along the same route for more than three decades.

He finally decided to retire, and his last day on the job was one he’ll never forget. One reporter, Jennifer Brett, followed him for his final route. Check out the heartwarming send-off Floyd received from the community.

The community didn’t just say goodbye, they helped Floyd achieve a dream.

Floyd Began His Route In 1984

floyd martin in his usps postal truck

Floyd Martin graduated from Marietta High School in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1975 and didn’t know what he wanted to do at first. His mother suggested he take the postal service test but it wasn’t until years later that USPS reached out to him.

Floyd initially turned the job down since he had already landed a cushy and comfortable job at the local bank. USPS offered to pay him double what he was making at the bank, and he immediately replied: “when do you want me to start?”

He Could Have Left The Route Years Ago

floyd getting mail from back of truck

Putting in 35 years of work for the USPS isn’t easy. Floyd’s job required a lot of walking, which kept him in great physical shape but took a toll on the body. In the summertime, Floyd says that his mail truck is “basically a rolling oven” and that it was the Georgia heat that made him retire.

Still, he stuck it out as long as he could. Floyd knows he could have gotten an easier job at the post office but that he wouldn’t leave because he loves the people on his route too much.

The Kids On The Route Absolutely Love Floyd

kid waiting for floyd on route

One thing is for sure—the kids on Floyd’s route absolutely adore him. One woman, Charlotte Pietrowski, recalled that when her kids were young they would wait at the window for Mr. Floyd to come by with his truck. Apparently, Floyd could always be counted on for having a spare lollipop for the kids.

Floyd says he’s also had the pleasure of watching the kids in the neighborhood grow up to be as tall as him!

One little girl formed an extra-strong bond with Floyd.

One Little Girl Formed An Especially Strong Bond

floyd and little mae bullington dressed like floyd

One little girl on his route, Mae Bullington, had formed an especially important friendship with Floyd over the years. She even dressed up as Floyd the Mail Carrier for career day at her school. When Floyd saw this he said it “touched my heart” and that he was “so flattered.”

Mae’s appreciation for Floyd shows how kindness and caring can go a long way in the eyes of a young child. It can even inspire them to be anything they want to be.

The Neighborhood Animals Wait For Him Too

floyd posing with family and their dog

It’s not just the adults and kids that love Floyd. The neighborhood cats and dogs wait patiently for his truck to roll up. Floyd always has Milkbones for the neighborhood dogs, which makes Floyd the one mail carrier out there that isn’t hated by dogs!

The stray cats love Floyd too. Neighbor Peggy Born has been on Floyd’s route for decades and knows that he’ll slip some food to the cats when they’re waiting by the front porch.

Next, see all the ways the neighborhood showed Floyd their love

At The End Of His Route, There Was A Huge Street Party Waiting For Him

floyd street party organized by sarah

Giving him presents and decorating mailboxes didn’t feel like enough for the community that Floyd had been a part of for so long. Sarah Bullington, the mother of little Mae Bullington, organized a street party and buffet for Floyd.

More than 300 people on Floyd’s route came out to party with Floyd for his final day. They even named him the celebrity guest judge for the Maple Avenue Halloween Parade in 2019! Floyd’s an official celebrity.

Floyd Barely Got To Enjoy The Party

floyd posing for photos at the buffet

Even though there was a huge buffet set up for Floyd and the neighbors to enjoy, he barely got to touch any of it. He was too busy posing for photos with all his sentimental neighbors. Even when Floyd got a moment to take the scene in, people were stopping him on the street for photos and hugs.

The street party proved that not only is Floyd an honorary member of the Marietta community, but he’s practically a celebrity!

Everyone Hand-Delivered Their Mail That Day

delivering mail to floyd martin by hand

Nearly everyone on Floyd’s route had stayed home to hand-deliver their mail on his final day. Much of the “mail” wasn’t actually for Floyd to send out. Many of the neighbors on the route had actually gone out and bought retirement gifts for the postman!

Floyd was left speechless by the acts of kindness. He told Jennifer that he considered everyone on his route “my people” and said that they are so good to him.

They Even Decorated Mailboxes For Him

mailbox decorated for floyd

Everywhere you walked on the street it was clear that the neighborhood adored Floyd. Nearly every mailbox was decorated. Some of them had handwritten cards to Floyd while others had printed out family photos that Floyd appeared in.

It was obvious from the mailboxes that Floyd is not just a valued postal carrier, but a valued part of the families in the Marietta community.

Keep reading to see what big dream the neighborhood helped Floyd achieve!

What Will Floyd Do Now?

floyd and his friend

Aside from delivering the mail, Floyd lives a simple life. He resides in Atlanta with his dog Gigi. He doesn’t have any children and considers the 500 houses worth of kids his true family since he’s spent more than six hours every day with them for the last 35 years.

Floyd made sure everyone knows he’ll be back though. Morgan Beatton asked Floyd if he would attend an event and he told them not to worry, “y’all are my life.”

His Neighbors Helped Him Achieve His Dream!

floyd go fund me

Floyd might live a simple life but he does have one dream: to one day go to Hawaii. Many of the people on Floyd’s route knew of this dream though and set up a Go Fund Me to help Floyd go on his dream vacation.

They set a goal of $5,000 and it has now already reached double that! It looks like Floyd will definitely be able to finally go on a well-deserved vacation after years of service.

“He Always Had A Smile, Always Had A Wave”

floyd mailman and lorraine wascher

One of the things that nearly every neighbor on the route said was the Floyd was always smiling. Lorraine Wascher was waiting for him on his final day after being a stop on his route for 20 years. Many of the neighbors even admitted that Floyd’s constant joy helped them through a lot.

One woman admitted that Floyd has seen some of her best and worst moments, and told him, “You were there when I needed you, even if you didn’t know it.”

His Constant Presence Has Been Helpful For The Elderly

floyd and peggy corn feed the cats

Floyd’s impact has been felt in deeper ways for some families on his route. One woman, Joyce Hardin, came out to personally thank Floyd for taking her mother’s newspaper to the porch every day since she’s not as mobile anymore. Joyce thanked him for “taking care of mama after daddy passed.”

Another woman, Amanda Seals, spoke on behalf of her grandmother Doreen Hipps. Doreen has been on the route for all 35 years and has dementia. She can’t remember much but she “still knows Floyd.”

The Community Will Never Forget Floyd

floyd saying goodbye to community

At the end of his party, Floyd was able to share a few words with the community he’d been a part of for so long. Floyd said that his sendoff was “the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for him.”

His parting words for the community was that he hopes they “continue to take care of each other, and smile when you think of me.” By the looks of it, Floyd will have a lasting impact on the families of Marietta.