Animals Are Not Always Graceful, Check Out These Hilarious Fails

The animal kingdom is full of animals that are graceful, deadly, and just downright majestic. From time to time those same animals are a little less graceful, and at least on the surface they appear to be not-so-deadly.

Watch as these animals fail at even the most basic of tasks that they would normally master through instinct.

1. Stumbling Bird In Snow

Bird In Snow Failvia:

2. The Not-So-Graceful Kitten

Cat Falling Failvia:

3. Cat Gets Stuck In Slipper

Cat Stuck In Slipper Failvia:

4. Puppy Stuck Under Pool

Dog Falls Out Of Poolvia:

5. Hilarious Elephant Face Plant

Elephant Face Plant Failvia:

6. Hamster Can’t Master The Running Wheel

Hamster Flung From Wheelvia:

7. Sloth’s Even Fail In Slow Motion

Hilarious Sloth Failvia:

8. Leopard Fails Miserably At Walking On A Log

Leopard Falls Off Tree Branchvia:

9. Monkey Finger Sniffing Fail

Monkey Smelling Finger Failvia:

10. Panda Fail – No Wonder They Are Going Extinct

Panda Bear Failvia:

11. Penguin Hits Iceberg

Penguin Fail is Hilariousvia:

12. This Polar Bear Isn’t Very Good In The Snow

Polar Bear Failvia:

13. Silly Bunny Rabbit Fails At Eating

Rabbit And Bag Of Food - Failvia:

14. Seal Runs Into Wall

Seal Hits Wall


15. Lion Gets Tangled In A Tree

Silly Clumsy Lion Failvia: