There’s An App That Lets Strangers Help The Blind That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

It’s easy to feel like sometimes you’re alone. For people living with challenges others might not have, often times it can be hard to reach out for assistance. ‘Be My Eyes’ is here and trying to help.

‘Be My Eyes’ is a free app that puts strangers in contact with the visually impaired to provide visual assistance when people need it. It’s as easy as helping someone pick out a shirt or choose a ripe apple. Check out this and other initiatives and people that are making the world a better place for us all.

It’s As Easy As A Video Call

visually impaired blind person walking down street with cane
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When a blind or low sighted person needs a pair of eyes for a task they will engage an available volunteer in a video call with them to help do whatever they need to do. It’s that simple.

The volunteer will tell them where to move their camera and guide them where to move. Be My Eyes is free and operates on a volunteer basis – that way nobody is forced into accepting or giving help when they don’t need it or don’t want to.

This Stranger Helped A Lady Pick Out Almond Milk

almond milk be my eyes tweet about guy helping visually impaired lady pick out almond milk
Photo Credit: @Elsmoove_ / Twitter

This is the perfect example of how this app can make a big difference in a simple way. The visually impaired don’t always need help, but when they want it, for example when they’re picking out their favorite flavor of almond milk, that’s where it comes in handy.

Twitter user @Elsmoove_ made this lady’s day when he picked up the video call to help her choose almond milk at the grocery store. We all know how important it is to get the right flavor of the stuff – the chocolate version of Almond Breeze just doesn’t quite cut it.

It Can Help Put Together Best Dressed Lists

be my eyes tweet fashion tweet about visually impaired person calling asking guy to rate fashion of those around him
Photo Credit: @Veauxdevillian / Twitter

Fashion for the low-sighted or blind can be a tricky situation. You want to look and feel good, but sometimes it can be hard pinpointing what colors work together when you can’t see them.

This is the best use of this app so far. Period. Using a stranger to rate the fashion of others when they can’t see them is the perfect way to know how everyone stands in the trend sphere. Thanks to ‘Be My Eyes’ you can know if your clothes and peers are slaying or staying outdated.

This community initiative connects volunteers and those in need with a cool twist on the classic bulletin board.

This Chat Bench Combats Loneliness

chat bench for the lonely
Photo Credit: @dmirams / Twitter

The ‘Chat Bench’ initiative was created by police in the English seaside town of Burnham to fight the damaging effects that loneliness can have on a person. It works by having a volunteer sit on the bench and wait for someone who needs to talk to just take a seat beside them and chat away.

Tracey Grobbeler, the Burnham-On-The-Sea Police Community Support Officer, says that ‘the sign simply helps to break down the invisible, social barriers that exist between strangers who find themselves sharing a commonplace.’ What an easy way to bring a community together.

The Benches Also Fight Senior Isolation

sitting on bench chatting with rebecca williams forrest gump
Photo Credit: Movie Stills DB / Paramount Pictures

The Burnham police introduced the benches to raise awareness about World Elder Abuse Day. The benches help get public attention about the effects of isolation, physical, mental, or financial abuse that seniors could be facing without you knowing.

By installing these benches, police are hoping to encourage community members to say hello and engage with seniors they normally wouldn’t. We could all learn a little from Forrest Gump and strive to say hello next time we see a senior citizen out and about in public on their own.

The Giving Wall Lets You Post When You’re In Need

girl painting mural about inspiring community
Photo Credit: @thegivingwall_richmond / Instagram

Richmond, Virginia is reportedly home to around 53,000 people living in poverty with little means to get out or do the things they need to get done. Becky Crump, the founder of ‘The Giving Wall,’ knew this and wanted to improve people’s lives through volunteer involvement.

‘The Giving Wall’ is an online platform where people in need, ‘believers’, can post their needs and ‘supporters’ will purchase their need and help them fulfill it. The concept was inspired by real-life bulletin boards but has taken those and infused them with community spirit and compassion.

People Donate Because They Get What It’s Like

tacos taco truck guy selling street tacos
Photo Credits: @thegivingwall_richmond / Instagram

‘The Giving Wall’ project is a major success that sees plenty of community members and local businesses chipping in to make a small difference in people’s lives. Whether it’s laundry money, a car repair, or a work certification, no need is too small for the people who donate to ‘The Giving Wall.’

Brian, the owner of @intergalactictacos, donated $1,000 of his own revenue to the initiative. He did so because he gets what it’s like – before he owned his business he was just getting by. Now that’s truly something to taco-about.

You don’t have to be a part of an organization to help someone and spread kindness. Learn how this customer made a small difference in a fast food worker’s day.

You Don’t Have To Be A Part Of Something Big To Do Something Big

outside airport guy walking towards terminal with a suitcase
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You don’t have to be involved in an organization to help someone when they’re in need. Reddit user DeditaNodi proves this when she and her terminally-ill mother were stranded four hours away from home at an airport when their reserved rental car was unexpectedly canceled.

A kind stranger who worked at the airport noticed their distress and helped them in their time of need. She ‘arranged for family to meet us halfway to pick us up. Then after a long day at work, she went two hours out of her way just to get us there.’

When This Chick-Fil-A Cashier Couldn’t Afford A Book A Stranger Bought It For Him

reddit chik fil a cashier
Photo Credits: thebrobear2 / Reddit

Not being a part of an organization is no reason not to try and shine a little light on someone who’s having a rough day, week, or year. If we work to infuse the lives of strangers with a little happiness it gets better for all us humans.

It’s so incredibly sweet that this stranger gave this Chick-Fil-A cashier a book they wanted to read but couldn’t afford. It’s such a simple and kind gesture that can really make the difference in someone’s day. So don’t chicken out and spread that love.

This stranger made sure he got to where he was going safely when he was lost in a new country…

Truck Driver Stopped To Help When This Car Had A Blowout

truck with windmills behind it fedex truck looking gorgeous in the daytime
Photo Credit: Robert Alexander / Getty Images

When Reddit user redditcommander had a tire blowout when he and his girlfriend were going full speed on the highway, he learned just how compassionate strangers can be.

A kind truck driver took precious time out of his schedule to make sure they were okay. He says that the driver, ‘parked close to the back of my VW Golf on the shoulder specifically to shield me from traffic with his truck while I changed the tire.’ The stranger wouldn’t even accept a cup of coffee as a reward. Now that’s someone who’s looking out for others.

This Father-Son Duo That Raced To Give Their Lost Phone Back

trucks on highway backed up
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Reddit user niaho2 shows that kindness can come when you least expect it. On Christmas Day, he and his family got out to take pictures at the Mississippi/Alabama state line when he accidentally left his phone at the rest stop.

’15 minutes later on the highway, we’re just casually chatting in the car, when we hear a honk coming from behind us.’ A father-son duo they had met at the sign had raced to catch up with their car and return the phone. If that’s not the holiday spirit than nothing is.

Stranger Paid For Him To Get Home While Lost In An Unfamiliar Country

seoul korea nighttime waiting for public transit
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One Reddit user met a literal salt of the Earth who saved him from being stranded in Seoul at midnight. He was taking a bus to his girlfriend’s completely lost when a strange businessman noticed his distress and waved him over.

He writes that the stranger ‘starts talking to me in English and says he’ll let me know when to get off.’ They get so involved in the conversation that they miss the stop. The stranger than ‘flags down a taxi, tells him the subway station to drop me off on, and he paid the fare. All while still apologizing.’

This diner at a restaurant noticed they didn’t have a camera to capture their special moment so he stepped in…

This Homeless Man Helped Him Out And Wouldn’t Accept Anything In Return

homeless guy reddit helps warn guy about meter maid and won't accept anything in return
Photo Credit: mistapapageorgio / Reddit

Sometimes it’s the people who have it the hardest who give the most. It’s easy to forget in our busy lives that we’re all people and we’ve all needed a helping hand at some point.

This homeless man truly knows the value in helping even when we don’t have much to give. He also shares the common hate we all have for parking authorities. Hopefully, they did something for this kind human or they paid his generosity forward to the next in some way.

Woman With A Magic Bag Cheers Her Up At Airport

light up rubber duckie green cute smiling
Photo Credit: emerzsile / Imgur

Reddit user emerzsile was crying in an airport after dropping off her boyfriend who was leaving for Iraq when a real-life Mary Poppins noticed and sat beside her. Emerzsile writes that the lady began to ‘open her carpet bag and pull stuff out.’

She says it was ‘weird and random stuff like a feathered mardi gras face mask, a slinky, and a rubber duckie that lit up.’ When she started laughing at the duck the lady gave it to her along with some encouragement and then left as soon as she’d come. She kept the duck.

He Took A Blurry Photo Across The Restaurant To Capture Their Special Moment

man proposes to girlfriend blurry restaurant photo
Photo Credit: Ozzygriever / Reddit

When Reddit user Ozzygriever proposed to his wife in a romantic restaurant, but he didn’t bring a camera to capture the moment. That’s when one stranger noticed and was so moved by their love that he decided to photograph them on his cellphone.

That one photo made a world of difference. Ozzygriever writes that, ‘it came out grainy, it’s blurry, and it’s hard to tell it’s me proposing but it doesn’t matter. I love that picture. I owe that man so much.’ Now that’s a picture worth a thousand words.

Parade Of Stranger’s Umbrellas Kept This Student Dry

Untitled design - 2019-07-02T163240.175
Photo Credit: pamplemouse / Reddit

We’ve all been caught out in the rain unprepared at some point – it’s basically Murphy’s Law. It’s hard being a poor student struggling to make it to class on time and in one piece. Now combine those two things – that’s the perfect storm of stress.

This group of strangers definitely felt the empathetic student pain for this individual. What luck to stumble across 4 people willing to take time to help each other out instead of rushing to class. Who needs to be on time for an 8:30 lecture you’re just going to sleep through anyways?

Stranger Saves 13-Year-Old Girl From Mosh Pit At Concert

concert warped tour crowd in front of stage
Photo Credit: @krysxc / Instagram

Reddit user birkenstocksNsocks learned the hard way about the true meaning of being stuck between a rock and a hard place when she was caught unexpectedly in the warpath of a ‘Wall Of Death’ in the middle of a mosh pit at her first metal concert.

Moments before she was trampled she says she felt, ‘a massive pair of arms lift me up onto his shoulders. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the gratitude and relief I felt as he advised me that little girls don’t belong in mosh pits.’

Lady Chased Her Down The Street To Give Her Phone Back

reddit post about lost phone dunkin donuts
Photo Credit: Reddit

We all get the infamous ‘breakfast brain.’ You know the one that makes you leave your keys in the front door or brew eggs in the coffee maker. It happens to us all.

What doesn’t happen to us all is having an amazing person like this angel watching out for us when we have our morning moments. Seriously, this complete stranger went above and beyond to get this person’s phone back to them. She even had to tap into her James Bond chase scene skills to catch up to her.

Taxi Driver Saw Him Waiting Forever For A Bus In The Cold

bus stop outside in the cold 11:19 pm
Photo Credit: @jamesbaker571 / Instagram

Reddit user s0mexguy had an encounter with one of those mythological good taxi drivers – they’re out there folks. When he was broke and waiting for the bus in 10-15 degree weather, a taxi driver noticed and asked if he needed a ride.

He refused because he couldn’t afford it. But a minute later, ‘he drives by me again, waves me down once more. He insists on driving me telling me not to worry about the money. I hopped in.’ That is one good guy.

This Was Probably Santa

winter road snowy driving
Photo Credit: @_paige_jr / Instagram

Reddit user Mimble75 found herself walking home in the cold alone after a bad fight with her boyfriend when a kind stranger with a white beard and a twinkle in his eye pulled over to help. He wouldn’t take any money for the ride and tried to console her about the situation.

When the kind stranger dropped her off, ‘he gave me hug, wished me a Merry Christmas, and then waited until I was inside before he drove away.’ That’s a Christmas miracle courtesy of the man in red himself.