Baby Deer Found With A Missing Leg Discovers Beautiful New Life Purpose

For rescuers who uncover an abandoned animal, sometimes it can be difficult for them to assess what happened to the poor creature. The only thing they know for sure is that the animal needs help. In the case of an Australian fallow deer named Rudie, a group of strangers found him a few days after his birth. They realized that one of his legs was missing. More than TLC was needed for this little guy, so they rushed him to the veterinarian.

Just wait until you see him now…

What To Do


Encountering a wild, abandoned animal isn’t something most people enjoy. Animals are living, breathing creatures that deserve to exist on this Earth. For people to harm them is outright egregious. But on the other hand, if an animal is left by their pack or family for some reason, that isn’t something that people can’t control either.

When rescuers find a stray or abandoned animal, it might be difficult to assess the situation initially. This makes helping them a bit challenging at first.