Clever Matching Tattoos That Aren’t Just For Couples

Matching tattoos might seem like one of those so-cute-it’s-actually-gross things that couples do, but there’s a world of possibilities when it comes to coordinating tattoos. Siblings, parents, and best friends can also get inked together too.

These matching tattoos can be meaningful, funny, or just plain adorable. Either way, they all show a bond between two people that is now on their skin for life. Check these clever and creative tattoos out, and who knows, they might even inspire you to call up your BFF and get inked too.

The Perfect Depiction Of Siblings

tom and jerry matching tattoo on ankles

Anyone with a sibling knows that Tom and Jerry are a pretty good comparison of your relationship together. You both likely spend most of your time tormenting the other and competing to see who comes out on top, but you know it’s all just fun and games.

These Tom and Jerry tattoos were chosen by an older brother and younger sister after they had a chance to spend some “proper time” together now that they are actually grown up.

Searching For Your Other Half

tattoo of two avocados one with the pit and one without on forearms

As far as couple tattoos go, this one of two avocado halves has to be one of the cutest we’ve ever seen. If you saw this tattoo on its own, you might just think the person really loves avocados. Then when they come together you see those tiny avo-arms waving at each other and you can’t help but smile.

They’re tiny and adorable but still make your heart feel warm. These avocados show what it’s like to find your other half and the pit to fill the gaping hole in your stomach.

Harry Potter Fans Are All Collectively Crying

matching tattoos on forearm of severus snape quote

We don’t need to explain this sweet matching tattoo if you’re a Harry Potter fan, but for the select few who never read the books or watched the movies, this is one of the more memorable quotes of the series. Severus Snape says it to Dumbledore when it’s revealed his love for Harry’s mother Lily.

Snape’s longstanding love for Lily showed fans a different, softer side to the potions professor and made his death so much more heartbreaking.

Tattoos For An Adventurous Couple

matching tattoo on wrists of a boat and attached anchor

The only thing better than going on an adventure is getting to experience it with someone close to you. This couple got a pair of matching sailing tattoos that kick off their next great adventure, but the style of the tattoo can be repurposed by any set of friends.

The sailboat and anchor can easily be a cute analogy for how a rational friend might be the anchor to the one who usually has their head in the clouds.

This Tattoo Danced Its Way Into Our Hearts

matching tattoo of pulp fiction dancing together

Pulp Fiction has gone down as one of the best films of the last few decades, and it put Quentin Tarantino on the map. There are tons of iconic scenes to choose from, but watching Uma Thurman and John Travolta dance together is definitely one for the books.

This couple obviously loves the movie or the scene enough to get it tattooed on them. Let’s just hope they can bust out into the same dance when someone asks.

A Simple Sibling Tattoo

simple matching sibling tattoos of four dots

Matching tattoos don’t always have to be just between two people. These four siblings got together to mark their family connection on the wrists. The four dots represent the four siblings, while the larger circle represents the order in which each sibling lies. It’s small, simple, but still needs some explaining.

The beauty of a group tattoo like this is the possibilities are endless. If another child happens to come along, all they need to do is add another dot to the end of the line.

I Love You As Much As Scrat Loves That Acorn

tattoos of squirrel from ice age and the nut it chases

A lot of couples tend to get sentimental with their matching tattoos, and while that can be pretty cute, it’s nice to add some fun in every once in a while. This couple decided to channel their inner childhood soul and get an Ice Age-inspired tattoo.

It’s definitely a clever couple tattoo, especially if one of you spent a lot of time chasing after the other in the early days of the relationship.

The Sun And The Stars

matching tattoos on calved of day and night scene

Two people can be together who might seem like polar opposites, but in the famous words of Newton’s Third law—every reaction has an equal and opposite reaction. For these two, it means one is the sun and the light while the other is the night and the stars.

Just think about how many times you meet a couple or a pair of friends and one is super introverted while the other is a bubbly extrovert. Opposites truly do attract.


matching tattoo of drooling homer and donut on calves

Just because you and your significant other, want to get a matching tattoo, it doesn’t mean it has to be super cute and sentimental. It can be anything that the two of you have built a connection with. For this couple, it was The Simpsons.

While some people might think it’s weird, we think it’s one of the best conversation-starters out there. “Hey, why do you have a giant donut tattooed on your calf?”

The Creation Of An Incredible Tattoo

matching tattoo of two hands from divine creation

The Creation Of Adam is one of the most famous works of art in the world. The fresco painting by Michelangelo can still be seen in the Sistine Chapel as part of a larger scene of Genesis, but the hand of God outstretch to Adam is still the most iconic symbol.

Many people say the hands represent humanity as a whole. Having the hands connect these two best friends mean that they give each other a spark for life.

This One Pulls At The Heartstrings

matching tattoo of two hands holding red string that meets up

This couple decided to connect their hearts, hands, and bodies with this touching tattoo. What’s most impressive about this tattoo is you can tell the artist carefully matched the tattoo to the couples’ bodies.

The way her shoulder fits perfectly into the bend of his arm makes the string tattoo work perfectly. That simple red string could simply never match up on another person’s body as seamless as it does between these two. These two are truly connected for life.

Floating And Swimming Together

astronaut and deep sea diver on back of arms

The artists who inked this couple explained that it was like a matching tattoo they’d never done before. Both the floating astronaut and the swimming deep sea diver designs are meant to stand on their own and were done to reflect each person’s individual style.

Still, they look connected when they’re standing side by side and the diver is lower than the astronaut. In fact, the outstretched hands look pretty similar to another tattoo about the Creation of Adam.

You Only Really Have One Life

one and a half lines on each wrist jumanji tattoos

At first, these matching tattoos might make absolutely no sense. But if you’ve seen the 2017 film Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle, then you might recognize the lines on the wrist. In the film, the three tattooed lines are on each player to show how many “lives” they have left in the Jumanji video game.

This couple had the three lines tattooed on them but split them into one and a half lines each. It shows that they complete each other’s lives.

Just Like How Nature Intended It To Be

matching tattoo of dinosaur and turtle talking

Ah yes, a turtle and a t-rex, the power duo that we never knew we wanted. This tattoo is once again proof that you can create a clever matching tattoo without it needing to solely rely on the other. In fact, you can still have a creative tattoo without it really making any sense.

These sisters must have simply chosen their favorite animals and wanted to find a way to connect them. Maybe the turtle and t-rex are communicating between eras with that makeshift telephone.

Two Sides Of The Same Coin

matching tattoos on forearms of books and video games

Matching tattoos can still represent you as an individual, and that’s exactly what these two do. This one was actually done by a couple who clearly have some very different interests but they’re found a way to join them together.

Even though one of them prefers books while the other likes video games, their ability to match the two tattoos show just how much you can still have in common with someone opposite to you.

Best Friends At Their Finest

matching tattoos of two girls holding tin cups with strings

Instead of having a string connect their hearts, these best friends decided to find a string that would connect their childhoods. Who else remembers using old tin cans and string to build makeshift walkie-talkies with your friend when you were kids? Sure, they didn’t translate sound much further than 5 feet, but it felt cool at the time.

As friends grow up it’s easy to grow apart and stop talking as much. Hopefully, this tattoo reminds the pair to stay connected.

Nature Meets Geometry With These Wolf Halves

matching tattoos of geometric wolf and geometric background

Triangles, nature, and geometric pattern tattoos have all become more and more popular over the years. This couple went and switched things up and made it totally their own. Instead of choosing just one feature, they added all three into one tattoo in opposite ways.

These clever tattoos also show how differing personalities can match up together. It also shows how you tend to adopt other traits of the person you end up with.

Cupid’s Arrow Hit Its Target

matching tattoo of woman shooting cupids arrow at man

While we love matching tattoos that are fun and laughable like The Simpsons one, there is a special place for the sentimental ones. This pair from Chile are basically couple goals with this updated cupid’s arrow tattoo.

We love how the these tattoos need to be together to be best understood. And it’s sweet to see the female cartoon shooting a flower instead of an arrow, just to keep the tattoo even more sweet and lighthearted.

Tiny, Yet Meaningful

matching couples tattoo of coffee cups on wrist

These matching coffee cups are more like what we’re used to seeing with couple tattoos and we still love it. They are the same but just different enough to match the owner’s personality.

The couple who got the tattoo met on November 6th at a poetry club in college, then ten years later, got engaged on November 6th as well. As for the coffee cups? There’s no real significance there except they both just really love coffee.

Delicate Animals That Coordinate But Don’t Match

matching tattoo fox and wolf in simple line work on wrists

These tiny little animal tattoos prove that you can get tattoos that coordinate but can still stand on their own. If you didn’t see these two together you would have no idea it has a match somewhere out in the world.

Still, even if a fox and a wolf don’t seem like they go together, the same delicate line work, shape, and size make it so they work perfectly side by side. The placement on the wrist makes it even more cute and delicate.