Couples Recreated Their Old Photos And It’s Restoring Our Faith In Love

When idealistic Hollywood couples like Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, or Anna Faris and Chris Pratt broke up, it felt like there is no hope left in the world. If people like that who are obviously so perfect for each other couldn’t last, what hope do the rest of us have?

Worry no more. Perfect couples around the world have been recreating their old photos, and it’s a beautiful reminder that love still exists. These people are #CoupleGoals and nothing, including time, can stop them from loving each other.

The Couple That Drives Together Dies Together

Photo credit: version365 / Reddit

I don’t know what’s more impressive. The fact that this couple nailed their recreation photo or the fact that their ’56 Chevrolet is still in pristine condition. It’s almost as if they got older but the car got younger.

One thing we know for sure is that he’s been the same height forever and his wife has slowly shrunk.

Hopefully, He Didn’t Have To Carry His Wedding Ring Down The Aisle

Photo credit: Imgur

These two were brought together when they were only 3-years-old to be the flower girl and ring bearer in a wedding. Twenty years later, they got married themselves.

Neither of them can remember meeting at the wedding. They met again by chance in high school years later when she turned to him and said, “I think I have a picture of you on my wall at home.”

Cake Smashing Has Always Been In Fashion

Photo credit: maxxhock / Reddit

Seriously, the tradition is older than this couple. Cake smashing originated from the tradition of the husband breaking bread over the new bride’s head as a form of weird male dominance. Look at this woman take back the power by shower her man who is boss.

The next couple tried to recreate a photo, but they added something extra.

Less Of A Recreation And More Of An Upgrade

Photo credit: twilling8 / Reddit

This pair had an Old Western photo taken of them on their first date, and 20 years later they redid the Western-style shoot with two adorable additions.

It’s no surprise they have to gunslinging rascals. In the first photo, he looks excited and overwhelmed by her bold leg placement.

You’re Never Too Old To Hora

Photo credit: GanAiden / Reddit

Anyone will tell you that there’s no party like a Jewish wedding. The highlight is always when all the guests take part in the traditional Hora dance which involves lifting people above your head on chairs.

This couple was lifted high and mighty during the Hora at their wedding, and then again at their daughter’s wedding.

By The Look In Her Eyes, She Knew When She Was 5-Years-Old

Photo credit: LeviSnuts / Reddit

This little girl knew exactly what she wanted from a young age. She’s smitten by him on that first carousel ride, and he probably didn’t even know it. I bet they were awkwardly in dating limbo all their life until they finally swallowed their pride and admitted their undying love for each other.

It took 70 years, but the couple coming up finally recreated their wedding photos.

When You Find Your True Ride Or Die

Photo credit: magic976 / Reddit

If this isn’t the definition of a ride or die, I don’t know what is. Not only did she agree to get on that wildly unsafe motorcycle in her wedding dress with her garter showing and everything, but she got back on 40 years later and still fit into the dress!

By the look on his face in both photos, he knows he caught a good one.

I Can’t Believe She Kept That Dress For Years

Photo credit: Imgur

In all seriousness, this couple did a pretty impressive job with this photo recreation. They met in preschool, and took this photo at his sixth birthday party.

She looks sweet and innocent in the second photo, but in the first photo, she looks like she’s plotting exactly how to make him fall in love with her.

70 Years Later, This Couple Is Still Going Strong

Photo credit: Imgur

For their 70th anniversary, this lovely couple from China returned to the Northern Hot Springs Park where they were married. Their kids helped them recreate their weddings photos because the couple wanted to keep the memories alive.

I know we said we didn’t need famous couples to have faith in love, but the pair coming up are irresistible.

This Man Has Turned Into The Ultimate Dad

Photo credit: ermagerdrerdert / Reddit

Nothing much has changed with this couple except for the fact that he has turned into the ultimate dad. He left his oversized ’80s glasses and puffy hair in the past, and replaced it with a receding hairline, sunglasses that scream “baseball dad,” and a shirt with a barbecue on it.

You know he can grill a mean burger and loves to down a few brewskis with his buds after a long day at work.

That’s The Same Tree In Both Photos

Photo credit: MorganGanem / Reddit

This recreated photo is even more incredible because that is the same yard and same tree in both pictures. If you needed any more proof that this couple’s love has stood the test of time, all you have to do is count the tree rings.

Let’s also note that he has been rocking the same mustache and flare pants for more than 30 years.

Queen Liz And Prince Phil Are The Ultimate Couple Goals

Photo credit: Imgur

Queen Elizabeth met her soon-to-be husband when she was only 13 and was reportedly instantly smitten. The photo on the left was from their honeymoon in 1947, and they recreated it down to the last detail for their 70th anniversary in 2007.

It’s even cuter when you find out the photo recreation was entirely their idea.

20 Years Later And She Can Still Fit Into Her Junior Prom Dress

Photo credit: disconaldo / Reddit

The husband posted this photo recreation online with the caption “my wife might be a vampire,” and I believe it. They took the first photo at junior prom, and it doesn’t look like she’s aged a day in 20 years.

On top of that, she looks just as incredible in the same dress. Can any of these people tell me the secret to fitting into their high school clothes?

The Only Thing That Has Changed Is The Color Of Their Hair

Photo credit: mattkruse / Reddit

This couple’s son convinced them to recreate their wedding day photos 45 years later, and the attention to detail is unmatched. Incredibly, the background was still up in the original church where they got married. These two look as smitten with each other as they’ve ever been.

The husband coming up is a legend in the hockey world, so of course, their recreation photo includes an epic item.

Born 11 Days Apart, These Two Were Meant To Be

Photo credit: Imgur

This might be the youngest original photo of a happy couple on this list. Aubrey and Mike were born 11 days apart and grew up together because their parents were family friends.

They didn’t think much of each other until after college when they finally began dating. Three years later, they got married.

More Than 30 Years Later And She Doesn’t Look Sick Of Him Yet

Photo credit: elstongunnn / Reddit

This couple returned to Dallas, Texas to re-take this photo from their first year of marriage. Not only do they look as young and in love as ever, but he’s also been rocking that same stache for 32 years.

Hey, if the mustache was the reason he got the girl, then it’s a good reason to keep it.

This Couple Looks As Fun-Loving As Ever

Photo credit: Reddit

This couple’s grandchild posted this photo recreation online and said the two are both in their 80s. I love the photo, but I can’t believe that they are a day over 60.

Not only do they both barely have a wrinkle on their face, but they still have so much youth and vigor.

He Looks Like He Still Believes That Girls Have Cooties

Photo credit: Reddit

This photo recreation done by this young couple is as stereotypical as it gets. The first picture was taken in grade six when you know she had a crush on him, but he was convinced she had cooties.

Fast-forward to their high school prom, and thankfully he got over his fear of cooties.

From Ring Bearer To Take-Out Delivery Man

Photo credit: Reddit

These two were forced to walk down the aisle together when they were kids, and 23 years later they decided to do it again by choice.

The fact that we’ve found two couples who met being a flower-girl and ring-bearer means that if you’re single and looking for love, try reaching out to the other toddler at your great aunt’s wedding.

No Big Deal, Just Legendary Hockey Coach Scotty Bowman And His Wife With The Stanley Cup

Photo credit: mongo1834 / Reddit

Scotty Bowman is a legendary coach and consultant in the NHL. He’s coached his teams to nine Stanley Cup wins, which is nine more than most coaches can say.

The first photo is Bowman and his wife kissing the Stanley Cup in 1977 when he coached the Montreal Canadiens, and the next is in 2013 when he worked as a consultant for the Chicago Blackhawks.

The Hat Is A Nice Touch

Photo credit: Imgur

This couple might be slightly more “gray” in their after picture, but they look as if they’re still head over heels for each other. It’s so sweet that the woman wore a similar sunhat for the reboot, and that they posed in front of a tree again.

We wonder if that’s the same exact tree or a different one, but either way this recreation is perfect.

Va-Va Voom!

Photo credit: Imgur

When you’ve found the one you’re meant to be with, time only makes your love stronger. Just check out this couple’s passionate embrace, recreated decades later! This is one of the steamiest photos to make our list.

We’d all be so lucky to find our special soulmate, the way these two lovebirds clearly have. We hope they have many more years together.

Still Smirking After All These Years

Photo credit: Imgur

We don’t know what’s cuter about this photo: the woman’s absolutely adorable bonnet or the way the man is still smirking all these years later. He definitely has the proud look of someone who is completely in love with his wife.

The only thing that would have made this photo any better is if he had worn his jacket buttoned up and if she’d been carrying a bouquet again. Either way though, this one is a winner.

Absolute Adoration

Photo credit: bntsuad / Twitter

There’s no denying the love in this couple’s before and after photos. The man almost looks like he absolutely worships his wife in the first photo.

In the second picture there’s still that same look of adoration but now there are even more years of love and shared experiences behind it, making it even more special than the first. If that’s even possible. The first photo is labeled 1991, the second 2015.

A Lifetime Together In Photos

Photo credit: Imgur

Wow, this one is really special! This couple documented their love in two different photos recreating one from childhood. It appears that the man and woman were friends as little kids, then grew up and fell in love.

In the center photo they’re young adults, and then in the third one, they’re in their golden years. Interesting that even though she wore a bride costume in their childhood photo, she isn’t pictured in one as an adult.

On A Beautiful Golden Beach

Photo credit: Pinterest

This couple obviously shares a mutual passion for water and the beach. In their first photo they are young and strong, and look very much in love. She’s sitting in a “come hither” pose and he proudly juts his chest out,

In the recreated photo they’re a bit grayer and a little softer around the edges but are still clearly enamored with each other. We wish we knew more about this couple’s life story.

Thirty Years Hasn’t Changed Their Love At All

Photo credit: Pinterest

A woman shared this photo on social media and wrote that these are her parents. The first photo was taken in 1970, and the second in 2010. It’s unbelievable how little things seem to have changed!

They barely look any older at all, and the building in the background is still the exact color yellow. That’s either some really good quality paint or it’s been redone recently.

A Photo That Was Decades In The Making

Photo credit: Pinterest

It always melts our hearts to see couples recreate their wedding photos, and when so many years have passed between the pictures, it’s just that much sweeter. And it’s always amazing to see someone who is able to fit in their dress after so much time!

This photo must be cherished by their children and grandchildren. It’s truly an heirloom.

Another Wedding Recreated

Photo credit: Pinterest

The woman who shared this amazing before-and-after photo set wrote that the photo on the left was the only picture that her parents had of their wedding day. So their kids decided to try and recreate it years later.

Kudos for getting the shot in the exact same place in front of the building where they were married. This one is just beautiful!

The Details In This One Are Outstanding

Photo credit: Pinterest

Here’s a before-and-after of a couple that was really young in their first photo. In fact, the man was only 13 in the top picture! Now they are happily married adults.

What’s really special about this one is that they even got similar-looking people to pose in the background. That’s a serious eye for detail!

Pretty In Purple

Photo credit: Pinterest

It’s not as common to see recreations where the first one is in black and white while the second one is in color, but it’s always special when you do spot one! This couple might not be wearing their exact wedding ensembles but they look just as terrific in their new clothes.

It’s adorable that he chose a tie to match her lovely lilac dress, and we love the hat she’s wearing! Cheers to many years of love in this one.

On This Long Drive, They Have Each Other

Photo credit: Pinterest

Many couples seem to love taking photos of themselves in or with their cars, and it’s easy to see why. Here’s another cute one.

Although it doesn’t look like they’re in the exact same car as the first photo, this couple nailed their poses. And as with all the other couples on our list, they look like they are still very much in love.

Buried Neck Deep In Love

Photo credit: Pinterest

Although it’s not immediately clear whether this couple is romantically related or whether they’re siblings, they get major props from us for this amazing recreation.

It’s one thing to put on an old dress and pose for a photo, but it’s another thing altogether to get buried up to your neck in sand to really recapture the feeling. Whatever their relationship, these two people obviously mean a lot to each other.

Riding High After All These Years

Photo credit: GanAiden / Reddit

Redditor GanAiden shared this touching (and hilarious) photo with the caption: “My parents at their wedding in 1982 and at my sister’s wedding last June.” It’s too sweet that this couple took the opportunity to recreate their own special memories at their daughter’s marriage.

Another Redditor, Rexella, wrote “This is gorgeous and perfect. I love all of the similarities: their expressions, his tie, her ruffly sleeves, even the curls in her hair. Beautiful!” We agree.

Have They Even Aged?

Photo credit: YouTube

We seriously need to know this couple’s secret for staying so youthful looking! Maybe it’s just being in love that keeps you looking and feeling great. Other than some gray hair, they both look almost like they did in the first pic.

This photo is a great testament to the life they’ve shared together. Through all its inevitable ups and downs, they’ve gotten through and look like they’re still thriving.

Still Beachy After All These Years

Photo credit: Pinterest

Life’s just peachy when you’re at the beach! This couple went all-out for the recreated photo, even wearing the same clothes (or lack of clothes, in his case).

It’s terrific to see that they still enjoy spending time together at the beach after all this time. Here’s wishing this couple many, many more years of beach visits and love. It’d be great if they took another photo like these ones a couple of years down the road!

Revisiting A Scenic Place

Photo credit: Pinterest

San Francisco is filled with many romantic things to do, and this couple has clearly fallen in love with one of them: taking in the scenery around the Golden Gate Bridge on a clear day.

They’re even dressed the same way in the recreated photo – her in a beige coat and him in a burgundy shirt. This is such a cute one!

Photo Booth Fun

Photo credit: Pinterest

This couple clearly loves to have fun with a camera! We’re not sure whether the photos were actually taken in a photo booth, but the overall effect sure looks like they might have been.

It’s so great that they even got the lighting right in the recreated photo. And they nailed their original pose, too. This couple gets five stars for their recreation!

What Pride Looks Like After 24 Years Together

Photo credit: Pinterest

This couple first marched for LGBTQ+ rights in 1993 and snapped the photo on the left. Twenty four years later they participated in the Equality March for Unity and Pride and decided to recreate their original photo.

The photo went viral. Twitter user stormae wrote, “They’ve been marching for so long they actually witnessed gay marriage being legalized in all states.” That’s amazing! Congrats, you lovebirds.

Brother-And-Sister Love Is Just As Sweet

Photo credit: Pinterest

This couple isn’t related by romance, but by blood. They’re a brother and sister team, but that doesn’t make this recreated photo any less touching.

Both pictures were shot on family trips to Paris. The first photo was taken in 1995, and the second one was snapped a decade later in 2005. Although they’re all grown up now, they clearly love each other as much today as they did when they were kids!