Dad Shares A Touching Review His Son Received For Helping An Autistic Child

One of the hardest parts about parenting is the constant wonder whether or not you’re raising your child right. Life throws so many curveballs. It’s practically impossible for parenting books and blogs to help you understand it all. So it makes sense then that parents wish for a sign to tell them if anything they’re doing is actually right.

Well, after seeing a customer review about his son interacting with an autistic customer, one father finally realized he must have raised his son right.

The internet applauded these parents after reading the customer review.

This Father Was More Proud Of His Son Than Usual

tweet by james flibble about how proud he is of his son jacob

It’s easy for parents to get a little emotional when they see their children grow into respectful and caring adults. For James, that major milestone came when his son received a customer review at his part-time job.

His 18-year-old son Jacob had recently started working at a Clarks store when one customer decided to call attention to his patience and kindness. In the age of social media, James put on his best proud-father face and decided to share the review on Twitter.

The Review Left James In Tears

customer review by clarks for jacob helping an autistic child

James posted this photo of the review to his Twitter account and it’s easy to see why he was choked up. The reviewer outlined how Jacob was compassionate and patient when he was helping her autistic daughter try on shoes. She said that unlike other retail experiences, Jacob never made them feel like they were taking up too much time and helped explain everything to her daughter.

Jacob even used a common tactic of sitting down to make the child feel like they are on an equal and safe level with the stranger.

The Internet Praised Both Jacob And His Parents

tweet by woman who works in retail and is praising jacob

Twitter was quick to respond to the incredible review that Jacob received. While many praised the parents for raising him right, some made sure to outline how refreshing Jacob’s interpersonal skills were.

One user named Sophie even called out the belief that retail is an unskilled profession, when in actuality, retail work requires social skills and patience that many people lack. Others who work in retail even began offering Jacob a job at their stores!

The Writer Of The Review Actually Responded Too

twitter response by dawn brown who was the woman who sent in the review

The review became so popular that the woman who wrote it managed to see the photo and connect personally with James and Jacob! The mother of the autistic customer, Dawn Brown, used the moment to praise Jacob once again. Sadly, she also said her experience in the Clarks store with Jacob was not normal for her daughter.

Dawn, along with many other users, took the viral moment as an opportunity to speak about the difficulties people with autism face in situations with sensory issues.

The World Needs More Teenagers Like Jacob

photo of jacob with his mother and father

Once the review went viral, James replied to his followers thanking them for all their kind words and support. James even said that his son Jacob was “walking on air” and that all the positive feedback has made their family “incredibly happy.”

Whether or not Jacob had experience with autism, he showed that being kind, patient, and open-minded was enough to create a positive experience. Seeing a teenager with that level of understanding and humanity will certainly help make the world a better place.