Dads Share Their Sweetest #DadLifeIsTheBestLife Photos on Instagram

Instagram has gone wild with dads sharing sweet pictures with their precious little ones, showing the world how great it is to be a parent. Some are funny, some are sweet, and some are downright adorable with a capital A. Here at Give It Love, we think our proud papas should be celebrated all year round, so we’ve scoured Instagram for the best #DadLifeIsTheBestLife snaps shared by dads the world over.

Grab yourself a box of tissues and get ready to catch some feelings as we take you through seriously touching pictures that show the softer side to parenting. As you’ll soon see, when your daughter wants to take a goofy selfie with you, you take the goofy selfie!

“My Dream Girls”

Mother and Baby.jpg

Photo by payne_mosley_/ Instagram

Sometimes moms can feel a little underappreciated, so when Dad steps up and shows some love it can mean the world, even if it’s via Instagram. User @payne_mosley_ shared this adorable snap alongside the caption “My Dream Girls #iwantmorebabies #dadlifeisthebestlife #ihaveadadbod #sheishot.”

Take note dads, this is how a woman should be treated. Payne’s partner Katie was moved with the post, finding it hilarious and sweet. “I just love you,” she replied in the comments. It’s going to be tough finding anything sweeter than this picture, but hey, this is what we’re here for. Challenge well and truly accepted.

Sunday Funday

dad life is best.jpg

Photo by _ej_5_star_ / Instagram

In case you didn’t get the memo, parenting can be tough – especially when you need to work. If you’ve got more than one kid, then taking time out to just be a dad can be difficult. Luckily, @_ej_5_star knows how to remedy that.

“A little Sunday Funday with da Cubs,” he captions the photo. “You’re never too busy to take a break from work to be silly with your kids.” How many of us could do with taking a leaf out of this guy’s book? Now go pull some funny faces.

Father And Son Swim Fun

swim fun.jpg

Photo by simonpaulthomas / Instagram

Being a parent is pretty awesome for a number of reasons, but being there for all of your child’s firsts is one of the biggest. From teaching them to ride a bike to watching them play soccer, it’s all part and parcel of what makes having kids so great.

User @simonpaulthomas took to Instagram to share this adorable snap of himself and his son, with the caption, “We went for our first swimming lesson today!” alongside a host of hashtags that will get you straight in the feels, like #daddysboy. These two are all about that pool life, and we’re here for it.

The Cutest Selfie Session

father and daughter life.jpg

Photo by sandovalswindowcleaning / Instagram

What better way to celebrate being a daddy than with a photo collage? After all, there’s a lot of cute going on and it’s not always best summed up in one picture. User @sandovalswindowcleaning expressed his love for his daughter, Mila by getting his crazy on for a little selfie session.

“My Mila is always ready for selfies!” reads the caption. “Every day I have to match her crazy, or does she have to match mine?” Now that’s a question we’d all like the answer to, especially when we’re three hours deep into a Spongebob Squarepants marathon. Nothing quite like the bond between a father and daughter.

Go Fish

fishing time.jpg

Photo by steppinrazorfishing / Instagram

Sometimes, it’s the impromptu little slices of fun throughout parenthood that our kids will remember. @steppinrazorfishing took some time out of running errands for work in Key West, Florida to pull up and catch some fish with his son.

“#fundayfriday Ran some quick work errands, but pulled off to the side of the road and caught some snappa from the bridge!” read the caption. “Jax entered this fish into the CCA conservation division.” Beautiful sunshine and beautiful memories made to boot. We’ve all got treasured memories of days like this with our families, haven’t we? What’s your favorite?

While parenting is filled with cute moments, it’s undoubtedly hard. The dad coming up soon keeps it real!

Dog Life Is Pretty Sweet Too!

Dog Life.jpg

Photo by the_journey_there / Instagram

Can you remember how you felt about your pets when you were a kid? If you were lucky enough to have a cat or a dog, then you’ll probably remember how fun it felt to feed them, like you really had some good ol’ fashioned responsibility. That is until you reached puberty and then it was just another chore.

Fortunately for @the_journey_there, their little girl hasn’t quite reached that phase yet and decided to feed the dog herself. “When your daughter feeds the dog…in her dish…at the kitchen table…and he totally accepts this as normal,” reads the caption. Kids do the darndest things.

Sand Castle Domination

world domination 1.jpg

Photo by gideonmendelson / Instagram

Sometimes, dad really does know best – and knowing best means never underestimating your daughter. In this super-cute beach snap, user @gideonmendelson gives props to his daughter. “Izzy trailing the boys, but only because she is busy devising her master plan for sand castle dominance.”

You got that right. After all, who runs the world? Girls! We just wish we had a front row seat for that sand castle showdown, we bet it would’ve been a riot. Our money is definitely on little Izzy stealing the show – and the beach queen crown once and for all – don’t you think the same?

Do What Makes You Happy

dadtaking pic.jpg

Photo by kapturedbykev / Instagram

Doing what makes you happy can seem like an elusive prospect to an adult. So many things get in the way of being able to do what makes your heart sing, like going to work and having to pay the bills. @kapturedbykev took some time out to take some pretty impressive snaps of his curly-haired tot as she played in the yard.

“Take time to do what makes your soul happy,” read the simple but poignant caption, followed by a slew of hashtags including #daddysgirl. There’s nothing like a good black and white picture to capture those hazy summer days.

Keepin’ It Real

you is expensive.jpg

Photo by thatdudejaytee / Instagram

Of course, on the flipside of sepia-toned moments, there are those that prefer to keep it real. Like @thatdudejaytee who shared this meme that parents worldwide can relate too. In case you didn’t know, “You is smart. You is kind. You is important,” is a famous line from the iconic movie, The Help.

“You is too loud. You is aging me. You is expensive,” is a famous line from moms and dads everywhere. Following it up with our chosen hashtag, #DadLifeIsTheBestLife, this user has earned a well-deserved spot on this list – albeit for straight up realism and not so much cute.

Up next: the cutest tribute to one sweet dad.

Not All Superheroes Wear Capes

hero dad.jpg

Photo by hazelleschenk / Instagram

This one may have been posted by a mama, but it’s just too good to ignore. @hazelleschenck uploaded this touching picture of her husband cradling their baby boy for Father’s Day. The caption is a sight to behold.

“He reads Bible stories and ensures a good supply of adventure (and candy) for our boys. He is the reservoir that supplies our home with constant joy, peace, strength and love. You make our dreams come true every single day. We love you,” reads the caption. If that didn’t get you right in the feels, then are you even human? We think not.

Part Dog, Part Dad

dad and dog.jpg

Photo by treehousethreadsblog / Instagram

If there’s one thing we know about parenting, it’s that you have to be able to let loose and get goofy. If you’re super serious all the time, your kids will remember it. Much better to just throw your reputation to the wind and throw on the occasional dog suit instead.

“The dog days of summer,” wrote user @treehousethreadsblog. “To the girls who haven’t found their life partner: marry someone who is willing to dress up to play with your kids. And won’t get mad at you when you post them for a picture for blackmail.” What’s to be mad at?

Nap Time

Nap Time.jpg

Photo by little_feet_simple_steps / Instagram

Hand up if you love a good nap? Yeah, you’re not alone. Having kids is rewarding, delightful, special – but most of all, completely tiring. It’s no wonder that these two cuties crashed out side by side. Being responsible for another human life is exhausting. After all, you have to be on constant alert in case they try and put a finger in an electrical outlet.

What makes this snap so sweet? Besides the nap time adorableness, look at that matching blue bedspread with the little one’s romper. That’s a fashion yes in our book, and a trend we’ll gladly follow.

Graduation Day

grad day.jpg

Photo by jorgehanel / Instagram

When our babies are little, it can be difficult to imagine them all grown up – but it flies by quicker than you might think. @jorgehanel posted this touching picture of his son’s graduating class with a sweet but simple sentiment.

“This morning I attended the graduation ceremony of my son. He is out of high school and will be going to the university in 6 weeks,” read the caption. “Another engineer in the family!!! I am proud and happy for my son.” The touching lines were followed by a plethora of hashtags, including #prouddadmoment and #soproudofhim.

Is there anything sweeter than a dad who praises his hardworking wife for all of the world to see?

“Pretty Like Her Mama.”

pretty like ma.jpg

Photo by @MatteoJones/Instagram

Being a dad comes with a lot of responsibility. There are diapers to change and babies to feed, but it also comes with some perks – namely seeing the woman you love dote on a human being that you created together. Throwing a little praise mama’s way is one of the best things you can do.

Plus, looking at all of that cuteness is a major plus when it comes to #DadLifeIsTheBestLife. Just look at that little chubby face staring into the camera. How can you not take a picture of that and adorn it with all the hashtags in the world?

Kisses For My Sweet

dad and baby.jpg

Photo by _maeeee / Instagram

This picture has it all. A dad with perfectly fixed hair in a suit, holding his adorable baby daughter who has a beautiful white flower headband attached to their head. Make the most of it before she starts screaming every time you approach her with a hairbrush, guys.

User @_maeee decided to pay homage to her other half’s parenting skills by sharing this picture of him holding their daughter, with a sweet caption praising his patient and loving approach to parenting. On a scale of one to ten, this topples the cute-o-meter. Is there anything better than candid photographs like this in the family album?

Another Sleepless Night

nappy time.jpg

Photo by minihartje / Instagram

Is parenting great? Sure. Are kids super-cute and hilarious at times? Absolutely. Do they also keep us up every hour of the night when they’re first born? That’s a resounding yes. Nothing can really prepare you for how exhausted you’re going to be when you have a child.

User @minihartje shared this photo of her sleepy partner Danny, cradling newborn son Mason on his shoulder. The caption, originally in Dutch, roughly translates as “I have to laugh when I see this. Danny is completely destroyed, stands up for the umpteenth time, completely done with the broken nights…and Mason thinks, “I’m just hanging.” Fortunately, we can laugh. Mason has been sleeping for a couple of days (although I dare not say it out loud yet). What we’d give for a little extra sleep.”

This next dad has the greatest sense of humor.

R.I.P Pinata

rip pinata.jpg

Photo by @daddycool_69/Instagram

Being a dad to girls can be testing at the best of times. We’ve all heard the old expression that raising daughters is harder than raising sons, and it looks like one dad and his unicorn piñata took the brunt of birthday celebrations. At least this dad has a mean sense of humor, taking to Instagram to share his story.

“Such a cruel act,” wrote @daddycool_69. “It took place in our garden. The main culprit in this cruel case is my beloved teenage daughter, who is having a party with her friends today. The girls had chosen defenseless unicorn Harald and insulted him again and again, calling him a piñata. Poor Herald was stuffed with candy and hung on a tree. I will spare you more details.” R.I.P Harald. We salute you.

Start ‘Em Young

work out with dad.jpg

Photo by jaredmielke / Instagram

It’s no secret that kids love to copy mommy and daddy – parents the world over have learned that lesson when their little ones suddenly repeat a cuss word in public. Usually, it’s a lot more PG than that, like putting on mom’s makeup or playing football with dad. In this case, we may have found the most adorable workout roster ever created.

User @jaredmielke uploaded this gym warm-up that his six-year-old created, proving that getting your kids active and away from YouTube doesn’t have to be that hard. “Pretty good warm-up for a six-year-old,” reads the caption. “We did 3 rounds.”

Cutesie Tootsies

camp life with dad.jpg

Photo by @wesfadden/Instagram

One of the main things that strikes parents about kids (aside from how much they can poop as a newborn) is just how dainty their features are. Everything about them is so small and beautiful, from their teeny button noses to their minuscule fingernails. Honestly, it’s kind of amazing that we can create something so darling.

User @wesfadden shared this delightful picture of a lot of feet – so if you’re not a fan of human hoofs look away now! Taking some time out to chill with our mini-humans is an essential part of parenting, and what better place to do it than in a hammock? “#hammock cuddles are the bestest,” reads the caption. “So many cute little toes.”

Strike A Pose

strike a pose 1.JPG

Photo by matsuxl / Instagram

What little girl doesn’t want their very own photographer? Get you a dad that can drop down and take a candid while you strike a pose with your red polka-dot purse, we say. After all, if your dad can’t get on board with your modeling career, then who will?

User @matsuxl did just that for his daughter, sharing the pic on his Instagram page with the caption, “Such a goofball! We need to work on her poses. Lol, can you tell that’s all her style?” Work it, girlfriend, we’ll see you on the 2028 runway at Fashion Week. Daddy will be in the front row.