Hilarious First Day Of School Photo Fails

There are two types of first-day-of-school kids: ones who stand up and smile, and the others that collapse on the floor in defeat. Let’s face it, most kids fall into the second category. After months of summer vacation, no kid really wants to take a photo right before their first day of school.

Their unbridled, honest expressions and actions make for hilarious photos. From holding up brutally honest signs to lying on the floor in defeat, kids turn cute pictures into hilarious fails.

If these kids are so upset about the first day of school, wait until they have to go to work everyday!

There Are Two Types Of Kids

There's two types of kids on the first day of school...
Reddit / MudxCrabx

One kid barely keeps it together. The other doesn’t even try. He hasn’t even set foot in the school, and he’s already given up. The terror in both of their eyes says everything you need to know. Good luck getting the boy on the bus, though.

By the way, in the comments, someone pointed out that the daughter’s dress could either feature rabbits or ducks. Once you realize the illusion, you can’t unsee it.

Breaking news: adding Instagram edits doesn’t make your first-day photo any better.

You Get A Sign, You Get A Sign, Everybody Gets A Sign!

Family holds
Reddit/ grux9

The youngest child may not have her first day of school lined up, but you don’t need a sign for that. Or do you? This family would have had a normal school photo, had the youngest not displayed her wrath over being left out.

Her sign says, “If I don’t hold a sign too, I am going to scream.” The mom will make any sign to capture a sweet (and hilarious) family photo.

No Matter How Much You Edit The Picture It Won’t Make Her Look Happy

Instagram story first day of school photo
Instagram / livbydesign

The mom posed her daughter with a gorgeous backdrop and plenty of Instagram stickers to embellish the photo, but she still didn’t cooperate. Kids don’t care how charming your Instagram story looks when they have to face the worst challenge of their life: learning multiplication.

In this first day of school picture, the tags and stickers make the picture way funnier. This one would make a fine addition to a yearbook.

The next kid clearly didn’t realize nap time isn’t a part of the grade 1 curriculum.

Glad To See His First Day Of Preschool Is Going Well

son lies down on a rainbow preschool carpet
Facebook/Carole Garcia

It always bodes well when a child’s first day of school results in him lying on the ground as if he wants to go to bed. Don’t we all? Most likely, the teachers don’t want to be there, either.

A commenter proposed that the son is testing out a new method to score the ladies. You know, that timeless flirting method of lying on the ground so people will trip over you. That’ll get you noticed.

We Can’t Tell If He’s Sad Or Mad

kindergarten boy looking frustrated and holding a sign that says
Instagram / proud_mama_kai

Panicked, frustrated, or sad? It’s hard to tell with that wave of emotion written all over this child’s face. Even with a photogenic sign and his two teddy bears, he can’t seem to face the emotional wrath that is kindergarten.

You have to love kids’ honesty. No matter the occasion or the setup, kids will not smile if they’re not feeling happy. This boy is one of many who dreads the onslaught of kindergarten.

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The Second Day Of School Just Doesn’t Have The Same Charm

morning of first day vs morning of the second day
Reddit / deleted user

On the left, you can see an excited boy ready to take on the world. On the right, you find the same boy on the morning of the second day of school. One day has already crushed his spirits.

If not for the comparison picture, we might have assumed that he actually liked school. Next year, this boy might not look so eager on his first day of school photo. Time will tell.

Every Adult Can Relate To This Photo

Girl in a red jacket lying on the floor refusing to go to school
Imgur / agitator

Have you ever felt so tired in the morning that you wanted to collapse on the floor? This daughter did that in the middle of her first-day-of-school picture. “Our daughter is NOT OK with going back to school,” the Imgur poster said. Perhaps the warm coat made her think that she’s back in bed.

Plot twist: there’s no child under there. Just kidding; there is. But you wouldn’t be able to tell either way.

One the first day of school, the parents are more excited than the kids.

This Face When You Find Out There’s No Cow Hauling In Kindergarten

Kindergarten boy crying in front of a blackboard with facts about him
Instagram / lynnsss8

This picture contains all the elements of a brilliant first-day-of-school photo: a cute background, a funny “when I grow up” fact, and an adorable school outfit. It would have been one for the books if the boy didn’t suddenly realize how quickly summer flew by.

Who are we kidding? It’s still one for the books. This picture will likely embarrass this boy far into adulthood, and it’ll always be funny.

Can You Guess Who’s More Excited?

The parents are happier than the kids
Imgur / BeardedWonder82

For kids, going back to school means picking up work and responsibilities. For the parents, the first day of school means that they don’t have to keep their kids entertained all the time. It’s no wonder that these parents seem relieved and excited.

Who knows whether those kids are acting, or genuinely appear upset? After all, their parents are in robes, and they have to start doing homework today.

The next kid made getting on the school bus as dramatic as possible.

“Don’t Let Them Take Me!”

a young boy screams for his parents behind the bus window
Instagram / courtneyaddams

Some parents snap adorable photos of their children waving from the school bus. Other parents try to do that, but their child ends up crying and clawing at the window instead.

You just have to feel bad for this kid. He’s tackling his last opportunity for freedom by begging to get off the bus. But like all other elementary school kids, he’ll just have to endure his first day back.

One Of Them Has Been To School Before

At least one of them is honest
Imgur / Pineleaf

The downside of using the first day of school sign trend is that some kids will refuse to hold what you make. If you let them design their own sign, you might receive some brutally honest results.

The kindergartener still has life and motivation within him. The other has sat in class long enough to never enjoy it again. He has the eyes of a child who has seen too many spelling tests.

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She’ll Cherish This First-Day Photo When She’s Older

child is not excited for school
Instagram/ holly.perkins

Almost everything about this photo set up indicates that the parent is going to get a fantastic shot of their kid on the first day of school. Just look how adorable this little girl is, with her crisp polka dotted dress and the perfect bow in her hair. And what a nice sign!

Not so fast. You can make her stand there holding the sign, but you can’t make her smile on what she probably considers one of the worst days of her life.

“My Mom Said I Would Regret This Haircut”

boy with a ridiculous spiky hair style
Reddit / LilUziBert91

There’s nothing quite like an embarrassing haircut in front of a professional backdrop. This Redditor uploaded a picture of himself on the first day of school in 2003. “Personally, I think I peaked way too early,” he said.

Although you can’t see the shirt in the crop, he’s also wearing a shirt with comic characters that say, “Skateboarding is sooo not a crime!” If that isn’t early 2000s aesthetic, we don’t know what is.

Too many days of school can give a child the expression of a war-ridden soldier.

Mom Said She Wanted A First Day Photo, But She Didn’t Specify Anything Else

One boy smiles at the camera, while the other turns away
Instagram / alisonmcauley

On the first day of school, nothing seems to go your way. You have you wake up earlier than usual, rush to eat breakfast, pack for classes you don’t want to attend. And now you have to take a picture? No way.

This boy isn’t following along with any more shenanigans this morning. He’ll be a challenge for the teacher for sure. But for now, his stubbornness earns us a funny picture.

The Face Of Someone Who Knows That Only The Brave Survive Grade 1

Boy waiting for the school bus looking disgruntled
Instagram / sarameagan12

This boy has the expression of a veteran. He knows what horrors lie ahead, and he must emotionally prepare for the toils. This is the face of a protagonist who just learned how perilous his hero’s journey would be.

In comparison to the child next to him, this boy looks ready to fight. Or, perhaps he’s fatigued. It’s likely a mixture of both; feeling sleepy and stubborn makes your first day of school all the more difficult.

Don’t Take Professional Photos Too Early In The Morning

Boy asleep on his desk set during a photoshoot
Instagram / illumi_moments_photos

You can gather as many professional props and lighting sets as you want, but the photo won’t turn out well if you shoot it too early in the morning. Kids are used to sleeping in during the summer, after all.

This boy is likely depicting a realistic reenactment of the tenth grade. If so, props to his acting and devotion to realism as an artist. Also, he needs to go to bed earlier.

Only Seventeen More Years…

young girl stares off blankly into the distance
Reddit / DisregardThisOrDont

A Redditor posted a photo of her daughter on her first day of school after explaining that she will continue to attend class every day for the next 17 years. What you see is the face of a girl whose dreams have just been crushed.

The daughter’s shirt says “class of 2029,” which makes a hilarious first-day outfit. Unfortunately, companies don’t sell those graduation shirts in kids sizes. Maybe it’ll still fit her in 2029.

Just A Quick Pre-Cry Before Pre-K

daughter pouting while holding a
Instagram / dd524

Even with a pre-made sign, this daughter does not seem happy. Children can only fake a smile for so long. This mother didn’t take the picture fast enough to catch her grin before it turned into a pout.

Unlike the other pictures, this girl seems less afraid of school and more angry at the thought of it. Hopefully pre-school starts her off on a positive note since she’ll be in public school for at least another 12 years.

The Perfect Sewage Pipe Backdrop

posing in front of a drainage pipe for her first day senior year
Reddit / frizziefrazzle

For this teenager in the ’90s, the ideal scene for her first day of senior year was in front of a drainage pipe. Why? Who knows. The aesthetic is both fascinating and horrifying at the same time.

The original poster claimed that she liked the color palette of the sewer water and figured it would create an intriguing backdrop. At age 16, she probably didn’t intend for it to become comedy gold.

When Mom Forgets To Make A Sign

First grader holds up sign that says
Facebook / EssentiallyMommingBlog

Who wants to bet that the dad snapped this picture? The new first-grader doesn’t even know how to react, because the sign isn’t guiding him. Maybe it’s his disappointment over the fact that he doesn’t get a cool sign.

If the mom had remembered, this could have made a cute picture. But hey, there are far too many things to keep in mind on your child’s first day of school.