Hilarious Mother’s Day Cards From Kids Saying What’s Really On Their Minds

Remember crafting those Mother’s Day cards in class as kids? Those messy little masterpieces would hang on the fridge forever. Especially when they’re unintentionally (or intentionally) hilarious, like the kid who started his card with “you smell like cheese” making his mom’s morning awkward and funny at the same time.

Kids write the darndest things, and here you’ll find the funniest Mother’s Day cards ever given on Mother’s Day. Dig up your old letters to your mom and see if any of yours compete with these children’s comedic genius.

But first–hey Mom, can you make me food on your one relaxing day of the year?

Happy Mother’s Day! We Didn’t Make Breakfast!

mothers day card we didnt make breakfast

The Mother’s Day tradition of offering breakfast in bed runs strong in this family. Except when Melanie can’t make pancakes. Or when they have eggs, but no bacon. Obviously, you can’t make eggs without bacon; that would be anarchy.

At least the child was kind enough to include why they didn’t make mom breakfast in her card. The mom will likely have an enjoyable Mother’s Day, making breakfast for everyone like she usually does.

Why Don’t You Let Me Have Dessert?

why no dessert

A sister shared her younger brother’s Mother’s Day card where he plays good cop and bad cop at the same time. “Thank you for doing everything for me”–sweet gratitude, followed by a demand–“But why don’t you let me have dessert?” This is interrogation 101 happening through this boy’s advanced psychological understanding.

He follows it up with another compliment as well. The ending writes, “I like y because you care for me.” It’s cute, but also genius composition. Freud, step aside. A new psychologist is rising to glory.

Be warned: Kids can whip out their destructive side if you mess with their mom.

Do Better

mothers day card you can do better

A teacher revealed one of her student’s Mother’s Day cards. “I hope you do better things for me,” writes Chrisk. We’re not sure which is more insulting–the message, or portraying the mom with a mustache.

“An ungrateful child’s version of a sweet Mother’s Day card,” the teacher writes. “Oh wait, he did say thank you…” And he provided some impressive art. Except for the mustache. Unless that’s supposed to be Chrisk with facial hair…

Coming up, would you be concerned if you got this Mother’s Day card from one of your students?

You’re My Mom Because I’m Your Kid

youre my mom because im your kid

Logical, heartless, straight to the point. This kid is the twelve-year-old embodiment of Spock with a sense of humor. In a way, it’s oddly sweet. And he might be able to market those tautology mugs.

Printing your message on a mug is a creative idea because then the mom can laugh at it every time she drinks her morning coffee. It’s also worth pointing out that this boy understands the difference between “your” and “you’re” better than many adults.

When I Grow Up, I Want To Be Like Mommy!

I want to be like mommy homework

I teacher who received this drawing from a student contacted the parents in concern. As you can see, the drawing clearly depicts the mom working at Home Depot. Really, that’s what it depicted, according to an email from the mother.

“I told my daughter how hectic it was last week before the blizzard hit,” the mother wrote. “I told her we sold out of every single shovel we had, and then I found one more…and that several people were fighting over who would get it.” She’ll probably have to check her daughter’s homework from now on.

Aliens? On Mother’s Day? It’s more likely than you think.

My Mom Is A Killer Alien

Mom is 17 feet tall

Put your tinfoil hats on, because this card proves that aliens exist. According to this wholly accurate and undoubtedly reliable homework assignment, this child’s mom is 17 feet tall, 13 years old, and weighs ten pounds. And she buries her children at the beach.

Or, she’s a styrofoam beach Barbie. Either one is entirely plausible. But at least this child will give their beautiful mom ladybug and butterflies if they had a million dollars. Maybe that’s the alien’s diet.

This Boy Is A Conspiracy Theorist

you are a UFO or what

This letter is a little long, so here are the important parts: “Mom, I love you so much I really love you no matter what. You are a UFO or what.” Perhaps she is, as the mom from earlier was clearly an alien. Look closely, because you might discover a secret code within the letter colors, referencing the impending end times.

The letter continues: “I will be your son no matter what. And mama when I ask for laptop you have to trust me. Ok.” He has to post his alien evidence somewhere, okay?

These upcoming Moms love money. Is this relevant? Apparently, yes.

Mom’s A Horrible Cook

how about this

There’s a lot to sift through in this letter. It’s genuinely hard to tell if this child purposefully wrote the card ironically, or unintentionally made it hilarious. The amount of distrust in the mom’s cooking could either end up being a great joke or a budding conspiracy theory.

Though, the child has the right to complain about the mom taking money. The child worked nine to five for that money, walking uphills in the snow both ways. Don’t let your mom freeload you, kid.

I Know You Love Money

I know you love money mothers day card

This mom posted a picture of her son’s beautiful Mother’s Day card. The right side reads, “I know you love money…but I have none this time!” This time? Does he usually give her money? He must make bank to give his mom cash during most holidays.

And yes, both sides were written by the same person. The message on the left is downright adorable and contains the most elegant handwriting on the face of the earth. If you can turn your head away from the alluring artwork that is this child’s handwriting, you can see more hilarious notes.

One poor art teacher tries to console the mother after she receives her card…

Thanks For Keeping Me Alive

thanks for making me not die

It’s the little things that mothers do to improve our lives, like fluffing the couch pillows each morning or preventing our physical bodies from withering away into the endless bliss of death. Brendan gets it. He thanked his mom for feeding him to keep him alive on Mother’s Day.

Next year’s Mother’s Day card will be “Thank you for paying rent so I don’t freeze to death.” And the year after, “Thank you for birthing me so that I exist to write you this card.”

I’d Punch Another Mom For You

Id punch another mom in the face
Reddit/deleted user via Imgur

Gotta love kid logic–this message is sweet in a “you shouldn’t say that” way. Perhaps the mom responded, “Thanks, if I had another daughter I’d punch her in the face too.” Come to think of it, that would probably be worse.

This Mother’s Day card is definitely fridge worthy. It has the perfect balance of d’awww and “oh no,” like a finely flavored curry. And like a side of wine, this card will only grow funnier with age.

Advised No To Give This To Mom

I dont like you mothers day ice cream

Here’s one that could have been malicious, but the dad who posted it said his son wasn’t being malicious at all. He simply exhibits a dark sense of humor. Even better is the teacher’s note on it: “Made this in Art Class–partially done. *Advised not to give this to mom :(“

Looks like the teacher has mom’s back, but her son has the ice cream art project. Also–partially done? It can’t get anymore finalized than “I don’t like you.”

Mother You Smell Like Cheese

you smell like cheese mother

This mother truly “birthed a legend” to receive this card from her son. Some heartfelt messages, a scientific understanding of the sperm fertilization process, and cheese. Maybe she wears cheese perfume, and that’s what she wants to smell like. Maybe she works at a cheese factory. You can’t judge.

But the letter was both generous and silly, and opened in the most awkward way possible. It definitely deserves a frame, or at least its own refrigerator space.

Mostly Organized

mostly organized mothers day card

One son created a Mother’s Day card at school illustrating what he appreciates about his mom. Its messages are sweet–how she makes pancakes, is really nice and always loving–until you read “mostly organized.” To be fair, that’s a significant improvement from not organized. Perhaps he’s complimenting her on her personal growth.

“It’s great when kids do things like this at school. You find out what they really think about you!” the mom said. “Tho he was a bit generous with the ‘Mostly Organized.'” At least she understands that it’s a compliment!

I Love My Mom More Than Snakes

hilariously honest mothers day card

A mother shared her son’s heartfelt school project on Instagram. The project was a fill-in-the-blank Mother’s Day card including a cute doodle and facts about the kid’s mom. Any mom would love to hear that their kid loves them more than snakes, cats, or their own pets.

Take a guess at what pets the family has. Hamsters? Dogs? I’ll give you a hint–it’s not a snake or a cat. Why have either of those when you have your mom?

Ready for some science? Coming up is on physiologically correct child’s drawing.

Thanks For Not Packaging Me In A Box

mom thanks for not leaving me in a box

This card may be hard to read because its artistic style seems to pull from Piet Mondrian. It says, “Mom thank u 4 not leaving me in a box somewhere.” The Mother’s Day card was drawn by a six-year-old and posted on Reddit (by the uncle; the kid didn’t post it to Reddit).

Not packaging your six-year-old might seem like common sense to most, but honestly, this restraint could reflect the soul-sucking work mothers go through for their child. It’s a beautiful and charming card nonetheless.

The Giving Birth Card

giving birth mothers day card

Avert your eyes if you cannot face the graphic reality of this birth card. The crayon drawings appear too realistic to stomach. Jokes aside, this card was actually given to a midwife, not the birthing mom. You can see the boy labeled “you” with an arrow pointing to the midwife as she’s helping the mother through labor.

The card was for Mother’s Day, though, and might be the best and more creative Mother’s Day card yet. It’s nice to give a letter to the woman who helped the mother bring you into the world!

Some of these Moms are apparently aliens. Others are anteaters.

Just Slip A Little Insult In There

kids card and you are fat

Shaking things up with a cute Christmas card and a sly insult tucked away in the corner. What’s more offensive, the fat remark, or saying “happy merry Christmas” all together like an animal.

Internet-goers don’t know what the mom looks like just from the card. But the kid did draw a very becoming picture. It’s cute but, also, concerning. Would you feel a little self-conscious receiving this card on the most generous day of the year?

(Sorry For Bad Language)


Don’t fret–she got this from her dad. If you don’t believe this mom is great, you will catch Emma’s hand. She will swear and censor her words at the same time. The “bleep” sound will literally escape from her lips when she calls you out for insulting her mom.

For real though, this card not only gives us a laugh, but it’s also very sweet. We might be witnessing the early work of a future comedian. Or a future sailor.

I Ran Out Of “A” Words

does this work

Mother’s Day–the perfect time to tell your mom what they are to you. Loving, excellent, caring, an anteater. Maybe create a witty acronym from their name, especially if they’re an anteater. Or cook them a fresh breakfast full of ants because, you know, they’re an aardvark.

To be fair, this may have been easier on the kid if their mother’s name weren’t Tara. Although “amazing” may have been the more obvious choice, it wouldn’t nearly be as funny or adorable as this.