His Wife Got The Surprise Of Her Life When He Secretly Cleaned Up His Look

Connie Herman noticed that her husband, Travis, had all but given up in the looks department. He was too busy being a working father to put any time and effort into his appearance. Connie and Travis were happy together, but Connie had pretty much forgotten what Travis looked like under his huge, unkempt beard.

Travis decided to call in some backup to help him look a little neater for his wife. Once the transformation started happening, there was no turning back. Keep reading to see how the entire makeover happened and to see how Connie reacted to the new Travis.

She Had A Problem With His Beard

side by side husband with beard and wife reaction
Photo Credit: Rachel Ray Show / YouTube

Connie and Travis had a near-perfect relationship. Connie adored Travis and thought that he was an excellent father, provider, and friend. Unfortunately, there was something about Travis’ face that Connie just couldn’t bring herself to love.

Connie hated Travis’ giant bushy beard. Every time this couple hugged, Connie would get a face full of beard hair. It wasn’t the romantic embrace she was hoping for. Connie asked Travis to shave his beard multiple times, but Travis had grown attached to his facial hair— literally and figuratively.

Meet Travis Herman

long beard man
Photo Credit: Rachel Ray Show / YouTube

This is Travis Herman. He has quite a large beard. Connie and Travis live in Atlanta, Georgia. Travis works as a brewmaster at the craft ale brewing company that he co-founded.

Travis works long hours and he rarely has to meet with customers or sales reps, so his appearance didn’t affect his job that much. Because he worked in a large warehouse, he could get away with looking messy and unkempt at work.

Travis Definitely Looked The Part

close up black and white man with beard
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Travis definitely looked like a brewmaster. He worked in casual clothes that made it easy for him to move around, lift heavy equipment, and do his job properly. He grew out his beard because— why not? Shaving is a lot more work than not shaving.

Every now and again he would shave off the hair on his head, just so it wouldn’t fall into his eyes. He didn’t pay much attention to styling. His friends at the brewery were all sporting similar looks, so Travis fit right in.

Read on to see how Travis got a makeover without Connie finding out.

There Was No Taming This Beast

connie and husband
Photo Credit: Rachel Ray Show / YouTube

Even Travis admitted that his wife thought his beard was unruly. He knew all of that hair drove her crazy. Travis did take pride in his beard, though. He would at least brush it.

When he brushed his beard, he would brush it over the sink. That would create a trail of little beard hairs all over the bathroom that he and Connie shared. It drove Connie insane when Travis left all those little beard hairs in the sink.

Travis Decided To Make A Change

travis close up
Photo Credit: Rachel Ray Show / YouTube

Travis knew that he had let himself go in the looks department. He wanted to do something drastic to show Connie that he still cared about looking good for her. So Travis contacted the Rachel Ray Show. He knew that the show had a makeover team that often helped out people in his situation.

Kyan Douglas was the staff member from the Rachel Ray Show who was put on Travis’ case. The makeover was supposed to be a surprise, though, so Kyan had to work very sneakily.

A Midnight Arrival

kyan old photo
Photo Credit: Rachel Ray Show / YouTube

Kyan arrived at Travis’s house in the middle of the night when Connie and the couple’s children were asleep. Kyan has a lot of experience helping men look their best. He gained international popularity while he was on the first installment of the TV show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

Now Kyan regularly does makeovers for the Rachel Ray Show. This was the first time he did a secret transformation at 4 AM.

Read on to see what Travis looks like without that giant beard.

It Wasn’t Just Kyan Who Had To Be Sneaky

camera tv filming
Photo Credit: Rachel Ray Show / YouTube

Kyan didn’t arrive at Travis’ house by himself. He had a whole camera crew with him. Everyone on the team had to be super quiet to avoid waking Connie or Travis’ sons.

The camera crew worked all night to make sure that they captured every bit of Travis’ makeover. Travis knew that Connie would want to see the whole process after the big reveal. Clips from the makeover eventually made their way onto YouTube which caused this heartwarming story to go viral.

Meeting Each Other For The First Time

kyan and travis meeting
Photo Credit: Rachel Ray Show / YouTube

Somehow, Travis managed to get the whole crew into his home without alerting his wife or his kids. Travis was excited to start working with Kyan. As soon as the two men met, they shook hands and hugged each other.

Already, Travis knew this was going to be the start of a beautiful friendship. He knew Kyan would be able to help him surprise Connie with a whole new look.

The Whole Team Got To Work

kyan and travis consult
Photo Credit: Rachel Ray Show / YouTube

Kyan was ready to give Travis an entire makeover, but they had to tackle his beard first. That was the part of him that was most in need of a change. Kyan brought hairstylist Patricia along with him to Travis’ house. Her job was to cut and style Travis’ hair.

Kyan and Patricia had a little talk about how they were going to proceed, and then Patricia began her work.

Everyone Was On The Same Page

haircut from behind
Photo Credit: Rachel Ray Show / YouTube

Kyan looked at Travis’ hair and guessed correctly that Travis had just been taking clippers to his head himself whenever he felt like his hair was getting too long. Patricia started cleaning up Travis’ hair before they addressed his beard.

Kyan looked at Travis for a minute and then told him that he wanted to see the whole beard gone. Travis immediately and enthusiastically agreed and said, “let’s do it!”

Patricia’s Haircut Of Choice

kyan cutting travis' hair
Photo Credit: Rachel Ray Show / YouTube

The facial hair transformation was going to be the most dramatic part of Travis’ makeover, but his haircut was also going to be quite important to his overall appearance. Patricia decided to give Travis a fade cut, which means she left his hair longer on top and shorter near his neck.

Kyan agreed that a fade cut would enhance Travis’ natural bone structure. After the cut was done, they added some styling product into Travis’ hair s a finishing touch.

Time To Get Rid Of The Beard

Beard half off
Photo Credit: Rachel Ray Show / YouTube

After the haircut was finished, it finally was time for the beard to come off. Travis’ face was ready to be reintroduced to the world. Patricia carefully shaved the right side of Travis’ face.

With just one half of his beard gone, Travis could already feel the difference. His right side felt a lot lighter than his left. Travis was happy that this transformation was almost complete. Pretty soon he’d be able to show Connie his new look.

Feeling Like A New Man

beard half off close up
Photo Credit: Rachel Ray Show / YouTube

The beard was coming off slowly but surely, and pretty soon everybody in the room could see Travis’ smiling face. Travis thought that he looked pretty awesome without all of that facial hair.

Travis looked a lot younger without his scraggly beard. He wasn’t hiding behind all of that hair anymore. His face was finally visible to the rest of the world. The whole look was coming together. Patricia did an excellent job.

Completing The Look

travis beard gone
Photo Credit: Rachel Ray Show / YouTube

After all the hair had been shaved off, Travis had a clean new look that any man would be jealous of. Now he just needed some new clothes to go with his new face and hair.

Kyan planned ahead. He already found some clothes that would go perfectly with Travis’ freshly shaven face. Kyan opened a suitcase he had brought with him that was full of outfit options for Travis to try on.

Keep reading to see Connie’s reaction to Travis’ bare face.

Clothing Tips Every Man Should Follow

kyan holding clothes for travis
Photo Credit: Rachel Ray Show / YouTube

Travis didn’t have much of a wardrobe other than the casual T-shirts he wore to work, so he had a lot to learn from Kyan. Kyan has a few simple rules for how to dress well as a man. Firstly, he thinks all guys should have a well-fitting pair of dark jeans.

He also thinks that dark boots go perfectly with dark jeans. They’re comfortable and practical. Kyan added a dark denim shit to the outfit to create a slimming effect.

Will Connie Even Recognize Him?

travis dressed no beard
Photo Credit: Rachel Ray Show / YouTube

The transformation was a huge success. The makeover took hours, and by the time it as over, it was almost time for Connie to come down for breakfast. It seemed like Connie was taking forever to come down. Travis was so excited to show off his new look to his wife.

Travis had a feeling Connie was sleeping in, so he sent her a text to wake her up and get the ball rolling.

The First Look

connie's reaction
Photo Credit: Rachel Ray Show / YouTube

The scene was set and everybody was waiting for Connie to make her entrance. Cameras were in place to capture her first reaction to Travis’ new look. Finally, she walked down the stairs with her sleepy son in her arms. The first thing she said when she saw Travis was, “Oh my gosh!”

Connie ran down the stairs and wrapped her arms around her husband. She said that she thought he was at a poker game all night.

Read on to find out how Travis really felt about his new look.

Connie Was Overjoyed About Travis’ New Look

family hugging
Photo Credit: Rachel Ray Show / YouTube

Connie was completely surprised by the transformation and she was delighted by the results. She told the crew that they made Travis look like the man she first met all those years ago before they got married. She said she loved being able to see his face again.

Connie couldn’t wrap her mind around the fact that Travis didn’t have a beard anymore. She kept touching his face in disbelief. She said that she absolutely loved his new look from head to toe.

Connie And Travis Got To Appear On Television

rachel ray show
Photo Credit: Rachel Ray Show / YouTube

After the secret transformation was over, both Travis and Connie were invited to appear on the Rachel Ray Show. When Rachel asked Connie how she liked Travis’ new look, Connie was almost in tears when she answered.

She said that she missed seeing Travis’ beautiful face, and she thanked both Patricia and Kyan for all of their hard work. Ray joked about the fact that Travis and Connie met when they were teenagers before Travis could even grow a beard.

Travis’ True Feelings About His Beardless Face

family hugging
Photo Credit: Travis Herman / Facebook

When Rachel asked Travis if he liked his new look, he said that he liked it, but that it was a bit more work to maintain than his bushy beard. That probably wasn’t what Connie was hoping to hear. It looks like the regular shaving routine was too much work for Travis to stick to.

Just one year after he appeared on the Rachel Ray show, Travis posted this photo on his Facebook page. It looks like the giant beard is back. Hopefully, Connie didn’t get too used to his bare face.

Read on to see more of Travis’ looks through the ages.

Travis’ Looks Over The Years

Travis with long beard and long hair
Photo Credit: Travis Herman / Facebook

Travis’ transformation went viral on the internet thanks to the Rachel Ray Show, but that bare-faced look wasn’t the only look that he’s sported in recent years. While he was buzzing his hair himself prior to appearing on the show, once upon a time he had long flowing locks that he tucked behind his ears.

Even though Travis let his beard grow back, I bet Connie’s pretty happy that he didn’t let his hair grow back too.

A Family Photoshoot

family photo in fall
Photo Credit: Travis Herman / Facebook

In this photo that we found on Travis’ social media, he looks a bit more put together This could be because he’s dressed up for a professional photo shoot. It looks like somebody with some photography experience took this photo.

Travis still has long hair in this photo, but it’s not as long as it once was, and it’s slicked back in a neat and tidy way. The whole family looks like they put in some effort for this photo.

A Blast From The Past

family photo outside
Photo Credit: Travis Herman / Facebook

Travis and Connie’s kids look a bit younger in this photograph. Back in the day, Travis had a full head of hair, but he didn’t keep his hair long. He still had his beard and mustache, but his facial hair seems a little shorter and tidier in this photo.

Do you think Travis looks better bare-faced, or with a little bit of a bushy beard? The clean look might be more professional, but the beard seems to be more him.

Keep reading to find out more about what Travis and Connie are up to now.

A Mohawk Just For Fun

travis with mohawk
Photo Credit: Travis Herman / Facebook

After his makeover, Travis decided to experiment with his look a bit more. In this photo, he looks like he’s trying out a mohawk, just for fun. The mohawk didn’t last too long. This hairstyle takes a bit of work to maintain and we already know that Travis doesn’t like to put too much effort into a grooming routine.

I wonder if Connie liked the mohawk more than the long hair.

How Travis Looked On His Wedding Day

travis and connie wedding photo
Photo Credit: Travis Herman / Facebook

Connie said that when she first met Travis, he didn’t have any facial hair. Well, on his wedding day he did have a bit of a soul patch under his lip. Could this have been a sign of what was to come?

Let this be a warning to all the ladies out there: if a man has a soul patch on his wedding day, he might just be open to growing a giant bushy beard a few years down the road.

He’s Still A Success Story

banner on brick wall
Photo Credit: Travis Herman / Facebook

Even though Travis Herman didn’t successfully maintain his new look, he did successfully build his brewery into a thriving business. In the past few years, Scofflaw Brewing Co. has expanded, and Travis was even able to open a second location.

Travis clearly loves his job, and he’s passionate about promoting his business at festivals, events, and tours. Travis seems to get along really well with all of his co-workers and he loves going to work every day— beard or no beard.

The Beard Is Now Part Of The Business

travis with long beard and sons
Photo Credit: Travis Herman / Facebook

You may have thought Travis Herman looked a bit more handsome when he was clean-shaven, but his big bushy beard is now a huge part of Scofflaw Brewing Co. The company took a picture of Travis with the beard and turned it into a mascot of sorts. It’s now part of their brand.

In the picture, Travis the brewmaster looks like a mad scientist who’s mixing up some special potions.

What Style Tips?

travis in front of business
Photo Credit: Travis Herman / Facebook

Travis also seems to have forgotten all those style tips that Kyan taught him. There are hardly any photos of Travis on Facebook wearing dark jeans or dark boots. Mostly he’s gone back to his original look.

Travis doesn’t feel like he needs to be fashionable to do his job properly. Nobody can see him brewing bear anyway unless he posts a photo of himself brewing beer on social media…

Connie And Travis Are Closer Than Ever

family in car
Photo Credit: Rachel Ray Show / YouTube

Even though Travis didn’t maintain his new look, he and Connie are still happily married. She never asked him to change (although she was thrilled when he did change). Connie may have been disappointed when Travis let his beard grow back, but she wasn’t disappointed in any major way.

These two are still going strong. Connie is a huge supporter of Travis’ business and Travis works hard to support Connie and his sons.

It’s Hard To Make A Change

travis no beard
Photo Credit: Rachel Ray Show / YouTube

Humans are creatures of habit. We get stuck in our ways and it can be hard to make a change. Travis went out of his way to do something nice for his wife. He left his face bare for a little while, but then he decided that he had to be true to himself.

Now we know what his face looks like without the giant beard, and Connie knows that her husband will do anything to make her happy.