Husky Chained Outside For 15 Years Gets Beautiful Second Chance At Life After A Freak Accident

Just because a husky is more readily available to handle the cold doesn’t mean they should have to. For 15 years, one husky in Pennsylvania only knew the cold. This poor pup had been forced to live outside his house in the freezing East Coast winter, no hope beyond the horizon. Luckily for Cloud, fate had other plans for him. All it took was a freak accident for this Siberian husky to get his beautiful second chance at life.

It All Started With An Emergency Call

husky chained outside house
Hillside SPCA
Hillside SPCA

The emergency call wasn’t about Cloud. Rescue workers discovered the 15-year-old Siberian husky after arriving on the scene of collapsed house in New Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The last thing they expected to find was a dog!

When they arrived at the address, the workers found Cloud chained up outside of the fallen house. He was tied to a weighted chain with very little room to move around. Suddenly, the well-being of Cloud became far more important then the old, empty house.