Incredibly Exciting Trends That Aren’t Talked About, But Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Sometimes it’s tough to have faith in humanity when all you hear about are the bad and negative things happening around the world. We tend to tune into the bad news more eagerly than the good news that’s happening around us.

This article will revive your faith in humanity and highlights all the incredibly positive trends happening in the world today. We’ll be looking at declining poverty rates, shrinking ozone holes, and countries that are hitting their climate change goals which will surely make your day a little brighter.

Cancer Deaths Have Dropped By 25% Since 1991

Alexander Heinl/picture alliance via Getty Images

It seems like cancer will be a horrible disease that we’re all going to have to deal with for the rest of our lives. But, cancer deaths have been dropping dramatically thanks to innovations in treatments in the medical fields.

Cancer deaths have dropped 25% in the United States alone. Specifically, breast cancer deaths have fallen by 39%, which has saved the lives of 322,600 women in the process. That number is thankfully continuing to improve too.