This Man Tweeted Out The Story Of How He Met His Wife And It’s A 21st Century Love Story

Okay, you know how in a romantic comedy when the main characters have a meet-cute to introduce themselves to each other? Her hat blows over to him while he’s playing with his adorable dog at the park, or he steals her taxi cab when they’re both running late to work. That is the exact opposite of what this story is.

This thread feels like the modern day How I Met Your Mother. We’re going to start from the beginning of a “ridiculous but ENTIRELY TRUE” story that was shared on Twitter by author @sixthformpoet, so make sure you buckle up.

The Origin Story

@sixthformpoet origin story tweet number one
Photo Credit: Twitter / @sixthformpoet

This one tweet started us all on the journey of what can only be described as a truly wild ride. We’ll be focusing on the first part of the story, but highly recommend you check out the full three parts because it’s definitely going to be made into a movie that you can say you saw first.

Part one of the story starts off in a cemetery after Matt (@sixthformpoet)’s dad passed away which is, as Matt says, a “classic start to a funny story.”

Chelsea Flower Show

chelsea flower show may 2016
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Matt and his dad were very close, he says, so he visited the grave frequently and always took flowers. “My dad’s grave frequently resembled a solid third place at the Chelsea Flower Show.” The man buried next to his dad, however, never had any visitors, so he began to bring flowers for that grave as well. He did this for two and a half years.You’ll want to remember that okay?

At this point, Matt decided ‘you know what, I’m going to Google him to see what his story is,’ which is where we really take a turn.

The Plot Thickens

@sixthformpoet screenshot two
Photo Credit: Twitter / @sixthformpoet

Upon looking up the man, he realized he’s made a grave mistake (sorry, I couldn’t resist). It turns out the reason this man never had visitors is that he murdered his wife AND her parents. There’s no one left to visit him. And poor Matt had been bringing flowers to this man for literally years…

Matt, feeling horrible, wanted to apologize to the victims, so he looked up where they were buried and drove to that cemetery with flowers.

Weird Flex, But OK

a bunch of flowers in a cemetery
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While at the cemetery of these three people he had never met, a woman showed up and asked why this man she had never seen before is leaving flowers for her grandparents and her aunt. He explained the situation and she said, “ok that’s weird but quite sweet.”

Then, Matt did what any sane person would do after meeting a woman at the grave of the victims of the murderer buried next to his father would do: he asked her out for a drink. And she does what any of us would do, and said yes.

The Saga Continues

@sixthformpoet end part 1 tweet
Photo Credit: Twitter / @sixthformpoet

And that is the story of how Matt met his wife. Talk about a meet-cute. The fact that it was shared on Twitter and not over a long, drawn-out Netflix series just shows how far we’ve come as storytellers.

That is the first part of the story the poet shared on Twitter. The following two parts of the story of @sixthformpoet’s life involve two children, a homeless man, another death, another marriage, and more. The man certainly knows how to captivate an audience.