Meet The Man Who Converted A Boeing 727 Into His Home In The Woods

If you’re ever wandering through the forest of Hillsboro, Oregon and come across a Boeing 727, there’s no reason to be alarmed. It’s not a plane crash or stolen cargo; it’s just Bruce Campbell’s home. If you’re lucky, Bruce might even give you a tour around to proudly show off his airplane that he converted into his home. Take a look to see the process it took to transform this airplane into his house, how Campbell lives, and the benefits and possible future of people living in upcycled aircrafts.

You’ll never guess how much it costs to buy a Boeing 727.

A Vision At A Young Age


Bruce Campbell is a 64-year-old retired electrical engineer. Since he was young, he was always known for his creative vision. When he was in his early 20s, he bought a 10-acre plot of land for $23,000 in the forest of Hillsboro, Oregon. Campbell also had a unique vision for what he wanted to do with the property.

His plan was to construct a home out of numerous freight vans. Initially, Campbell was thrilled with his idea until he learned about another house that someone had built. This led him to change his mind.