These Are Just Some Of The Most Unflattering Pictures Of Your Pets We Could Find

Everyone finds their own pet cute. Sure, some people might prefer big dogs versus small dogs, while others prefer hairless cats over the kind that shed all over the house (who can really blame them).

But what really brings people together is sharing ugly pictures of their pets. So while we might get excited about the cuddliest cats and the derpiest dogs, these pets clearly weren’t ready for their close up.

@baby_b0nes Started It Off With A Bang

@baby_b0nes the OG
Photo Credit: Twitter / @baby_b0nes

This newly groomed lady is the reason a wonderful Twitter thread was started after her owner @baby_b0nes tweeted out this picture with the caption “reply to this with the least flattering picture of ur pet. I’ll start”

It was at that moment that a star was born, and with a smile only a mother could love, a flood of bad pictures began.

You’re On Candid Camera

Photo Credit: Twitter / @bmali_

This little girl hasn’t quite nailed her candid “I didn’t know my picture was being taken” smile yet, but practice makes perfect right?

Twitter user @bmali_ shared these photos of her dog with the caption “I couldn’t pick just one lmfao” and it’s pretty clear why not. I don’t know if she’s happy or really upset.

When Your Boss Tells A Really Cheesy Joke

@IRONNOC twitter
Photo Credit: Twitter / @IRONNOC

This boi is ready and waiting for the paps to snap some pics of his toothy grin. One Twitter user – rightly – pointed out that these pictures could basically be used as a canine Dentastix commercial.

Another commenter let their crazy side show, commenting “oh my god I love your dogs so much I literally have pics of them saved in my phone to look at when I’m sad.’ TMI?

Who Hurt You?

@TheDreamGhoul from twitter
Photo Credit: Twitter / @TheDreamGhoul

Twitter user @TheDreamGhoul shared these photos of her cat looking … concerned, to say the least.

She tweeted out the photo with the caption “Everytime I say my cat’s name she looks at me like I just told her that her husband died at sea,” which is a spot on comment.

I Woke Up Like This

@seniorpeabody from instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram / @seniorpeabody

Senior Peabody aka Peter is a 15-year-old chihuahua with over 11K followers on Instagram who is, as he captioned this photo, “Redefining beauty standards IN MY SLEEP…”

These may not be the most flattering photos of Peabody, but that won’t stop him from sharing. We could all use this kind of beauty sleep in our lives.

You Come Here Often?

Photo Credit: Instagram / @spookylilpeach

Twitter user @spookylilpeach shared this intimate photo of her cat, who seems to be less than thrilled to have her boudoir shots posted in the Twitterverse.

One Twitter user captioned the photo ‘Me when I want my summer bod but I love eating.” Don’t let society force you to be something you’re not. Just do you.

Star Wars Cameo

@friendonline R2D2 cat
Photo Credit: Twitter / @friendonline

This Twitter user got straight to the point, sharing this photo of their cat with the caption “He looks like R2-D2” and twitter fully agreed.

It also could be likened to staring in the mirror after the hairdresser says ‘do you like it?’ but the damage is done so you just say yes.

Stanley’s Smile Can Light Up A Room

Stanley @camicuffari
Photo Credit: Twitter / @camicuffari

Twitter was blessed with this photo of Stanley the golden retriever thanks to user @camicuffari, who tweeted out this “lovely angle of Stanley.”

Someone in the responses pointed out Stanley’s resemblance to Scar from The Lion King in this photo. While we can see it, this good boi could never pull off what Scar did to poor Mustafa and Simba.

This Is What A Pure Bread Looks Like

purebread from twitter
Photo Credit: Twitter / @GallagherAvery

Avery Gallagher shared this photo on Twitter of her pure bread cat whose plan seems to have gone a rye.

This trend went viral a few years ago with many people sharing pictures of their cats in similar situations, and we think it’s the best thing to have happened since sliced bread.

Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

twitter @ArmeyJensen
Photo Credit: Twitter / @ArmeyJensen

Jensen Armey’s dog was just trying to scout out the best places to mark his territory later, but it resulted in a less than flattering angle for the curious boy.

I can’t tell what he’s on the hunt for, but he looks like a grumpy old man who yells at the kids to stop skateboarding on his sidewalk.

Doggie Seduction

Ginger from twitter
Photo Credit: Twitter / @MichelleCirinoo

Twitter user @MichelleCirinoo shared multiple photos of her dog Ginger giving us her best seductive “you know you want to pet me” looks, and honestly, we’d give her all the pets.

Michelle shared the photos under the caption “For all Ginger’s fans out there” so it’s definitely not her first online feature.

Elwood Is A Champion

Elwood ugliest dog
Photo Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Elwood the Chinese Crested-Chihuahua was crowned the world’s ugliest dog in 2007, so it seems like maybe we can’t blame the camera for these unflattering shots .. sorry Elwood.

After winning the world’s ugliest dog title, Elwood inspired a children’s book called Everybody Loves Elwood.. It’s still unclear whether this will be turned into an animated comedy starring Ray Romano.

Oh She Thick

@Reddit thick cat
Photo Credit: Reddit

One Reddit user shared this photo of their cat with the caption “My mood 24/7” and they’re not wrong.

Another user commented, “being a cat would be like having a dense full body pillow all around you” and again, can anyone disagree with that? This is why anyone with a cat should have at least one glass table on hand to capture glamor shots like these.

Their Favorite Neighbor Is Helping With The Gardening

favorite neighbour doing important things from Reddit
Photo Credit: Reddit / PM_Me_Grecian_Urns

Reddit user PM_Me_Grecian_Urns delighted other Reddit users when they shared this photo of their “favorite neighbor doing Important Things.”

One Reddit user commented in response “Sometimes cats are so majestic you see how Egyptians worshipped them. Then other times there is less.” Harsh, but maybe a little true. Hopefully, this little guy is just making sure to keep the garden from growing out of hand.

A True Tragedy

twitter Juliet cat
Photo Credit: Twitter / @DauntingToaster

Twitter user @DauntingToaster shared this Shakespearean-inspired photo of their cat who could take over Claire Danes role in Romeo & Juliet alongside Leo for sure.

@DauntingToaster captioned the photo “But soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliet is the sun.” Their either talking to the neighbor dog or a ball of yarn that fell off the balcony.

When You’re Trying Your Best To Get That Sneeze Out

@hallowsevealex dog twitter
Photo Credit: Twitter

@Hallowsevealex graced our Twitter feeds with this photo of her dog who is too excited to sit still for a regular picture.

This feels like that moment when you open your camera to take a Snapchat but the front-facing opens instead and then you’re frantically trying to change it. THE LIGHTING JUST ISN’T RIGHT!

What Are You Starring At?

dog out for a walk surprised face
Reddit / Dragynwing

So apparently, dogs will look at their owners when they are going to the bathroom so their owner can warn them if they’re about to be attacked. This dog doesn’t look like it’s using the bathroom though, so we can only imagine why he’s giving this look.

Maybe he sees another dog owner not picking up after their pet. Shame on them.

He’s Trying To Protect You

dog starring at man in the bathroom
Reddit / filthynep

Like we said before, dogs will look to their owners for protection when doing their business, so why wouldn’t they look out for us in our time of need? This guy does not seem grateful for all this little pup is doing.

Maybe this dog has another motive though? Maybe this is the moment to attack to man who stole his mom’s heart.

Did Someone Say Cheese?

dog smile in between two people
Twitter / @CassieSmicherko

It’s never easy being the third wheel on a date, but this dog is doing his best to maintain his boundaries. Unfortunately, this couple clearly just broke out the snacks and hunger knows no boundaries.

He’s lucky he’s cute, and hopefully he gets a handful of popcorn for his troubles, or at least a chin scratch.

This Good Boi Is Strutting His Stuff

Dog panoramic walking on sidewalk
Twitter / @gvttergrl

If we’ve learned anything with all the improvements we’ve seen with cell phones, it’s to never trust the panoramic camera, especially with our pets. They will always, 100%, ruin it, and the results are straight out of a horror movie.

This good boi quickly turned into a total monster, but at least his face was kept intact. I’d still pet him.