Orphaned Baby Monkey Is Raised With Help From Some Unlikely New Friends

Life was looking grim for an infant vervet monkey who was found on the side of the road in Zimbabwe. The baby monkey was clinging to his dead mother when he was found by some good samaritans who took him to an animal sanctuary in the area. This sanctuary didn’t have any monkeys of his kind, but it wasn’t the humans who helped this little guy become who he is today!

This Monkey Was Found Orphaned And Scared For His Life


Photo: The Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary/Facebook

This little guy’s name is Horace. This vervet monkey lives at the Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary in Zimbabwe, Africa. Horace was taken to Twala as a baby after losing his mother in a tragic accident.

“His mom had been hit by a car on a very busy highway. He was found sitting on her body, on the side of the road. He’s lucky that he got picked up by the right person, who then brought him here,” Twala founder Sarah Carter told The Dodo in 2016.

The Baby Monkey Was Timid In The Caring Hands Of Humans


Photo: The Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary/Facebook

Horace was just a helpless infant when he was first taken to the Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary. The tiny primate might have been frightened at first in his new environment, but luckily he was in good hands.

Twala provides a safe haven for wildlife creatures in need. As a result, the rescue is home to a variety of different species including cats, dogs, lions, and antelope. You would think that the situation wouldn’t fare well, but you’d be surprised…

Some Unlikely Creatures Were There To Help Horace Fit In


Photo: The Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary/Facebook

For a young vervet like Horace, it might have been intimidating to see all these different animals in the same space. Thankfully, all the animals at the rescue were very welcoming to the newbie.

“Since we had so many orphans at the time, and not enough hands, we had to raise everyone together… They just formed this relationship, which is great,” says Carter. It was just up to Horace to warm up to his new roommates. The kittens weren’t the only ones who wanted to be friends with Horace either.

It Took Some Time, But Horace Eventually Warmed Up To Them


Photo: The Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary/Facebook

As Horace grew up at Twala, he began warming up to his new friends. The rescue has a variety of wild and domestic animals, but Horace was first drawn to the equally adorable kittens.

Perhaps they were less intimidating because they were similar in size and, after all, who could be afraid of a kitten?! But soon enough, Horace grew close to the older members of the rescue, who learned to accept the monkey as one of their own as you’ll see next.

Horace Developed A Special Connection With The Cats


Photo: The Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary/Facebook

Soon enough, Horace was comfortable enough to snuggle up to his new feline friends. Being that they were around as he was growing up, Horace most likely felt a special bond towards them.

Aside from his human caretakers, these felines probably felt obligated to care for this orphaned monkey. A lot of people see cats as finicky animals, but here you can clearly see how open and loving they can be – especially towards other animals!

Soon The Other Animals Started Warming Up To Horace Too


Photo: The Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary/Facebook

Pretty soon, Horace was making friends with more of the animals at Twala. One of his closest pals would be Keiko, one of several rescue dogs who also lived at the sanctuary.

Twala is home to a variety of wild and domestic animals who’ve been abandoned or abused. Sarah Carter and her team continually work hard to provide a safe and nurturing environment for these animals who otherwise might not have made it on their own in the wild. You’ll laugh when you see what antics Horace is always up to!

Horace Developed A Reputation For Some Particular Things


Photo: The Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary/Facebook

As he grew up, Horace earned a reputation for napping a lot. Horace has a tendency to fall asleep anywhere, especially when he’s cuddling with one of his feline friends. It must be the comfort of having someone around to make you feel protected.

“Horace is a master napper. He fights it though as he is afraid he will miss something… And he loves to nap and sleeps anywhere he pleases,” Carter told Daily Mail in 2015.

Horace Is Like A Real-Life Curious George


Photo: The Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary/Facebook

Horace has even made friends with the resident antelope at Twala. He may seem like a bit of a nuisance, but the animals know that it’s just Horace’s playful and curious nature. There is never any true roughhousing between these animals.

“Horace is hugely confident and affectionate having been raised in a very diverse and loving environment at Twala,” says Carter. “He has many friends, human and animal, and is seldom alone. He is mischievous, extremely clever and endlessly entertaining.”

Horace Always Wants What He Knows He Can’t Have


Photo: The Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary/Facebook

“His biggest vice is being irresistibly drawn to the forbidden food he is not allowed to eat, places he shouldn’t be, objects he is not supposed to touch,” Carter told Daily Mail.

Horace may be a bit of a food-stealer, but lucky for him it was actually snack time when this photo was taken. The animals often share meals together and often eat a healthy buffet of natural fruits and veggies. Horace also spends so much time with other species that he starts to act like them too!

Horace Is More Mischevious Than Meets The Eye


Photo: The Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary/Facebook

Here are Horace and resident rescue cat Freddie. Horace appears to be napping on top of Freddie, but Carter warns that just might be a ploy.

She told Daily Mail, “Horace always makes me laugh, he is a consummate thief – he pretends to be otherwise engaged whilst sidling up to you to pinch a pen or a bit of paper or food. He will also come and cuddle someone, person or animal, as a ploy to distract them to steal something.”

Horace Finds Fascination In Everything


Photo: The Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary/Facebook

“He is insatiably curious – into everything, and often comes and watches me writing or typing with absolute fascination, before stealing my pen or jumping on the keyboard,” Carter said.

The other animals at the sanctuary don’t seem to mind. In fact, they are happy to allow Horace’s curiosity to flourish. At Twala, the animals miraculously coexist without having their animal instincts take a dangerous turn. This is probably thanks to the nurturing environment in which they were brought up.

Horace Likes To Roam With The Cats At Night


Photo: The Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary/Facebook

Horace has also taken on a lot of his friends’ characteristics as well. Though he is a vervet monkey, Horace sometimes likes to act like a cat.

“He runs around in the middle of the night, in the dark, with the cats.. All the other monkeys got to sleep when it starts to get dark because that’s their instinct. Meanwhile, Horace is busy running around the garden at 10 o’clock at night. He’s a character,” Carter told The Dodo. What is the secret to making these odd friendships work?

Horace Thinks He Is A Little Prince Among His Friends


Photo: The Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary/Facebook

Being the sleepy monkey that he is, Horace is sometimes too lazy to walk on his own. But no worries! Keiko is happy to give Horace a ride to wherever he needs to go around the sanctuary.

Horace may be growing into his adult years, but he still likes to act like the baby of the bunch. His dog and cat friends, hilariously annoyed as they may seem in the photos, at least treat Horace like their own baby brother.

Horace Likes To Ponder The Complexities Of Life When He’s Not Running Around


Photo: The Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary/Facebook

Horace has certainly developed a personality all his own as well. Growing up in a sanctuary is definitely different from growing up in the wild, but this makes Horace truly unique among his kind.

“He is a thinker – often sits gazing into the middle distance, twirling a leaf or a flower or a twig in his hands, totally lost in thought,” Carter told Daily Mail. We can only wonder what Horace might be daydreaming!

Horace And His Pals Have Each Other As Support


Photo: The Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary/Facebook

Horace and the other animals are lucky to have been found and taken to Twala. They’ll grow up with a strong support system that might not have been possible if not for the diverse array of inhabitants.

Some might say that goes against Horace’s nature, but Carter would disagree. “Here [he] has friends and he’s safe. He has the backup of everyone here at the sanctuary – people and animals,” she told The Dodo. This was especially true after Horace was found in his own tragic accident!

Pairing Animals With Different Species Is Actually Healing


Photo: The Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary/Facebook

Freddie is one of Horace’s favorite cuddling pals as you can see. Even though the animals are all of a different species, the Sarah Carter’s sanctuary only proves that all creatures might share an empathetic instinct.

“We get lots of orphaned animals coming in, so you can’t always pair them with the same animal. But for them to be able to be with another creature is really healing and comforting for them, no matter if they’re different,” said Carter.

When Another Baby Vervet Came, Horace Took Responsibility


Photo: The Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary/Facebook

Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary tries to pair animals with their same species if they can. So when another vervet orphan came tot he sanctuary, they knew just who to pair him with!

Now that Horace is older, he takes care of newcomers whenever they’re introduced into the sanctuary. This little monkey is Hamish, who was an orphan just like Horace. Horace felt a special connection with this little guy since Hamish is reminiscent of himself as a baby.

Horace Showed Hamish The Comforts Of Cuddling


Photo: The Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary/Facebook

Hamish was attached to Horace for much of his upbringing in the sanctuary. Of course, Horace was happy to oblige to offer comfort. But that didn’t mean that Horace still didn’t need comfort on his own!

Carter told The Dodo that Horace has shown them how much comfort animals of different species can find solace within each other. “We learned that from Horace,” she said. “They form these amazing bonds. It just brings so much comfort to all of them.”

Horace’s Playfulness Ended With Him Losing An Arm


Photo: The Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary/Facebook

Horace may be an adult now but that doesn’t mean he still doesn’t get into some trouble. In 2016, Twala shared the unnerving news that Horace suffered an intense electrical shock from a power line.

“He was found unconscious and severely burnt on both arms. It is an absolute miracle that he survived such a massic shock… Horace has always lived free, as he should do, but… we cannot protect him from the many dangers that animals face in the world,” they wrote on Facebook.

Horace Can Go Back To The Wild, But Why Would He?


Photo: The Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary/Facebook

Though he survived the shock, the vets did have to amputate one of his arms. But that hasn’t slowed Horace down. After recovery, it was back to his awesome life at the sanctuary.

“Horace is free to go wherever he wants. There’s nothing stopping him from leaving. He chooses to stay… He really does have the best life,” Carter told The Dodo. Horace is perfectly healthy and grown now, but the sanctuary isn’t making him stay. He really has no reason to leave!