Parenting: People Who Are Nailing It With A Sense Of Humor

Ah, the joys of parenting! The late night crying, the tempter tantrums, the joy of hearing “mommy look what I can do!” for the 17th time in one day. If there’s one thing most parents can probably agree on, it’s that raising kids is not always easy.

Never fear however, because we’ve compiled a collection of parents who are totally nailing it! Get ready to have your imagination peaked and your creativity inspired with this fun group of parenting all stars.

This string swinging dad.


This dad who made his daughter wear a picture of himself on her shirt to school as a punishment.

This mom who taught her kids the true importance of social media.

This multi-tasking dad.

This fly mom who knows what’s up.

These parents who understand that forethought is their greatest weapon.

These parents who made the best video Christmas card ever with their kids.

The geniuses who thought of this.

This mom and dad having way too much fun at the museum.

These prankster parents.

These empty nesters.

This dad who came up with a creative way to deal with his daughter’s inappropriate Facebook posts.

This robot who worked his baby into the best Halloween costume ever.

Parenting= nailed it.