Parents Are Getting Tattoos Of Their Childrens’ Drawings With Adorable Results

Parents are taking pride in the artwork their children are drawing these days to a whole new level. No longer is taping something to the fridge good enough to show your son or daughter how proud you are of them. These days, you need to show your love literally and get your kiddo’s creativity tattooed on your body. There really is no better way to let your friends and neighbors know that you have the most creative child in town. Your heart will melt when you see the magical, mysterious, and sometimes just “good effort” artwork that some modern parents are willing to paint on their bodies forever.

Just wait until you see what one kid’s interpretation of the Batman/Superman symbol looks like!

Are Those Flowers?

Image via mikemcnabbtattoo/Instagram

This kid wanted to let daddy know they loved him by giving him flowers. Not having any money to buy flowers, or a ride to the store, they had to get creative. We’re not sure what each flower here is supposed to be, but we give this child credit for using a variety of colors, anyway.

We give this dad a lot of credit too for finding the perfect sport on his forearm for this tattoo: nestled under the wings of a bird, gracefully lifting this pot of flowers in the heavens.

The World’s Luckiest Superhero

Image via bostonmack/Instagram

If we had to guess the name of this superhero, we’d say Lucky Man. That’s how this kid must have felt after their dad got this three-leaf clover-bearing idol on his leg forever.

Now, whenever it’s leg day at the gym, all his buddies will know where his extra motivation to finish that last set is coming from! The only thing we wish we had from this picture is the original drawing. How close did the tattoo artist get to the source material?

Next up we show you a future horror maestro in the making!

It Was A Graveyard Smash!

Image via obscurallc/Instagram

This brave father has gotten more than one of his child’s drawings tattooed on his body. First we have the terrifying clown with sharp teeth and evil eyes. Then we get a new rendition of Frankenstein’s monster in blue. Or purple. Which color do you see?

If anything is clear from these tattoos, this kid is going to be the next great horror film director. Let’s just hope that’s what their parents wanted all along. If not, then they learned a valuable lesson about showing their kid “It”before the appropriate age.

The Best Cats Come In Threes

Image via findyoursmile/Instagram

You know the saying, “three cats are better than none?” Neither do we, but that’s how we feel after seeing this colorful piece of artwork tattooed for everyone to see. There’s real craftsmanship in the body of these fearsome felines.

Speaking of fearsome, the feline in the back doesn’t look very happy! The other two cats looks innocent and like they just showed up for some food scraps or good neck scratches. Cats love neck scratches!

Coming up, a special message for Mom and Dad is shown off for the world to see.

A Special Message Just For Mom

Image via damncoyotechris/Instagram

Nothing lets a parent know they’re loved more by their child than a simple reminder. This mother was so moved by the note her kid left her that she got it tattooed, making what was once for her eyes only something the whole world can revel at.

The tattoo artist did a really amazing job transcribing this tattoo onto Mommy, also. The handwriting is a spot-on duplicate. Now, even if Mommy loses the note, she’ll always remember what her cherished child was like when they were young!

A Special Message Just For Dad

Image via voodoo_lady/Instagram

Moms aren’t the only ones feeling the love. Here we have a similar note as the previous one, only this time for Daddy. It didn’t take him long after getting this love letter to drive down to the tattoo parlor and get it inked. Now everyone knows that both Mommy and Daddy are loved.

We would like to know what the rest of this note to Daddy says, though. Was it a birthday note? Obviously the dad is only inking the part that really melted his heart, but his child had more to say!

On the next slide, see what one child’s interpretation of a superhero mashup looks like!

Batman Vs. Superman?

Image via big_daddy_babylon/Instagram

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… not quite Superman! Maybe it’s supposed to be Batman. In case you couldn’t figure it out, that’s probably meant to be the Batman/Superman crest. This drawing, unfortunately, doesn’t do it justice. It’s actually pretty cool.

It’s also pretty cool this parent would put their kid’s valiant attempt at recreating heroism on their body forever. What’s not going to be very cool, is if after this their kid grows up to be a Marvel fan!

A Picture That’s Worth 1,000 Words

Image via tattoo_3000/Instagram

This is pretty similar to the first thing every kid learns to draw. It the second evolution, after stick figures become too easy. Here we have a clearly defined body and arms, stick legs, hair, and what we think is a hat. Oh, and there is also a giant floating head with misshapen eyes.

To make a guess, we bet that the figure on the right is supposed to be Mommy. The hair is long and there is no visible facial hair. That means the floating head is Daddy, with nothing missing. Not even the two beard hairs he refuses to trim even though it’s all he can grow.

I Love You, Dude!

Image via inkaholics_llc/Instagram

You can argue all you want that this kid misspelled “dad,” but we’re 100 percent positive this was always supposed to say “dude.” No sidewalk is safe once this kids learns how to skateboard! This dude is one lucky parent!

We want to give credit to the tattoo artist here, too. The colors the child used are perfectly matched along with the little mistakes that can’t be erased like the “e” in dude having multiple tails. Now whenever this dude looks at his arm his heart will be filled with nothing but love.

Coming up, Harrison is four years old and now everybody knows it!

Harrison Will Now Always Be Four Years Old

Image via danny_birch_tattoos/Instagram

At some point Harrison will grow up and move out and get a job start a family of his own. Knowing that’s bound to happen, this parent is doing everything they can to preserve a little part of their little angel.

Harrison was quite proud of turning four-years-old, and so were Mommy and Daddy. They were so proud that one of them tattooed Harrison writing his age on their body. We think that’s an arm but we’re really not sure. It’s also not important. What is important is the memory of four-year-old Harrison lasting forever.

Four Kids Is Enough For One Arm

Image via ericajoan.artlife/Instagram

You can tell the age differences of these four kiddos by the handwriting alone. Benjamin is the youngest, and his writing is definitely the cutest. Kristian has the best penmanship while Addalyn is the most creative. And then there’s Damian. We all saw that movie…

Let’s hope this family is done growing. There’s just no more room on this arm (leg?) for another child. The last thing any parent wants to do is make one of their kids feel less loved than the others. There are no favorites in families!

Some Artistic Interpretation Was Used Here


There’s a lot going on in this child’s drawing that didn’t make it onto their Mom’s shoulder. It’s almost as if she went to the tattoo artist and said, “I want this. My kid drew it. Can you clean it up a little, though? Make it pretty?”

Pretty is exactly what it is now, although this kid still has a thing or two to learn about anatomy. Usually legs and arms don’t connect directly to the head. The flower is very nice, though!

Coming up, the cutest storm trooper fan you’ll ever see.

There’s Just Enough Space Left For This Little Storm Trooper

Image via tattoopuppy/reddit

Yes, that drawing is indeed a storm trooper. The science fiction villains might be the worst shots in the galaxy, but this kid still loves them. He loves them so much he drew one, then made his dad find whatever space was left on his arm to get it tattooed.

You know how we said most storm troopers are terrible shots? This one is the exception. He aimed straight for our hearts and landed his blow with extreme love and accuracy.

More Love For Dad!

Image via reddit

What a simple and sweet message this piece of art turned tattoo is. “Daddy I love you” is one of the most powerful things a father could hear from their child. This dad never wants to forget what that feels like, and now he never will.

In this case, we don’t even mind that he left the self portrait next to the words off of his arm. The words are truly all that matters, and he put them in the perfect spot to see them several times a day.

This New Breed Of Animal Takes The Cute Cake!

Image via doopercooper/reddit

This adorable little girl went out on a limb when she created her own new animal. It looks to us like a mix between a lion and giraffe. And then it’s either taking a shower from the water the leaf above it is providing, or ineffectively hiding from the rain.

In getting the drawing tattooed on his body, her dad made one change. He moved the little green flower to the other side of the beast. It looks better on him that way, too.

Coming, if you loved this new animal, you’ll fall head over feathers for the next one!

Aidan Just Wants Birds To Be As Colorful As Possible

Image via inkthor/Instagram

Aidan has an interesting idea of what he thinks birds should look like. They need four legs, because two just aren’t enough. They also need to be rainbow-colored with necks resembling carrot sticks and a beak perfect for pressing “enter” on the keyboard all day.

This is definitely one of the most accurate transitions from drawing to tattoo that we’ve seen on this list. If we were to ask any tattoo artist to translate our own kid’s drawing onto our bodies, this one would be at the top of our list!

Luke Loves Monsters And Cars

Image via artofdarrenmillar/Instagram

Luke is your typical four-year-old boy. He loves monsters and fast cars. We remember the days of racing Hot Wheels on the kitchen floor like it was yesterday. When we were that age, however, our drawings weren’t nearly as good.

Let’s talk about that car, first. That is definitely the fastest car on the road and ready to take on any willing challenger to prove it. And the monster… well it’s just never satisfied, always looking for its next meal, mouth open and ready to eat a moment’s notice.

That’s The Happiest Little Mouse We’ve Ever Seen

Image via olliekeabledesigns/Instagram

At least, we think that’s a mouse. Maybe it’s a rabbit? In retrospect, this might not have been the best drawing to get tattooed. Of course, it might be their kid’s favorite drawing ever, and in that case we heart-meltingly approve.

Whatever animal is supposed to be in this picture, it’s the happiest of its kind. The little girl or boy who drew it is also the happiest child in the land after seeing how much Daddy or Mommy loves them!

Never Has A Trio Of Children Been More Terrifying

Image via aquilespacmanreyes/Instagram

When we first saw this tattoo, we thought it might be the “hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil” monkeys. Then we looked closer and realized how wrong we were. These terrifying recreations are holding out their arms and looking for a hug. What happens to you after is anybody’s guess.

One thing is for sure; this kid has a future in the horror industry. We know we’re going to be having nightmares tonight after seeing this trio of terrifying children.

Kai Will Always Have A Home In His Father’s Heart

Image via MyCabbagesForYourUpdoots/imgur

Kai has a simple life. He lives in a small house with a small walkway leading to the door. Most importantly, everyone is welcome to stay as long as they would like. After getting Kai’s house tattooed on his arm, his dad plans to never leave.

It kind of looks like the tattoo just to left of the house was also a sketch by Kai. This is one parent who is committed to show their son how much they love him. And now our hearts are happily full of love too.