Parents Who Supported Their Kids In Inspirational Ways

The love a parent feels for their child is like no other love in the world. They give all of themselves to ensure their child will live a fulfilling life. Some parents are put in positions that require them to give even more than the average parent, and the ones that do, do so selflessly. These parents went the extra mile and supported their children in some truly inspirational ways.

Mom Loses Legs To Save Her Children


When a tornado tore through Henryville, Indiana, one mother risked her life in order to save her children. Stephanie Decker had just got home with her two children, Dominic, 8, and Reese, 5, when the winds began to get destructive. When the house started to shake and the glass from the windows was broken, Stephanie grabbed a blanket and wrapped her kids in it, then laid on top of them. The house was lifted off of the foundation and began to crumble. When Stephanie saw a beam about to fall on her, she didn’t move a muscle, instinctively protecting her children. When it fell, it landed on her legs. When a pillar headed toward them, Stephanie used her upper body to shield her daughter’s head. When the disaster had ended, Stephanie ended up with eight broken ribs, a punctured lung, and lost both of her legs. But her kids were fine.