People Are Sharing Their Wedding Fails And We’re All Cringing And Laughing

It’s the big day, but chances are that not everything is going to go as planned. The caterers fall through, the lighting is all wrong, the DJ plays Uptown Funk 6 times in a row – sometimes things just go wonky. We’re human, surprise surprise.

It doesn’t have to be a big deal though. These people are taking their #weddingfails and laughing at them. Just goes to show you that as long as there are two people in front of a priest, then all is well. Oh, and hopefully there’s more than just early 2000’s top 40 pop on the playlist.

It’s My Day Too

mother in law two wedding dresses
Photo Credit: @AmyPennza / Twitter

This is a photo taken seconds before a disaster. Imagine the gall it would take to not just break the rule and wear white, but to wear a wedding dress to your new daughter’s marriage. I hope this mother-in-law is either oblivious or got dressed in the dark, because this scenario is just way too cringey.

‘My mother-in-law wore a wedding dress to my wedding. So, yeah, top that one, Twitter,’ @AmyPennza tweets. Yeah Amy, nobody can top that one. Did she throw a bouquet too?

This Bride Who Can’t Stop Laughing

tweet laughing bride spanx
Photo Credit: @pinkeyegus / Twitter

This is just too relatable. This is truly a man comfortable enough with himself to wear Spanx and prepared enough to know that he’s going to be downing mini hotdog hors d’oveurs and champagne all night and wants to fit comfortably in his tux.

What’s also relatable is the bride’s response. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t put whatever they’re doing on hold and break out in a belly laugh at this news. Ceremony? What ceremony? Hold my ring while I bust a gut under this arch.

Candid Camera

canddid guy staring at the camera
Photo Credit: @ThatKeithONeil / Twitter

Your friends got the memo to gather in their best finery and you’ve paid for a photographer for the reception and ceremony. You think you have everything it takes to get some quality wedding photos. But sometimes there’s a stray eye staring dead at the camera that’s unaccounted for.

‘At a friend’s wedding, I completely ruined what was supposed to be a candid shot. #WeddingFail‘ @ThatKeithONeil tweets. Well, at least the photo is usable for a business mixer advertisement. You can practically taste the synergy and cooperative teamwork in the air.

This other photo was captured at the exact right moment too…

The Ramsey Tracker

bobby scott tweet the ramsey router
Photo Credit: Twitter

Seriously, what? This tweet sounds like the crazy roommate you got in college. You know the one, the guy who would never let you open the blinds, used Fireball whiskey as mouthwash, and carried around a 2-month-old coffee cup as a water bottle?

Well, it turns out he was invited to a wedding. What more could you want from your socials than a constant tab on who Gordon Ramsey is yelling at today? It’s just poetic justice that this Twitter user’s name is based on Bobby Flay. Maybe we have a rivalry on our hands.

The ‘I Was Going To Tell You Tomorrow, Promise’

Premature infant ward Giessen University Hospital baby hand mom hand
Photo Credit: Boris Roessler / picture alliance / Getty Images

This one is a major foot-in-mouth moment. Or bun-in-oven moment. Or mom-can-we-talk-about-this-later moment. But probably all 3. Godspeed to the bride who has to deal with the aftermath of this.

‘During the Best Man’s toast at his brother’s wedding, my husband congratulated them, not just for their wedding, but for their baby that was on the way. Unbeknownst to him, that was the baby announcement for the bride’s family who hadn’t been told yet’ @VeronicaKaip tweets. Folks, we have a man guilty of the crime of oversharing.

Bridesmaid Down

wedding falling sister wedding bridesmaids
Photo Credit: @AbbeyStumpf / Twitter

She’s going down and she’s taking you with her. Look at the look for pure unadulterated terror in her eyes while the other bridesmaid dropping her is fighting to remain calm and exude ‘I’ve got this’ energy as the bride holds onto her for dear life. Hilarious. The perfect photo.

Twitter user @AbbeyStumpf thinks so too since she tweets, ‘I profusely thanked the photographer for getting this shot of my sister going down. I have it framed in my living room.’ Good call Abbey.

This other awkward wedding party guest really stole the show with his speech…

The Interloper

tweet friend wedding awkward
Photo Credit: jemkrueger / Twitter

This interloper clearly understands the power of manifesting who and what you want to be. A bridesmaid? Perfect, make it happen. Doesn’t matter if you’re on the list or not, there’s enough room up there at the altar that you can squeeze your way in the line with a little positive thinking.

I’m surprised the dress and the bouquet was all this master of disguise did to blend in. Do you think she felt a twinge of imposter syndrome doing this or was she too busy scamming her way into the bachelorette party to notice?

Can I See Some ID Sir?

Photo credit should read Delil Souleiman / AFP / Getty Images

This is a good lesson for people to ask before they say ‘I do.’ Also, people shouldn’t try and find love at a wedding because that’s just rude to the bride and groom.

Twitter user @Matt_Iorio witnessed firsthand the value of a good stop, drop, and ID. He tweets, ‘At my cousin’s wedding 10 years ago, my brother tore up the dance floor all night, so much so that at one point all the bridesmaids were dancing and grinding on him. My cousin had to break it up because the bridesmaids didn’t know he was only 13.’ Yikes.

Tough Crowd

tweet best man joker
Photo Credit: yourbizsucks / Twitter

This guy was just trying out a new stand-up set, You can’t fault him for that. Sure, maybe he’s guilty of not knowing his audience, but at least he’s not guilty of passing up a good joke.

He should’ve run this material by his friend first at least once, maybe even twice. Or at least let him look over it a couple of times. It never hurts to double dip on the editing. There’s no duo that goes better together than writing and editing.

This other speech giver couldn’t read the room either…

This Happy Groom

face happy groom guy shocked altar
Photo Credit: @Patrick_Neville / Twitter

This is just too adorable. Loving someone so much you lose all sense of space, time, and the look on your face. If someone looks at you like they’re seeing God on Earth when you walk down the aisle then you know you’re marrying the right person. This is just too sweet.

@Patrick_Neville tweets, ‘I thought I was making a calm, composed face as my wife came down the aisle. I found out this was the face I made.’ Patrick, this is a win and not a fail my man.

Welcome To New Orleans

crazy new orleans wedding tweet fiance tore calf muscle etc
Photo Credit: amberly_sa / Twitter

This is all too much. Amberly, how did you do it because this would have anyone tearing their hair out and rescheduling in a month, despite the cost. This whole wedding sounds like the perfect storm of crazy.

Not sure that no water is really a hardship on your wedding day though – what better reason to keep the champagne flowing and the banquet hall bar open? Seeing how she would’ve handled the techno version of ‘here comes the bride’ would’ve been interesting. I wonder if there’s a wedding version of an EDM shuffle?

Louder For The People In The Back

funny tweet wedding best man speech
Photo Credits: @chrisschabert / Twitter

Here’s another cringey best man moment because these guys just can’t seem to help themselves when it comes to practicing their best comedic material in front of the wrong audience. Seriously, there’s a mirror in your bedroom where you can be Kevin Hart for as long as you want and as loud as you want.

Points to this grandma for taking the initiative and requesting clarification for this particularly confusing moment. At least she now knows that he definitely said ‘fornication’ and the entire wedding had the benefit of hearing the word at maximum volume again.

This upcoming mother-in-law had no filter either….

This Isn’t A Fail

cute grandmas same dress
Photo Credit: @aacampisi / Twitter

‘All three of the grandmothers unexpectedly showed up to the wedding in the exact same dress!!’ @aacampisi tweets. What a perfect trifecta of cuteness and grandma coolness. They should’ve shopped together because maybe they would’ve gotten a 3 for 1 discount.

How did this end up on the #WeddingFail trending list? This is a win, win, win. You see 3 cute matching grandmas who know a great deal and a nice dress when they see one. Big win all around.

Funion Ring Snacks Or Wedding Rings?

funny wedding tweet ziploc bag
Photo Credit: @CrappyKristy / Twitter

This guy came prepared and organized for this adventure. There will be no losing of anything because it’s all neatly organized and separated into baggies of granola, nuts, and carrot slices on this camping trip. Oh wedding? This is for a wedding?

There is some airtight logic behind his actions – you really shouldn’t be losing the rings before the ceremony when you need them the most. Did he have to do clear plastic though? A sensible mason jar or even a Tupperware would’ve been a more streamlined organization system.

This Mother In Law Is Taking No Chances With The Food Selection

Thanksgiving Dinner in Saco
PhotoCredits: John Ewing / Portland Press Herald / Getty Images

Cringe is a dish best served hot as @sdsmith987 tweets, ‘my MIL brought platters of food to my catered wedding reception so their side of the family would “have something to eat that they liked.’

This mother-in-law heard chicken, beef, or fish and thought no, no, and no. Why take chances if it’s a dry thigh when you wanted a chicken breast, or if it’s salmon when you were really hoping for tilapia. It doesn’t matter if you look like a jerk, prepare for the worst case scenario – lamb with no mint sauce.

Even Fallon Knows The Struggle

fallon tweet zipline
Photo Credit: jimmyfallon / Twitter

We’ve all seen enough movies to know that ziplines only work if you’re using them to escape from nefarious bad guys. The only other time you should use them is on that family vacation sliding through the mountains while making uncomfortably prolonged and direct eye contact with the guy you hope is going to catch you at the end.

This poor groom learned this age-old lesson the hard way. I’m not entirely sure why he didn’t just walk like every other human being on the planet, but this is the result. No shirt, no pants, no service.

This Aspiring Photographer

garter removal ipad picture wedding
Photo Credit: @kevinrobledo / Twitter

We all have that one well-meaning friend who wants you to have great pictures of yourself but can’t work a camera. Twitter user @kevinrobledo knows this, ‘you always have that one guest that loves to take pictures with their ipad. Especially up the bride’s dress during the garter removal.’

Kudos to him for really getting down on the floor to get what she thinks is a great angle. Double kudos for not letting a silly thing like not having a camera or there already being a paid photographer on site stand in the way of her support.

Hot Diggy Dog!

hot dog dad caterer tweet
Photo Credit: @JimTheDrummer01 / Twitter

This dad was not playing around with the food budget. He understands the essential need to keep wedding guests adequately supplied with as many hotdogs as their little hearts desire. Oh, they don’t desire any? Air is a fine vegetarian substitute.

Folks, here we’re witnessing the rise of the penultimate BBQ dad. He isn’t playing around and shelling out good cash for that unnecessary catering service when he has two perfectly good hands, 3 tanks of propane, and a George Foreman on the patio. Oh, and a new freezer for the extras.

The Loser Table

Windsor Castle Christmas Decorations
Photo Credit: Steve Parsons / PA Images / Getty Images

Twitter user @pinkeyegus writes that, ‘I knew I’d been seated at the loser table when the lady beside me reached into her purse and pulled out a homemade scrapbook titled “The Sinners.” It was full of nothing but celebrity mugshots and tallies of how many times they’d been in trouble with the law.’

This is a hard truth. Being relegated to the ‘loser’ table means getting sat in the back corner table that’s right next to the kitchen door that the servers always seem to serve last. Yeah, you’re still invited but so are the people you’re sitting with. Yikes.

Wedding Around An Open Grave

family wedding tweet open grave funny
Photo Credits: @mills__elise / Twitter

I have so many questions about this one and they all start with ‘why?’ Why was there an uncovered open grave? Why are you having your wedding on the same day as a funeral? Why was the friend hanging out in the graveyard before it started? Why, just why?

This whole tweet is just too macabre and something out of a horror-comedy. Like Meet The Parents and Scream had a lovechild and it had good health insurance and an early arrival time. What a memorable start to the day.