Pets Dressed In Marvel Cosplay Who Will Absolutely Save The Day

Avengers: Endgame is everywhere right now, proving that Marvel Studios’ cast of characters has the greatest superheroes we ever needed. But perhaps that’s a huge over-generalization, considering some of the best superheroes can be found in our own homes. These pets assembled as the Avengers and other Marvel characters in some of the wildest pet cosplay you’ve ever seen. Are you ready to see Lokitty or Labrathor? From Captain America to the Hulk, these pets will save your day!

Wait until you see how one famous feline took on the fiercest of them all, Black Panther!

Dog-tor Strange, Master Of The Frisbee Arts

doctor strange dog marvel pet costume

Meet Dog-tor Strange, who will catch the portal to a new dimension no matter how far away you throw it. Just kidding! This is actually Banner the Super Dog, a beautiful Siberian Husky trained as a medical and psychiatric service dog.

In that regard, Banner is most like Doctor Strange’s previous persona, Stephen Vincent Strange, M.D. Before he was a powerful sorcerer, Strange was an expert neurosurgeon. Banner doesn’t operate on brains but he does help better someone’s life!

Lokitty Is Ready For Mischief

loki cat marvel pet costume

Waffles the Cat completely transformed into Loki, or rather, Loki-tty! Dressing up as the God of Mischief was perhaps not too out of character for Waffles who we’re sure gets up to mischief on his own from time to time.

Waffles opted for Loki’s look from Thor: Ragnarok, in which Loki and Thor go head-to-head with their older sister Hela. Like Loki himself, Waffles could transform into other Marvel characters with ease as you’re about to witness.

“Meowkanda Forever!”

black panther cat marvel pet costume

Waffles probably had no trouble taking on this Black Panther persona. After all, they’re both felines! Waffles’ home is his own little Wakanda, where he probably goes after his toy enemies with the same stealth as T’Challa himself.

When it comes down to it, maybe Waffles would step up to the plate and help his fellow pet Avengers in the heat of battle, just like T’Challa did in Avengers: Infinity War.

Waffles looks good as Black Panther, but one bunny coming up might give him a run for his money.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Cat

spiderman cat marvel pet costume

Spider-Cat, Spider-Cat, does whatever a Spider-Cat does! Waffles looks adorable dressed as your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Like Peter Parker when he’s in his Tony Stark-sponsored suit, Waffles probably spends his time balancing on window sills and getting himself into unnecessary trouble.

When Spider-Man has the opportunity to fight alongside the Avengers in Captain America: Civil War, he hopes that he can live up to his heroes. Of course, Waffles has already done so in these next few costumes.

Beware The Coming Of Cat-narok

thor cat marvel pet costume

Based on the lightning emanating from Waffles’ eyes, you can tell that he has gained the same abilities as the God of Thunder himself, Thor. When thunder rolls in the eyes of Thor, you better watch out for something epic that’s about to happen!

Waffles is probably summoning that same energy out of “hanger” in this photo. He might just summon the destruction of Asgard over the fact that his Fancy Feast isn’t ready!

Cat-tain America To The Rescue

captain america cat marvel pet costume

Waffles looks intent on winning a battle as Cat-tain America. The look in his eyes says, “Avengers Assemble” with all the seriousness as the real Cap himself. Waffles is even equipped with the Cap’s shield, but the real Captain America is more than just a guy who can fight well with a shield.

Not only is Cap’s suit fire and bulletproof, but he also has super healing powers and is immune to fatigue.

Bun-vengers Assemble!

rabbit marvel pet costume black panther rocket

These bunnies are the cutest Avengers we’ve ever seen! Up front, we have Rocket Raccoon but in this case he should really be called Rocket Rabbit. The bunny in the middle makes for an excellent T’Challa, who should now be referred to as Black Rabbit!

The bun in the back might not be a Marvel character you recognize. He’s supposed to be Quicksilver, who although is technically an X-Men character, did make a brief appearance in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Loki is the God of Mischief… or should it be the Dog of Mischief? You’re about to see!

Luckily, Dogs Can’t Snap Their Fingers

thanos dog marvel pet costume

This doggo has obtained at least five Infinity Stones. Even if she somehow found the sixth, it’s a good thing she doesn’t have opposable thumbs that would allow her to snap her fingers and wipe out half the universe!

This dog disguised as Thanos is Merly, TheCosplayDog on Instagram. Merly may be dressed as the Mad Titan but she doesn’t look at all intimidating. Perhaps Merly looks more convincing as some of the other Marvel characters as you’re about to see.

More To Goose Than Meets The Eye

goose the cat costume marvel pets

If you’ve seen Captain Marvel, then you saw Goose consume the tesseract (and spit it back up in an end credits scene). This cat dressed up in the most accurate Marvel costume but of course, it was the easiest one to pull off!

Goose was Mar-Vell’s pet who took to Carol Danvers and Nick Fury following her previous owner’s death. It turned out that there was a lot more to Goose than meets the eye when she turned out to be a Flerken.

A Guardian Of A Different Kind

starlord dog marvel pet costume

Can you guess who Merly is dressed up as here? It’s quite obvious considering she is standing next to pre-teen Groot! Merly has taken on Star-Lord’s persona with the Guardian leader’s quintessential red leather jacket.

Peter Quill may be half-human, half-Celestial but the Star-Lord in this photo is 100-percent canine. Merly in real life is an autism service dog, so in that regard, she is a Guardian in her own way.

Don’t Provoke This Doggo

hulk dog marvel pet costume

Don’t get Merly too upset because she might just transform into the Hulk! From the purple shorts to the menacing snarl, Merly makes for a pretty convincing Hulk, don’t you think? Perhaps it was a doorstop that triggered this canine Hulk or maybe she was just captured mid-sneeze.

In real life, Merly may not be able to turn into a destructive “monster” but she might just give you plenty of puppy kisses if you give her enough belly rubs.

Loki, The Dog Of Mischief

loki dog marvel pet costume

We’ve seen Loki-tty already but here we have Loki, the Dog of Mischief. Merly makes a pretty convincing Loki, complete with her Mind Stone-infused scepter. We’re sure Merly wouldn’t use her scepter for mischievous shenanigans, however.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Loki’s scepter was given to him by Thanos. It wielded the power of the Mind Stone, which has the ability to change someone’s loyalties while retaining their regular personality.

If you see Loki, then you know her brother is probably around somewhere. Wait until you see Labrathor!

One Hawkeye Whose Loyalty Is Unquestionable

hawkeye dog marvel pet costume

Merly looks like a natural marksman dressed as Hawkeye. She even has a pretty epic bow that she would probably be able to use if she had opposable thumbs. Unlike Hawkeye in 2012’s The Avengers, Merly is quite unlikely to reverse her loyalties.

But of course, Hawkeye only played for the other side at the influence of Loki’s scepter. Luckily, Black Widow was there to reverse that spell and bring Hawkeye’s loyalty to the Avengers back.

Captain Marvel’s New Superpower

captain marvel dog marvel pet costume

Captain Marvel appeared at the New Avengers Facility asking “Where’s Fury?” after receiving his distress signal during the Decimation. What she maybe should have asked was “Where’s Furry?” because the furry Merly is right here!

Merly is such a good girl dressed as the former Air Forcer pilot-turned-superhero. She may not have cosmic powers from the Tesseract but she does have the ability to take over your heart with those puppy dog eyes.

Captain Hedgehog Only Needs The Shield

captain america hedgehog marvel pet costume

This little guy is (sort of) dressed up as Captain America! He may not be wearing the Cap’s incredible suit but this hedgehog is equipped with a natural defense built right into his skin. Though we’re sure he’s not going to be avenging anytime soon, at least he has Cap’s vibranium-rich shield to help him if he needed it!

Captain Hedgehog might just be the hero that will unexpectedly save the day in our darkest hours.

Labrathor Is Ready To Fetch Mjolnir


Labrathor is the goodest boy in all of Asgard! He even is a natural blonde just like the actual God of Thunder himself. Labrathor is absolutely worth of the biggest bones and rawhides his canine heart desires, though we’re positive that he would probably be worthy of summoning Mjolnir if he really needed to.

Even if he did have that ability, he might mistake the flying hammer for a game of fetch!

This isn’t the only doggo who dressed up as Thor. Did one pup coming up wear it better?

Cat-tain Marvel Or A Flerken?

doctor strange cat marvel pet costume

Cat-tain Marvel appears to be disguised as a Flerken in this photo! The alien species have been known to take on the appearance of cats and even take on feline behavior. Though it walks like a cat and talks like a cat, Flerkens are anything but!

Their bodies hold pocket realities which means anything they consume with the tentacles hidden in their mouths can remain safely in their bellies, no matter how big or powerful it is.

Captain America Is The Perfect Doggo

captain america dog marvel pet costume

This good boy dressed as Captain America (or should we say Canine America? No?). Either way, he looks like the perfect doggo just like Captain America was made into the perfect human with the help of the Super Soldier Serum.

What makes Captain America so revered is the fact that he never lets anything get in the way of his morality and nobility. This dog looks like that in that he would do anything to keep you safe and happy.

Iron Dog Has As Much Charm As Tony Stark

iron man dog marvel pet costume

Tony Stark’s side projects must have included developing his intelligent armored suits for man’s best friend. Here we have Iron Dog, who is ready to come to the rescue at a moment’s notice. Or maybe he’s just waiting for his next treat!

Iron Dog probably can’t do much with his suit but with those eyes, he can probably charm his way into your heart just like Tony Stark can if you get past all his arrogance.

He Knows He’s Worthy

thor dog marvel pet costume 2

Unlike Labrathor, this canine Thor actually summoned Mjolnir and is ready to use it to defeat his enemies! Or maybe he just wants you to toss it far away so he can “summon” it, which would really just be him running over fetch it. In that case, this special hammer works in the reverse and has the power to summon Thor.

Whatever the case may be, this dog looks totally ready since he’s armored up!