Pets Pull Off Their Best Human Impressions

There’s nothing quite like an adorable photo of someone’s pet to brighten up the day, is there? Even if you’re not a huge animal person, you have to admit that dogs and cats can look pretty darn cute. Pet owners have a habit of snapping pictures of their four-legged family members when they’re at their most adorable. Without them, the internet would be a sadder place!

Join us as we take a look at some eye-wateringly funny photos of pets acting like their owners. It’ll get you right in the feels.

Gamer Dog

Chi and DS
Photo by @oliver_smalls/Instagram

“Mom? Hey Mom! Mom! Mom I’m out of cheese puffs and kibble. Mom!” This gorgeously-grunge little pup embodies teenage adolescence in every way. Is it the posture? The Nintendo DS? The hipster-chic jumper? Who knows, but it works.

We can see a long future working at McDonald’s for this spoiled pooch, who will probably never move out of mom and dad’s house and instead set up camp in the basement. As for girlfriends? Forget about it. If it’s not a game, then this dude isn’t interested. Virtual reality is better than actual reality, right champ? No judgment here, buddy.

"I need more coffee."

Pampered Pooch
Photo by @whatwillhappennext/Instagram

Who did this? WHO DID THIS?! The owner of this pooch has won the internet, forever. What’s better than sticking the family dog in a robe, towel, slippers and putting a coffee cup in its hand? As far as pets acting as humans go, it doesn’t get much better than this, even if it was orchestrated.

We don’t know what’s more worrying, the fact that the dog legit looks like a person, or that we legit look like a dog first thing in the morning. Either way, this entire ensemble just works. Bravo good sirs, Bravo. We salute you, where ever you are.

Three Legs? No Problem

Photo by @charlie.cheeto/Instagram

Who says that life without leg has to be limited? This adorable ginger kitty has taken it one step further. Who says not having a fourth paw has to stop you living a full life? In fact, he’s out there walking like a human. If we can do it, why can’t he?

Clearly, Cheeto’s owner is super proud of him, and honestly, who wouldn’t be? He looks a little startled at himself like he’s wondering how he’s doing it…but the champ is doing it anyway. All he needs is a top hat and a cane, and he’d be the best-looking cat in town.

"You Want a Pizza ‘dis?"

Pizza Cat
Photo by @pinkandbrain/Instagram

Not going to lie, bald cats sort of give us the creeps. Where’s your fur, dude? Why do you look like a wrinkly old man? Kat Von D might be into them, but they’re not really our thing…or so we thought.

Then this gal comes along to become our actual spirit animal. The day after a long night, this is exactly what we look like: head sunken down into a pizza, wondering what we said to who in the throws of tequila. Instagram @pinkandbrain is responsible for this candid that makes us feel slightly more emphatic to the hairless feline variety.

Black, No Sugar

2019-02-18 (3)
Photo by @jojoamber7/Instagram

Bo is the kind of guy that spends his mornings, in the same way, every day. He takes his morning walk down to the diner for coffee at 7 a.m. sharp, where his favorite waitress Doreen knows just how he likes it – black, no sugar. By 7.30 a.m. he’s out the door and on his way to work at the local police department, where he’s been working for the last 25 years.

He’s counting down the days until he retires so he can go home and spend the days with the old lady and the grandpups in peace. Admit it, the story fits!

Nap Time

Photo via Instagram/@lb.9523

Have you ever seen a more chilled cockapoo? If Ralph had a dating profile, it would probably say something along the lines of, "Hi, my name’s Ralph, I enjoy long walks on the beach, picking up sticks and finding comfortable sofas to curl up on in my spare time. Oh, and taking my human for walks."

Ralph’s owner shared this super-cute snap to Instagram of the adorable pooch taking some time out, presumably to binge some Netflix shows and eat some popcorn. We’re jealous, we could do with catching some z’s of an afternoon, too. How soft does that blanket look?!

Where’s the Train?

Where's the Train?
Photo by @kelseyinyc/Instagram

If you live in a big, bustling city then you’ll know how dang tiring getting from A to B can be. There’s numerous stops, hoards of people vying for a seat, and sometimes huge disruptions that leave you stranded.

This pug has the look of despair that every traveler gets when things just aren’t going to plan. Look at the forlorn face, gazing into the distance willing the train to come. All the bags waiting by her side, probably from a long business trip that she never wanted to take in the first place. She’s been trying to move up in the firm, but it’s been five years now. Where is that train?

No Humans on the Couch!

No Humans on the Couch!

We can’t decide if this dog has the ultimate level of chill, or if it’s an evil genius. In some homes, dogs aren’t allowed on the furniture. It’s a strict no-go area. Why? We’re not sure. Don’t they want doggo cuddles?

This pup has one-upped her human masters by bypassing that rule entirely, instead, getting her very own armchair that she can laze in all the live long day. The only rule here is absolutely no humans allowed on the couch. They’re messy, loud and often leave behind suspicious smells that don’t come out of the fabric.


Photo by @originalbecky/Instagram

Ever wondered what a cat looks like doing the laundry? Say no more, Instagram user @originalbecky has got you covered with this snap of tabby Jean Luc helping her out.

What more could you want from a pet? Snuggly? Check. Cute? Check. Able to separate your colors from your whites? Double check. Honestly, we feel like we’ve got kind of a rough deal now. All our cats do is sit around looking regal and crying to be fed. Why aren’t they doubling up as a housemaid? Some cats just have too much arrogance to demean themselves in that manner, apparently.

The Book Worm

Reading Kitty
Photo by @jojoamber7/Instagram

There’s a reason that the Ancient Egyptians adored cats. They revered them for their prowess, their wisdom and what they thought was a fine superiority. While the jury is still out on the whole cats being gods thing, we can’t argue that they do have a certain amount of arrogance about them.

They like what they like when they like it, from saucers of milk to a darn good book, apparently. This little kitty spends her afternoons reading Dickens and Keats, reciting poetry and debating Pythagoras’ theory. Okay, we’re not sure about the last part but we wouldn’t say it’s entirely out of the question.

Ruff Day?

sleeping dog
Photo by @darcymarie08/Instagram

Ruff day at the office, huh? Boss really grinding your gears? The ole “dog ate my homework bit” not really working this time around? Honestly, we’ve never seen a dog more reminiscent of us.

Hungover? Take a nap. Bad day at work? Take a nap. Tuesday? Take a nap. There’s literally nothing that sleep can’t fix, hence the old adage, “It’ll be alright in the morning.” Dogs have never needed a reason to sleep, and if we looked this cute doing it we’d never be awake. In fact, if we could get away with it, this would be us right now.

Mister Hipster

Mister Hipster
Photo by @poochpal/@mr_custard/Instagram

That adorable wet nose. That slick white fur. Those black glasses. This pooch wants nothing more than to get into the college of his choice so he can finally ditch his nerdy high school reputation.

He has the slick book posters ready to put in his dorm room so the other dogs know how hip he is, and he’s ready to major in “sit, stay, paw and calculus!” according to the caption on Instagram. There’s bound to be something a little avant-garde in there too, like Russian Feminist Literature or The Life and Times of Greek Philosophers. All the best, little guy.

When’s Dinner?

When's Dinner?
Photo by @regina7ann/Instagram

This cat has absolutely zero chill. He’s so human-like that he’s even got those hangry eyes. Try and keep a cat from its food, and the cat will stare you down until you break. Obviously, he’s not expecting any ole slop in a bowl, either.

This kitty wants you to roll out the silverware and serve up a feast fit for the feline king he is. What’s on the menu? Probably caviar, salmon, fresh tuna with a side of lobster bisque. If it’s not good enough, you just know that this guy is going to send it back to the kitchen quicker than you can say “meow”.

Merry Dogmas

Merry Dogmas
Photo by @mogkendall/Instagram

There’s a lot to be said for a fancy Santa hat, especially when it can be put on a pooch and made to look ten million times more jolly. So this guy doesn’t look entirely thrilled to be wearing it, but he also doesn’t look that annoyed.

Whenever we put on a Christmas hat, we end up looking like a drunk mall Santa, so what’s the deal here? How can a four-legged animal look dapper in one of these unholy things and we just look like Billy Bob Thornton in Bad Santa? Seriously considering growing a tail and some whiskers.

"Hey, Al!"

Hey, Al
Photo by @happy_poppy_/Instagram

Remember in the show Home Improvement with Tim Allen? Man, we loved that show. Whenever Tim had a problem with family life that he didn’t know how to get around, he’d walk over to the garden fence and pick the brain of his wise neighbor, Wilson. We never saw Wilson’s face though…until now.

This big guy looks exactly like he’s waiting for a Tim to come by so he can impart some fatherly advice before walking back to his side of the fence to do some pond fishing. Rough around the edges, worldly, and old enough to be greatly respected.

What Time Is It?

What Time Is It?
Photo by @cshirley128/Instagram

We all know what it’s like to be woken up in the morning when it’s not even time to get up yet. If looks could kill, this kitty would be leaving bodies all over town. Beautiful on the outside? Absolutely, but we wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of that death stare, would you?

Looks like a pretty snug set up there too. A fluffy pillow and some nice blankets that compliment the fur. When you’re sleeping so soundly the world can go and take a flying leap. The human better have brought in a tray of catnip and morning milk!

Superbowl Sunday

Superbowl Sunday
Photo by @friendly.fur/Instagram

For football fans, Superbowl Sunday is the highlight of the year. There’s nothing quite like kicking back with a beer and some friends to cheer on your favorite team, is there? This pooch likes to get involved too, after all, every dog has its day!

By the look on his downcast face, this photo was snapped sometime after this chosen team was spectacularly defeated. It’s been a tough day full of disappointments, and frankly, he wants nothing more than to boot out his buddies and go to bed. He knows he’s going to have a hangover for nothing in the morning.

Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb
Photo by @reynkylo/Instagram

How sickly sweet is this snap from Instagram user @reynkylo? This little doggo, Reyn, is clearly one spoiled little lady. Not only does she have her own little bed, but she also has a cuddly toy and an eye mask she can pop on whenever the world gets too much.

We’re getting serious Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s vibes from this girl, but we still have some questions. Like, how can we get in on this action? Why is it acceptable for dogs to do what they want all the time but we can’t? Not that we’re bitter or anything…

I Moustache You a Question

Photo by @gringo_moustache_cat/Instagram

What’s better than a handsome kitty? A handsome Mexican kitty named Gringo with the mustache to end all mustaches. Is he really acting like a human? We guess not, but he his facial hair that millennial men across the world would envy.

Plus, he has this really endearing, “tell me your problems” sort of look that wouldn’t go amiss on the likes of a master therapist. Imagine settling down on his coach and telling him about your childhood issues as he advises you to ditch that toxic relationship and move on with your life. Gringo would make everything better. We just know it.

“Can You Come Into My Office Please?”

Office Cat
Photo by @blackie_gfvh/Instagram

Imagine slogging away at your desk when you’re called into the office of Mr. Sphinxter. He’s known for being a bit of a tyrant, so it’s definitely going to bad news. You know it before you even knock on the door…

…then you’re met with this harrowing stare and aggressive posture. He’s received the quarterly reports and he’s not happy. In fact, he’s hissing the entire time you talk. The only plus side is you’ll always remember the time he got whacked out on catnip at the office party and had to be carried back to his human.