Photos That Prove Fishing Can Be More Comedic Than Calming

Most people who fancy themselves fisherman know that fishing isn’t always as relaxing or easy as some make it look. While many may assume that all you need is a body of water, a fishing pole, and maybe a few friends, they are sadly mistaken. In the blink of an eye, things can go awry for even the most skilled angler. Luckily for us, some of these situations were caught on camera for our enjoyment. These are the funniest fishing pictures ever to be captured in photos.

It’s A Fighter!

Well, it appears that this fisherman does not skip leg day at the gym. He’s probably been training for this moment his whole life, looking for that one monster fish to prove himself to his fishing buddies.

He’d better put some more muscle into it, because it looks like he’s going to run out of dry ground sooner rather than later. Once he’s in the water it’s game over because he’s in the fishes’ world and won’t stand a chance.

No Days Off

This guy is not messing around. If there’s an opportunity to fish, you bet he’s there. The road is completely flooded? Instead of freaking out like everyone else, he’s taking the opportunity to hopefully catch a few fish that he can fry up for dinner.

We wonder how many fish he was able to catch fishing on the side of the road. This is probably like Christmas for this man. He didn’t even have to go anywhere, the fish came to him.


This must have been an extremely painful picture to take, but we’re glad it was taken. Whoever was fishing had not one but two poles in the water and this fish couldn’t care less.

This fish was probably the size that they had been praying for all day and now it’s right in front of them. At this point, their best bet might be to try and jump in the water and wrestle it into submission. Good luck with that though.

They Can’t Arrest Us All

While most fishermen respect the signs that prevent people from fishing for environmental reasons, these people could care less. There are so many people here it makes you wonder what they’re all after. Maybe a sunken treasure?

But really, chances are these are that just a bunch of elderly people who think rules no longer apply to them because they lived past the age of 65. They all better hope that a fish and game warden doesn’t come their way anytime soon.

Is This Even Legal?

While most people might typically use a fishing rod, this woman is thinking outside of the box. With no rod in sight, it appears that she’s relying solely on a net to catch her haul for the day.

We’re not sure how legal this type of fishing might be, but to each their own. It also looks like she doesn’t intend to be hit in the face by any flying fish, so she adorned with some armor to prevent it.

No Complaints

Even though everything is flooded around him, the nasty water didn’t manage to get in this man’s Jacuzzi. So, he decided to take advantage of the situation and grab a beer, hop in, and go fishing.

He’d better be careful not to move too much or else that flood water might spill into the pool and ruin his setup. Even though there’s a real boat not far from him, he prefers fishing like this. Which we respect him for.

Perfect Timing

You have to admit, although they can be cute at times, fish have some pretty funny looking faces. So, when you put one on a human body, they look all the more outrageous.

Perfectly-timed photos can’t always be planned but it looks like this person managed to snag the exact right moment. Out of all the fish surrounding these people it only took one to get into the frame to compose the perfect shot. Impressive.

The Great Outdoors

A big part of fishing is enjoying the great outdoors and the views that come with it. In the case of these gentlemen, it looks like they’re enjoying a different kind of view today.

We’re willing to bet that not a single one of them has even got a nibble, but they’re content at the spot they’re camped out in. The biggest question is why this girl chose this exact place to catch up on some light reading. Guess we’ll never know.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

While it’s likely that the guy in the water is just working on something under the boat, we hope that this is an attempt at fishing. We’re going to assume that they forgot to bring rods out on the boat and resorted to catching them like our ancestors, with their bare hands.

It may be an unorthodox way of catching fish but you can’t knock it until you’ve tried it. We wish these boys the best of luck no matter the actual situation.

Land Ho!

One moment this guy was enjoying his day fishing and the next he’s beached on an island made of rock. Either he’s not a very good captain or he should try and lay off the cold ones next time he takes the boat out… if there is a next time.

Not only is that going to be hard to get off the island but every inch that boat moves on the rocks is money coming right out of his pockets. Ouch.

It’s Me Or The Fishing Poles…

Sometimes, a man’s fishing rods are more precious to him than, well, anything. This guy is so happy with his rod collection that he’s even made room for them on his bed. Looks like he has no option except to be the big spoon but we’re sure he doesn’t mind that.

It’s also possible that he has a big trip coming up and is so excited that he needs to sleep next to his gear in order to prepare.

Fisherman From Head To Toe

If you’re a die-hard fisherman, it’s crucial that you let everyone know. If your Carhartt sweatshirt and Conquistador Tackle hat aren’t cutting it, throw on these bad boys so everyone knows where your priorities are.

You’ll be the coolest guy at the dock bar strutting in to grab a beer after a long day on the water. The only thing that could top these if they were real fish, but that’s up to you.

All Water Is Fair Game

This guy and the guy fishing during the flood should get together and go angling sometime. It’s obvious that they’re on the same wavelength fishing-wise. if you don’t have access to a large body of water. Sometimes it might be worth trying things other people wouldn’t think of.

Not only might you catch something, but it’s a guarantee that your spot will stay a secret forever. Fortune favors the bold, and this man is about as bold as they come.

Someone Call CPS

When you promised your wife family time but the fish are running, well, desperate times call for desperate measures. This guy loaded his entire family up, baby included, onto his faithful Bass Tracker in hopes of reeling some in.

Nevermind the safety of the children, have you ever felt the exhilaration of when you have a fish on your line? If not, you wouldn’t understand. Does the baby look bored? Just throw some fishing line and clippers in there to keep her preoccupied.

They Have The Same Dentist

These two are spitting images of each other and we’re not sure whether to laugh or cry. That fish does not look like anything that somebody should be holding next to their face but this guy needs to picture to share with the world.

We need to know where he caught this fish so we can stay as far away from that body of water as possible. We’re not trying to come face-to-face with that thing in the wild.

Which One Did He Catch?

Looks like this guy had a pretty rewarding day out on the water! Not only did he catch a large mahi-mahi, but he managed to reel himself in a girlfriend as well.

He might have to release one of them back into the wild unless he has a cooler big enough to fit both of them at the same time. Good thing he’s wearing shoes, because if he slips and falls he might end up losing both of them at once.

What A Bummer!

There’s nothing worse than loading the car up with all of your friends and fishing gear only to discover that your favorite spot is no longer available for public use. Nevermind that there’s no water, the sign is the real bummer here.

On top of all that, now that there’s no diving allowed either, you might as well just go home defeated. Make sure to tell all of your friends that this spot is a no-go from now on too.

Old Age Has Nothing On This Guy

For some people, fishing isn’t just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. This man may not be able to cast as for or he used to and he may need a walker to get out there and fish, but he’s using it to his advantage in this situation.

We have nothing but the upmost respect for this guy still doing what he loves no matter what. However, he should probably have a spotter behind him, because things could go south very fast if he were to fall.

Comfort Above All Else

Are you really fishing if you don’t bring your La-Z-Boy out on the water? We know that a man’s boat says a lot about him, and this guy is sending a huge message with his vessel.

He’s got room for two, a chair, a cooler full of beer, and even a grill preheating in case he catches any fish. It may not be the fanciest setup but it proves that sometimes ingenuity is all you need.

No Boat? No Problem

It’s likely that this man’s boat is in the shop or his wife locked it up, but that’s not going to stop him from getting out on the water. Looks like he stole a float from his own pool and took it out on the lake in hopes of catching a few fish.

We hope the water’s not too cold. He better be careful with that hook or else he might find himself swimming to shore.

Very Therapeutic

The owner of this boat only needs his fishing rod, the open water, and a few fish to solve all of his problems. He doesn’t bother with clinical therapists because he has his own docked in California.

Hopefully, he also uses this boat to help any friends who are having a tough time by taking them out on the water to cast out a line and forget about their worries. It might even be cheaper than seeing an actual therapist.

The Higher The Better

While all of the other suckers are fishing off bridges, these guys are taking advantage of their company’s construction equipment. Now, they don’t have to worry about wading in the water because they can use their crane to get out as far as possible to catch the most fish possible.

These guys are living examples of ‘think smarter not harder.’ We wonder what the lifeguard will say if they see them while making their rounds on the beach.

Feeding The Masses

We’re willing to bet that one day these two fishermen thought they would be nice and give a piece of fish to a stray cat. The next day, maybe they fed two cats, and before they knew it they had an army of cats on their hands and not enough fish to feed them all.

Which is worse, coming home empty-handed or being attacked by a large group of angry stray cats? That’s the decision these two men must make every day.

Whatever Floats Your Boat

When you’re fishing, you don’t necessarily need a big fancy boat to get the job done. In some cases, you don’t even need a boat at all. This innovative man decided that he needed to get out onto the water, so he created his own vessel.

If you look closely, it even has a motor and a rudder so he doesn’t have to float aimlessly around in the water. This is nothing short of impressive and surely catches the eye of people with the fanciest boat.

How To Not Launch A Boat

It must be this guy’s first and last time launching a boat. Anybody with a little common sense would know that the boat is the thing that goes in the water and not the car. There’s probably a line of annoyed people behind him wondering what in the world is going on.

If he ever manage to get in the water, he might as well go fishing to take his mind off the terrible mistake they made earlier.

Against All Odds

When you’re fighting with a big fish, sometimes safety isn’t always your top priority. Clearly, it wasn’t an issue for this man who is currently flying off of a dock trying to reel in a fish that he never had a chance at.

Now, not only is he going to lose the fish but also his rod and more than likely his dignity. We wonder what he would have even done with a fish this size if he had managed to catch it.

A Useful Tattoo

This person takes fishing so seriously that he got a tattoo that will help them estimate the size of the fish they catch. Although definitely an interesting choice of tattoo, he can laugh at people who still bring rulers with them to the water.

However, considering that it’s a tattoo, you would think that maybe he would have got it done professionally so that it would be as precise as possible. We don’t think judges will be basing length off this tattoo anytime soon.

Get Off My Turf!

When you’re fishing, it’s important to remember that there can be other animals in the water that aren’t fish. Depending on where you’re fishing there could be sharks, snakes, or in this case, even crocodiles!

magine thinking that you caught yourself a massive fish only to see this monster jumping out of the water at you. We hope everything worked out for this guy because that crocodile does not look happy at the fisherman for stealing his food.

Always Prepared

This is clearly not this man’s first rodeo when it comes to fishing. It looks like over the years he has developed a very detailed system so that he can snack and fish at the same time while in the water.

This is no ordinary snacking either. He has condiments, bowls, and a whole manner of other equipment on his table. For all we know, the next fish he catches he might just grill it then and there in the water.

Working With What You Have

Depending on your style of fishing, sometimes you might need special stands in order to fish with multiple rods at once. Looks like someone forget theirs this time, so he recruited one of his fishing buddies to lend a hand.

Surely, this position can’t be comfortable, but catching a fish is more important than your friend’s comfort. Hopefully they’re switching off every now and then or else this would get extremely tiring. If they catch a fish maybe they’ll stick with this method.