Pigs Of Instagram Are Living Their Best Lives

There are one billion pigs on this planet and every one of them has a different personality. Biologically, they aren’t far off from humans, which may be surprising to some people, but not to the ones who own a pig. Anyone who has a pig in their life knows how ridiculously cute and lovable these animals truly are. In case you aren’t convinced yet, we’ve rounded up some of the best pig pics found on Instagram. You’ll see that some pigs like to party, while others are content snuggling with the family dogs. We threw in some pig facts for good measure.

Shark Pig


This little piggie went to the beach, and her beach body wasn’t quite ready for the occasion. Luckily her owner packed her shark outfit, which makes her feel comfortable in her own skin.

Good luck trying to keep a straight face while shark pig is roaming the beach. This is one shark we’re not afraid of! Pigs happen to be good swimmers and love to cool off in the cold water. Between swimming in the ocean and digging in the sand, this pig is having the best day ever.

Pig fact: Within two weeks, a pig can learn their name.

Bedtime Story


Seeing as there are parents out there who may not even have time to read to their human children, this pig has it made. Cuddled up on his bed with a blanket, this adult pig is enjoying a bedtime story from his owner.

She took the extra step in making sure he’ll like what she reads to him. We didn’t even know there was an Oink Daily magazine but judging by this photo, it appears to be pretty captivating.

Pig fact: Just like humans, pigs can dream in their sleep.

Splashing In The Piggie Pool

Just like us, pigs like to cool down in the summer heat. The owner of this cute mini pig poured some water into the pool floatie to make sure he had a place to cool off.

He’s obviously digging the idea, as he stands in the water in the unicorn floatie. This guy clearly has a good life with an owner that not only takes care of him well but makes sure he’s constantly entertained!

Pig fact: Pigs can’t fly, but they can swim. Wild pigs live and swim around an uninhabited island in the Bahamas.

Basic Pig


Don’t judge Oatie the pig for loving her Starbucks fix. She’s just trying to live her best life, and sometimes that means treating yourself to a mocha frappuccino. This lucky pig tags along with her mom everywhere and has her own Instagram following.

Aside from Starbucks runs, Oatie loves playing at the beach and taking naps on her mom’s lap. She even watched the fireworks on the Fourth of July.

Pig fact: Newborn pigs quickly learn to run to their mother’s voice.

Two Pigs at the Park


As adorable as fat pigs are, it’s a good idea to make sure they get some exercise, too. These pigs went for a stroll through the park on a beautiful day. Equipped with leashes and harnesses, their owner is sure they won’t run off if they see something tempting like an apple tree.

Their owner even brought along a stroller for them to take turns resting. These park pigs have it good! We can only imagine the reactions they get from other people at the park.

Pig fact: In China, the pig represents fertility, and a pig statue is often prominently displayed in couple’s bedrooms.

This Princess is Pooped


Not entirely different from a little girl human, this little piggie is pooped from her day of play. Fully dressed up in her princess tiara and tutu, she had a fun playdate running around and making pretend, but now it’s time for a nap.

When pigs go down for their naps, they go down hard. Hopefully, no one else wants to sit on the couch because this piggie princess is down for the count. Sweet dreams, piggie, sweet dreams.

Pig fact: Mama pigs have been known to ‘sing’ to their babies while nursing.

Party Pig


Just like all of the other girls on Instagram, Lucy likes to post pictures when she’s out having fun. Just look at her living life to the fullest with her virgin margarita for National Tequila Day. She’s not willing to miss one minute of the action!

If we’re being completely honest, Lucy looks to be a lot more fun to go out with than some friends who can’t get off the couch on a Friday night. Forget Susan, We’re hitting up Lucy for happy hour tonight.

Pig fact: Pigs are super social and prefer snuggling and sleeping in groups.

Pigs in a Blanket

George the pig is totally inseparable from his bulldog sisters- he has three of them! Whether they’re chillin’ on the couch, running around the house, or laying down for a nap, they’re always together.

We wonder if George thinks he’s a bulldog, or maybe his sisters think they’re pigs? Either way, this is one happy blended family that shows pigs can bond with everyone. This moment is too sweet to interrupt.

Pig fact: Pigs love to talk to one another and communicate throughout the day.

Bath Time!

Instagram/ @prissy_pig

This adorable pig family lives on a farm outside of Washington D.C. Together they’ve visited the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial, so they’re pretty caught up on their American history.

Their parents love dressing them up and including them in everything that the family is doing. They don’t mind wearing their shorts and sunglasses while they’re hitting the town. These are some well taken care of pigs, and they’re also very well-behaved. Their parents are looking for some of them to find new homes to spread the love.

Pig fact: Pigs don’t have many sweat glands, they like to cool off in water and mud.

Catching Some Rays


This owner of this little piggie opened up his door to see him sunning himself on the back stoop. This boy is a teacup pig and cruises the house and backyard with his siblings.

His owner finds them cuddled up in towels, sweatshirts, and anything else they can find to burrow into. Just like a dog, they learn what their owner trains them to do, love being around people and other animals and are very smart.

Pig fact: Pigs can run up to 11 mph, and can run a seven-minute mile.

The Prettiest Flower Pig


This lovely gal’s name is Stella, who had the pleasure of being a flower pig at a family friend’s wedding!. Stella’s dress was custom made by her human grandma, who did an excellent job at making Stella stand out for her big walk.

We’re sure this photo has sparked a lot of ideas for wedding planners since it’s come out. No need for the average little girl to throw flowers down the aisle when you can have an even more adorable piglet do it!

Pig fact: Piglets weigh a mere three pounds at birth and weigh two times that about a week later.

“When They Find Out They’re Related”


You can’t live your best life without some solid friends to back you up! Prissy the pig knows this all too well and here she is with one of her furry, four-legged siblings. They must have a lot of fun together and get along well, because aren’t pigs just pink dogs?

Jokes aside, these two have a lot to be thankful for. Prissy’s owners frequently rescue animals and care for them on their farm. Prissy is one of 11 pigs on the farm, but maybe she’s the cutest mini potbelly.

Pig fact: While domesticated pigs and dogs seem to get along, they should never be left alone together unless you’re sure they’re not likely to attack each other.

If Only Disney Movies Were Real

How adorable! This little guy is posing with a mini guitar. If this were a Disney movie, you can be sure that this little pig would break out into song. His front hooves would also probably turn into gloved hands, so that he can start playing a little ditty.

If only pigs had the ability to display any musical talent, they’d probably be the cutest animals on the planet. Not that this little guy isn’t already a huge contender for that title!

Pig fact: Pigs can communicate and they do so by grunting.

The Gang’s All Here


It’s Prissy the pig again and this time she’s with her brothers and sisters. These happy pigs are pictured hurtling down the I-95 on a family road trip to our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C.

It must be nice to be in a pig in Prissy’s family, because how often do you see pet pigs on sweet gigs like this? Definitely beats just hanging out on the farm all day if you ask us.

Pig fact: A group of piglets is called a “farrow.”

Exploring New Paths


This little guy looks like he’s having the best time exploring the world. We can’t say for sure where this pig is, but needless to say, it appears that he is becoming a cultured member of society.

He must feel like the littlest pig in the world next to those totem statues, but that only goes to show him that there’s so much more in this universe than he’s probably aware of.

Pig fact: Of the 2 billion pigs in the whole world, there is only one in Afghanistan.

Simply Can’t Be Bothered


Hold all of this pig’s calls, because she’s in a very important business meeting. And by business, she means sleep. This pig can’t be bothered as she catches some Zs for the perfect beauty sleep.

The addition of this sleep mask shows that this pig is serious about her sleep cycle. After all, pigs have to stay looking lively at their best too, right?

Pig fact: Despite having a vast field of vision, pigs are unable to move their eyes to look up.

The Happiest Birthday

Christopher the Pig is pictured here celebrating his second birthday. What a time to be alive! Christopher’s humans take him on many trips so he’s seen a lot of the world. You can tell that Christopher is loved just based on his birthday set up!

Christopher was a rescue pig who just so happened to get picked by jet-setting humans. How lucky! Happy birthday, Christopher!

Pig fact: A pig’s genetic makeup is very close to that of a human’s.

When Your Pig Wants To Be A Prairie Dog

This is Pickles the mini pig, living his best life in Santa Cruz along the California coastline. Pickles’s mom writes that Pickles found a half-eaten bag of popcorn on this day, which he was so lucky to finish.

It looks as if Pickles is acquainted with the ways of yoga and is happy to be practicing his sun salutations! We wouldn’t be surprised if this were the case because Pickles is a pampered pig.

Pig facts: Pigs are so intelligent, they learn tricks faster than dogs.

Get In Loser, We’re Going Shopping


This is Lucy the pig, who is having a lot of fun in the driver’s seat. Lucy probably hopes to grow up one day to learn how to take the wheel in situations like this, although she probably never will since pigs don’t know how to drive.

That’s okay though because Lucy has her humans to drive her around and take her wherever she needs to be. Life is swell when you’re a pig.

Pig fact: Pigs have four toes on each of their hooves, but only half of them are used to help them walk.

Stylish Pig Dresses Better Than You

One of the things new moms get excited about is dressing their babies in all of the cute outfits. But you don’t have to parent a human in order to have someone to dress up. Case in point, this dapper dude.

This little piggie is rocking a matching tank top and hat, and he’s pulling. It. Off. This piggy mom knows how to dress her bundle of joy!

Pig fact: There are dozens of companies that make clothes customized for pigs.