Rescuers Were Heartbroken When They Realized Why This Homeless Poodle Refused Their Help

Each and every animal deserves a loving home. But sadly, not all animals are given one. Sometimes, cats and dogs end up on the streets, wandering aimlessly, attempting to fend for themselves. Yankee the poodle was one of these poor animals. Yankee was discovered by a group of locals who said he had been living on the Los Angeles streets for some time. But whenever they tried to help him, the pup always resisted, refusing to leave his spot in the alleyway.

When they finally figured out why, it broke everyone’s heart.

Yankee the Poodle Was a Los Angeles Stray

Yankee the poodle was living on the streets of Los Angeles, California. Although no one is sure just how long Yankee had been homeless, locals had seen him wandering around, fending for himself for some time.

It was clear that Yankee was struggling to make it through the day. He would search tirelessly for scraps of food to eat and water to drink before retreating to an alleyway to rest.

Yankee Was Afraid of People

By now, Yankee had been living on the streets of Los Angeles for a while so some of the locals recognized the scraggly-haired pup. Many of them would bring him food and water to eat, but no one had been able to give him a forever home.

Sometimes locals would try to catch Yankee but he would run away or retreat into his safe spot in the alleyway.

It was clear that Yankee needed help, but would he ever accept help?

Yankee Didn’t Have Much Time Left

Recently, the locals noticed that Yankee no longer seemed interested in eating any of the food they would bring him. They started to think that he might be on the verge of passing away.

Although the locals who knew Yankee couldn’t give the sweet pup a forever home, they knew they needed to find someone who could. With the change in his demeanor, they were worried he might be injured or sick, so they called Hope for Paws.

Hope for Paws Came to the Rescue

Hope for Paws received a message about a homeless poodle that was possibly injured. They were interested in helping Yankee immediately and sent a rescue team his way. Two volunteers had just finished another rescue and rushed to find the poodle. When they arrived, it was clear that Yankee wouldn’t last much longer on the streets. By his demeanor, he’d already given up.

Although Yankee had a sweet demeanor, he’d grown to be wary of strangers. Even though Hope for Paws was there to help, it took a while for the poodle to warm up to them.

Yankee Was Skeptical to Let the Volunteers Help Him

The volunteers approached Yankee, who was lying defeated in the corner of the alleyway. At first, Yankee didn’t even move as they approached — but when they tried to put a leash around his neck, he retreated.

Yankee was understandably afraid of the volunteers from Paws for Hope. After all, humans hadn’t been much help to him so far, so why should he believe these people were any different?

The Volunteers Coaxed Yankee Out of the Alleyway

The volunteers had lots of experience dealing with stray dogs who were nervous and untrusting of humans. Thanks to their prior work with pups in need, they knew getting Yankee away from the alleyway he now called home wouldn’t be a walk in the park.

Luckily, the volunteers were persistent in their pursuit to get Yankee to a safe place. After some coaxing, they were able to get a leash on the pup and walk him out of the alleyway.

Getting Yankee to the Van Wasn’t Exactly Easy

Knowing Yankee would likely retreat into the alleyway the first chance he got, the volunteers gently scooped him up and carried him slowly to the rescue van. As they were walking back, a local woman walked up and started patting Yankee on the head. She said she’d been trying to help the pup for a few days but he was afraid of her. She was so grateful for the Paws of Hope volunteers.

Once they were in the van, the volunteers gave Yankee an initial check-up, looking closely for any blood, bruising, cuts, or scrapes.

They weren’t sure what they would find, but they hoped for the best…

Luckily, Yankee Didn’t Have any Noticeable Injuries

Luckily, Yankee didn’t show have any noticeable injuries, which was surprising considering he had been wandering the streets alone for some time. But Yankee was in dire need of food, water, and a nice warm bath.

The volunteers were so excited to give Yankee the love and care he deserved, but Yankee was nervous. He was visibly shaking in the arms of the volunteer.

To the Rescue Hospital We Go

As the volunteers prepared to head back to the rescue hospital, they opened the hatchback of the vehicle to crate Yankee, but the poodle was hesitant. After some more coaxing, the volunteers were able to get Yankee loaded into the rescue van and begin their drive.

While in the car, the volunteers made sure to soothe Yankee as much as possible. Within a few minutes, the pup settled in and even started opening up a bit.

Yankee Slowly Started to Trust the Volunteers

The volunteers had placed Yankee in a crate in the back of the car but left the door open in case he wanted to move about. About halfway through the drive, Yankee slowly crept from the crate and even moved to the back passenger seat to sit next to one of the volunteers.

From the looks in Yankee’s eyes, the volunteers were hopeful that this meant he was warming up to them and that he knew they were here to help.

Still, Yankee had a long road ahead of him.

A Trip to the Vet

Now that Yankee was safe in the care of the volunteers, it was time to get down to business. First up on the list was a trip see a veterinarian. Since Yankee had been on the streets for some time, he definitely hadn’t been to the vet in a while.

There was no way to tell if Yankee had heartworms or some type of nasty infection brewing, but the volunteers were hoping for the best.

Yankee Gets a Clean Bill of Health

To everyone’s relief, Yankee received a clean bill of health from the vet. He tested negative for heartworms and didn’t have any infections. He also hadn’t suffered any serious injuries while he was living on the streets.

Yankee had however developed some seriously matted fur. One thing was for certain — he needed a bath and proper grooming!

This sweet pup’s transformation is truly nothing short of incredible!

Th Volunteers Realized Yankee’s Trust Issues Were Severe

When the volunteers left the vet with Yankee, their next mission was to finally give the sweet pup a bath and proper grooming. But as they tried to clean Yankee, they realized his trust issues were worse than they thought.

Having worked with numerous neglected pups in the past, the volunteers weren’t surprised by Yankee’s trust issues at first, but their next realization left them all heartbroken.

They realized this must be why he was so hesitant to be rescued in the first place…

Yankee Had Received Little to No Affection His Entire Life

Although the volunteers were experienced handling dogs who were afraid of human, Yankee was a little different. After spending a few hours with him, they realized he had likely received little to no affection at all throughout his entire life.

The sweet pup had never been properly loved, cared for, or socialized. But now, Yankee was finally going to get the care he so desperately needed and deserved.

Yankee Opens Up

When the volunteers arrived with Yankee to the rescue hospital, the pup continued to shy away. Yankee was more subdued than ever, but he did seem to know that these people were all there to help him.

Soon enough, Yankee finally started to open up. He seemed to finally realize that the volunteers who picked him up from the alleyway, the vet, and those at the rescue hospital were all there to help him.

Although no one knows too much about Yankee’s past, it was clear that this was likely one of the first times he had ever received affection in his life.

Yankee Started to Thrive

Yankee spent the next few weeks making a full recovery at the rescue hospital. Now that he had proper food, water, and hygiene, he was starting to thrive! Being around humans and other animals all day was really beneficial for Yankee. Slowly but surely he was opening up to others.

Although the volunteers who had rescued Yankee and helped give him a second chance at life were attached to the pup, they knew the next step was to find him a foster home.

Finding His Foster Home

Before they knew it, the time had come to start looking for a foster home for Yankee. Now that he was well enough, Yankee was able to leave the rescue hospital.

Yankee was released to a foster home from the Rescue From the Hart organization. At his foster home, he met a young boy who wanted Yankee to become a part of his family forever.

The Difference Just a Few Weeks Can Make

Just a few weeks before, Yankee had been living on the dirty streets of Los Angeles with little food and water. More than that, the poodle had received so little affection and socialization in his life that he was terrified of humans and even resisted their help.

But thanks to the kindness of strangers, Yankee was now healthy and happy. He also had a new best friend!

Yankee Makes a New Best Friend

It seemed like only yesterday Yankee was living in fear of humans, but now the once-homeless poodle had made a 180 in his life. He even found a new best friend!

The foster family that adopted Yankee had a young son, who fell in love with Yankee. Eventually, the boy and the pup became best friends. Now, Yankee’s personality was really shining. Even better, he now has his own backyard to run around in!

Look at That Smile!

Would you look at the smile? You can’t fake that kind of happiness! It’s almost hard to believe that this photo of Yankee and his new owner was taken just a few short weeks after he was rescued.

Finally, Yankee had found his forever home and he was truly thriving. After a lifetime of being alone, he was finally getting the love, affection, and care he so dearly deserved.

Are you ready to see the incredible before and after photo of Yankee? It’s coming up soon!

Yankee Became More Social As Time Went On

Anyone who works with animal rescues knows how hard it can be for animals to transition to a new home. Just because you know they’re receiving the best care and are in a safe environment, doesn’t mean they know they are.

But Yankee seemed to be an enigma. The sweet pup only got more social as time went on! He made a quick transition into his foster family and was truly the perfect addition.

Before and After

This before and after shot of Yankee is nothing short of awesome. It’s hard to believe that these photos were taken only weeks apart. But it just goes to show how far a little compassion and kindness can go.

If it weren’t for the amazing rescue volunteers, who knows what may have happened to Yankee. But now, this poodle has a new chance at life. We think his face says it all!

Before and after photos of animals who ended up in a shelter are worth a thousand words. Although the first image is devastating, we’re happy to know they’re living their best lives now. Keep reading to see more adoption transformations.

These Before And After Animal Rescues Will Pull Your Heart Strings

Frosty, a seven-year-old dog from Illinois, was rescued from the home of an abusive and neglectful owner. When he arrived at the animal rescue he was missing almost all of his fur and even simple tasks like eating food and drinking water were making him sick.

He was rescued by a family with two dogs and two cats and quickly became part of the family. After a series of medications, a balanced diet, and lots of love, his transformation was complete. Believe it or not, the before and after photos were taken just one month apart!


When Annabelle was discovered by the team at Blue Grass Boxer Rescue in Kentucky she was near death. This poor little pup was abused, malnourished, and afraid of humans. Her breed is often left to die at the hands of cruel handlers and she was no exception.

After treating her wounds and providing a balanced diet with regular veterinarian services, her fur began to grow back and she became a friendly dog once again. A family in Tennessee fell in love with Annabelle and brought her to their state where she now lives in her forever home.

Passed Around Before Her Forever Home

When Bella was still a puppy she didn’t have a family to call her own. Just like a child in foster care, she was passed from one family to the next. The uncertainty in her life led to depression and a shy demeanor which can be seen in her before photo.

Eventually, a loving family decided to take her in and provide Bella with her very much appreciated forever home. Bella’s after photos show a healthier and much happier rescue dog. It’s amazing how a little bit of love and nurturing can transform a dog in a very short period of time.

An Injured Dog With A New Lease On Life

Betty was living a tough life on the streets and her time without a forever home led to some physical challenges. When Betty was picked up by an animal rescue service she was unable to use one of her back legs. She was malnourished and needed a lot of tender love and care from vets.

After treating Betty she was still unable to use her leg but her amazing strength turned her into an active puppy with a lot of love to give. Her new owners were sure to buy her a comfy bed so she could rest her bad leg after a rousing game of fetch.

Mr. Biscuits Was Saved From A Car Engine

When Mr. Biscuits was outside on a cold day he looked for a warm place to cuddle up and get some sleep. Unfortunately, Mr. Biscuits didn’t realize the warm spot they found was the inside of a car engine. The vehicle’s owner started to drive away and only stopped when they heard the painful screams of the trapped kitten.

The furry little kitten was rushed to the vets where they were cleaned up and rehabilitated. Months after their run-in with a car engine we’re happy to report that this furry little friend looks amazing and is a friendly addition to her forever home.

Eleanor Was Discovered In A Dumpster

Eleanor’s story played out like many other cats before her. She was discovered by a Good Samaritan in a dumpster and she was severely injured and malnourished. She was quickly rushed to a local rescue where vets worked to heal her wounds and prepare her for adoption.

Despite a before photo that seemed hopeless, within a few short months her fur grew back and Eleanor looked like a brand new kitten. She now enjoys her days with plenty of food and love in a forever home. Another successful and amazing transformation!

An Amazingly Quick Transformation

When a cat is rescued from a tough life it can take a lot of time, medical assistance, and love to transform them. This kitten is the exception to that rule. It only took one week from this rescue to go from barely able to keep their eyes open to completely transformed.

Their owner says that once she was home safe, the kitten’s eyes quickly opened, and they started to cuddle up all around the house. It’s incredible what some medical intervention and a whole bunch of love can do for an animal in need of some TLC.

An Abused Cat Just 12 Weeks Later

This abused cat named Oliver was living with a family who completely took him for granted. When he was rescued from her abusive owners he was underfed, physically tormented, and depressed. A new family stepped in and made sure Oliver had a happy and caring home to call his own.

It took only 12 weeks to completely rehabilitate this adorable little furball. At first, he was afraid of humans, but it didn’t take long for him to cuddle up to his new family. He’s now incredibly healthy with no traces of his former life.

Two Starving Dogs, A Diet, And A Vet

When Emmy (brown) and Oscar (white with spots) were discovered by the Chicago Police Department, they were in really bad shape. They were both malnourished and scared of humans. They were forced to undergo expert care and with the right mix of food and love they transformed into amazing pets.

One of the vets at Trio Animal Foundation fell in love with Emmy and decided to adopt her on his own. Oscar was quickly put up for adoption after he was given a completely clean bill of health. Both dogs now have forever homes.

From Completely Furless To Totally Transformed

This dog was featured on the YouTube channel “Around The World” and their amazing transformation has attracted more than 1.1 million page views. When he was discovered, this poor little pup barely resembled a dog. However, he was taken to the vets, given a proper diet, and plenty of love.

It took months to rehabilitate him but after some trials and tribulations he grew a lush coat of fur and developed a playful demeanor. There are a lot of cruel people in this world when it comes to dog ownership but thankfully there are organizations willing to step up and save animals who appear to be marching towards death.

A Horse Rescue

It’s not just cats and dogs who are saved by animal rescue organizations. This horse was neglected by its former owners. Pet rescue authorities were forced to remove this horse from a farm because of its poor health. The previous owners were not feeding the horse and it didn’t have access to water.

After being rescued the animal was properly fed, put under continuous veterinarian monitoring, and given the love it needed to thrive. Months after it was rescued this horse went from nearly dead to a beautiful and happy animal.

From Fighting To A Forever Home

When this dog was brought into the Trio Animal Foundation he was yet another victim of a dog fighting ring. The poor little dog was viciously attacked and on the edge of death when they were discovered. They were forced to wear a cone to prevent any licking or gnawing that could cause further damage.

Thankfully, as time passed, their fur grew back and they became less skittish around humans. Eventually, this once badly beaten dog found their forever home and their entire demeanor changed from scared and angry to playful and loving.

Tyrion Was Saved From An Infection

Tyrion was stuck in a familiar scenario that plays out for millions of unfortunately cats and dogs all over the world. He was not properly taken care of and ended up developing a pretty awful eye infection. After being rushed to a local shelter, Tyrion was immediately treated by a highly-trained staff of veterinarians.

Over the next month, this sweet little kitten started to fight off the infection. Soon, they looked like a brand new kitten and that led to the discovery of a new forever home! Just look at how cute this adorable little furball is these days!

A Life Of Pain With A Loving Rescue

The sad fact is that a lot of animal rescues are in really awful shape when they are saved from death. This cat not only had infections in both eyes but also a broken nose, fleas, and worms. If they were forced to fend for themselves they likely would have died.

Luckily, a good humanitarian brought her to a shelter where she was quickly brought back to good health. She now has a long and healthy life to look forward to!

From Barely Able To Stand To A Playful Kitty

When this sick little kitten was found on the streets they were so sick that even standing was a difficult task. Vets were luckily very familiar with how to nurse this type of animal back to health. With a proper diet, medicine, and some patience, they started to grow back their fur as their strength returned.

Eventually, this adorable kitten was adopted by a loving family and given a forever home where they felt loved. They continued to improve every day and an after photo showcases just how quickly a cat can make a turnaround with the right love and care.

Benji Gets A Dapper Makeover

A lot of the rescue dogs we have covered were in such bad shape that it became obvious at first sight that they needed help. If you didn’t know better it would appear that Benji was a well taken care of pooch. However, this poor dog was covered in painful matted fur that hindered their ability to live a normal life.

Little Benji was also afraid of humans which made it hard to find him a home. However, one forever family was willing to take a shot on Benji and he soon went from matted and sad to friendly and, dare we say it — dapper!

Rasta the Wonder Dog

We call Rasta the “Wonder Dog” because he made the biggest transformation on our list. When this poor little puppy was found on the streets of Montreal, Quebec, he was so matted and dirty that he barely resembled a dog. He could barely move because of his mats and his eyes were almost completely covered up.

After a quick shave and a bath, he started to resemble a dog for the first time in a long time. Eventually, he was adopted and his transformation from abandoned pup to loving house pet was completed.

This Dog Couldn’t Stand Up For 7 Weeks

When this dog was discovered in Montreal, Quebec he was so thin and sick that he couldn’t stand up on his own. It took veterinarians and shelter assistants a full seven weeks to nurse this poor dog back to health. After medicine, exercise, a balanced diet, and plenty of love, he eventually started packing on the pounds and gaining back the strength in his legs. A quick examination of his before and after photos show exactly how quickly an animal can recover and live a happy and healthy life when they are properly cared for.

Theo Went From Sad To Superb

Theo’s owners abandoned him when they moved away. After months on the streets with a lack of grooming, he was looking pretty worn down and scary. Theo was lucky enough to be picked up by Hope for Paws, a rescue agency that gave him a trim, washed his fur and nursed him back to health.

This adorable little guy ended up spending nearly a full year at Hope for Paws before a forever family came calling. He may have lived a sad life before he was rescued but now his days are filled with plenty of love from his new family.

Is This The Same Dog?

Treasure, a 2-year-old female purebred miniature poodle, was neglected by her former owners. They never bathed her and they refused to cut out the matted fur that covered her body. The Natchez-Adams County Humane Society stepped in after realizing this poor dog couldn’t even walk because of her matted fur.

It only took a haircut, a bath, and some TLC for this beautiful dog to recapture their former glory. With a new look, this cutie was quickly picked up by a family looking to give a dog their much needed forever home.