Santas Shared The Most Weirdest Things Kids Have Wanted For Christmas, And They’ll Make You Say “Yep, That Sounds Like My Kid”

Most parents in America have had to suffer through the annual experience of taking their child to the local mall to see Santa Claus. The lines are long, your kid never smiles in the picture, and there’s always at least one kid crying. Through all of it, we’ve forgotten about what the people who dress up as Santa have to go through.

Let me tell you right now: their job isn’t easy. A Reddit thread asked people who have played the part of Santa to share their weird, funny, and heartbreaking experiences, and it is eye-opening. If you thought your kid was weird, at least they aren’t asking Santa to help kill their sister’s pony.

One Kid Expected Santa To Slaughter His Reindeer For Him


Photo credit: Dubioushonesty / Reddit & Tessa Bunney / In Pictures / Getty Images

This Reddit user was an elf who takes photos of Santa and the kids, and overheard one child ask Santa for some reindeer sausage. I guess the kid figured Santa had to fulfill his Christmas wishes and would be willing to cut Rudolph in pieces to do it.

Realistically, the kid might be Scandinavian, where reindeer meat is a popular food.

I’d Be Concerned If A Kid Asked For A Vacuum And A Rope

ytra reaction.jpg

Photo credit: castanza128 / Reddit & @_andreiroque / Twitter

When a kid asked for a vacuum and a rope, the Santa gave their parents a pretty weird lool. It’s a strange combination, but it’s more innocent than you’d think.

Apparently, the kid absolutely loves to vacuum the house. He would even get mad if anyone else did it. And he wanted the rope to tie their wagon to the back of their bike.

A Child Asked For A Full Bag Of “Wiggly Rice”

maggots cupcake.jpg

Photo credit: Tapoutking666 / Reddit & BEN STANSALL / AFP / Getty Images

Kids have wild imaginations, so when one kid hopped up on a mall Santa’s lap and asked for a bag of “wiggly rice,” it could have meant anything. Unfortunately, when Santa asked the kid what he meant, he said that “he ate some off a piece of chicken he found in the backyard.” Maggots. This kid was eating maggots and loved it.

The little girl coming up asked Santa to help her take care of some shady business.

One Kid To Rule Them All

one ring.jpg

Photo credit: angel_fly / Reddit & @tkwrtirolgy / Twitter

Apparently, some kids take fantasy seriously, because one Reddit user said that their son asked the local mall Santa for Sauron’s ring. This kid was only four-years-old, and he was already plotting how to take over Middle Earth.

This kid was willing to lose his sanity just to have a taste of power. He’ll be a CEO one day.

Moms Love Santa As Much As The Kids

mrs claus.jpg

Photo credit: Roses24 / Reddit & @TerryPh94180323 / Twitter

According to multiple Santa’s online, the moms can be worse than the kids. Many of them whisper inappropriate comments to Santa and flirt with him while their kids are sitting on his lap.

Almost every Santa who talked about it happening said that it was extremely uncomfortable. Watch out ladies, Mrs. Claus has you on her radar now.

Some Kids Just Want To Watch The World, And Their Sibling, Burn

baby die.jpg

Photo credit: Reddit & @leighanniscool / Twitter

One Reddit user is a firefighter who takes part in their fire department’s visit around the neighborhood. At one house, he asked the daughter what she wanted for Christmas. She looked over at her mother who was pregnant at the time and said ‘I want the baby to die.”

Continue on to read about how heartbreaking it is to be the Santa who visits kids in the hospital.

Asking For A “Boy Toy” Is Not What You Think


Photo credit: wheres_mr_noodle / Reddit & Valery Sharifulin / TASS / Getty Images

When a little girl gets on Santa’s lap and asks for a boy toy, it’s not surprising that Santa might be a little taken aback. Santa isn’t in the business of pimping out elves.

Luckily, the little girl’s mother stepped in to clarify that she wanted “boy” toys like a truck. If gender roles didn’t exist then this mess up wouldn’t have happened.

A Lot Of Kids Ask Santa For The Basics


Photo credit: MintyLego / Reddit & Dominic Bracco Ii / The Washington Post / Getty Images

It’s sad to realize that a lot of kids believe Santa will finally bring them what their parents can’t give them. One Reddit user shared a story of a kid who wanted a Matchbox car.

The kid tried to save up for the Matchbox car himself, but his mom would sneak into his room and steal his pocket change to buy cigarettes.

Being The Santa To Visit Kids In The Hospital Can Be Heartbreaking

RakunSantaClausesurpriseinLjubljana1215 (17)

Photo credit: Emmax1997 / Reddit & Rok Rakun / Pacific Press / LightRocket / Getty Images

I can’t even imagine how hard it would be to go around a hospital and bring joy to kids who might be terminally ill. One Santa had a heartbreaking experience when a girl asked for her old dog to be brought back as a zombie so that when the little girl died, they could stay together as zombies.

The next little girl shocked Santa by asking for a very mature gift.

How Would You Feel If Your Six-Year-Old Asked For Boobs?

be like mom.jpg

Photo credit: eDgAR/ Reddit & Paramount Pictures / MovieStillsDB

Most parents would be shocked to hear their six-year-old daughter asking Santa for “boobs like mom,” and so was one Santa. But when you think about it, the child is at the age where they start to idolize their parents and want to be just like them.

Sometimes that means trying on their makeup, and sometimes that means wishing for puberty to hit.

If You Think Your Kid Doesn’t Realize You’re Sleeping Naked, You’re Wrong

xmas pjs.jpg

Photo credit: CuriousTighe / Reddit & @SavannahGuthrie / Twitter

One kid decided that instead of toys or sports equipment, they would ask Santa to get his parents some pajamas because “they don’t wear any.”

I want to hope that the parents sleep commando and the kid has noticed, but it’s more likely that the kid walked in on the parent’s “alone time.”

A Giant Squid Will Definitely Fit In The Goldfish’s Tank

want giant squid.jpg

Photo credit: EmelyFox / Reddit & WILLIAM WEST / AFP / Getty Images

One kid decided to dream big and hope that Santa had access to some impressive marine life. They asked for a live octopus or a shark. When Santa said he wasn’t sure if the elves could build that, the kid agreed to settle for a giant squid instead.

Next, kids don’t always stick to only asking Santa for gifts.

The Best Buy Idea Box Is Kind Of Like Santa

best buy idea box.jpg

Photo credit: mcfuddlebutt / Reddit & @TheSixFinger / Twitter

The Best Buy Box was this tacky mascot that showed up at your local Best Buy stores around the holiday season. They weren’t meant to be like Santa, but one Reddit user said that a lot of kids would tell him what they wanted for Christmas.

One kid stood out by saying he wanted to kick the Best Buy Box in the crotch for Christmas. And yes, the Reddit user let the kid do it.

Every Kid Wants The Incredible Power Of The Easter Bunny

easter bunny.jpg

Photo credit: Le_PandaReux / Reddit & STEPHEN JAFFE / AFP / Getty Images

The Easter Bunny usually freaks kids out, but some of them walk right up and talk to it like it’s Santa Claus. One Reddit user who played the Easter Bunny said that a kid wanted to “poop chocolate eggs like you.”

It’s kind of gross, but a neverending supply of chocolate eggs would be awesome.

Clown Masks Are The Only Gift That’s Off Limits

lown mask .jpg

Photo credit: speedyneurtrino00 / Reddit & @Complex / Twitter

A four-year-old asked Santa for a clown mask, and even though it could be totally innocent, it’s still creepy. The 2016 clown sightings really messed us all up. After you hear about people being chased by clowns in the forest or followed at night, it changes how you see clowns.

Keep reading to hear about the time Santa was weirder than the kids.

We’re All Used To Kids Asking For A Pony, But What About Stuff To Kill A Pony

lil sebastian .jpg

Photo credit: Redpeng11 / Reddit & @kyhumane / Twitter

One Reddit user admitted that when he was young, his sister asked Santa for a pony. We’re not sure if he had a grudge against his sister, but he then went up and asked Santa for a bottle of rat poison to kill the pony.

Being the younger sibling isn’t easy, but this kid took it too far.

This Kid Might Have Been Trying To Scam Their Way Into More Toys

santa and kids.jpg

Photo credit: marxroxx / Reddit & Andy Cross / The Denver Post / Getty Images

One kid asked a Santa “What happens to all the dead kids’ toys?” and I’m not sure if that’s morbid or not. They could be asking because they have a caring heart and want every kid to get the toys they deserve.

Or they could be asking to see if they can get more toys for themselves.

Everyone Deserves A Shiney New Bread Machine


Photo credit: LadyLixerwyfe / Reddit & Jahi Chikwendiu / The Washington Post / Getty Images

While some kids have a long list of toys they want, others are a bit more simple. One kid who has mild autism asked Santa for a new bread machine, and he wasn’t kidding.

Apparently, his favorite possession was his current bread machine, but he saw videos on YouTube about new ones with cooler functions.

Sometimes The Santas Are Weirder Than The Kids


Photo credit: craychel / Reddit & Jahi Chikwendiu / The Washington Post / Getty Images

It’s not always the kids who are strange. One Reddit user worked as an elf on the Santa set and had to stop their Santa from bringing homemade coal to give out to kids.

The kids would always start crying when they got coal, but they had to try and seize the bags before Santa began his shift.

One Dad Tried To Tell Their Kid Santa Isn’t Real

santa dogs.jpg

Photo credit: IvanBarron / Reddit & ROBYN BECK / AFP / Getty Images

One Reddit user decided to dress up as Santa for Halloween and hand out candy in costume. When one kid walked up to his house, the dad said: “remember, that’s not the real Santa.”

To get back at this fun-sucking dad, the Reddit user pulled out a special toy truck from his bag and gave it to the kid. Christmas can be magical any time of the year.