‘Scamp The Tramp’ And Other World’s Ugliest Dog Contest Winners

Good boys and girls come in all shapes and sizes. These pups braved the media spotlight and gave it their all on the stage in hopes of being named this year’s winner of the ‘World’s Ugliest Dog’ title. They’re all stars in our hearts. So many good puppers.

This year’s winner is Scamp the Tramp, a sweet, sweet tangled ball of fur whose owners call a ‘Rastafarian’ dog because of his wild look. Scamp you charming soul, you rock those natural curls. Check out this handsome devil and the other competitors and be prepared to weep tears of affection.

Scamp Goes From Bridesmaid To Bride

Photo Credit: Josh Edelson / AFP / Getty Images

Scamp the Tramp took home the crown at the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest in Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma, Calif. Scamp placed 2nd at last year’s contest to Zsa Zsa the English bulldog, who unfortunately passed away earlier this year.

Scamp took home the win thanks to his signature dreadlocks that owner Yvonne Morones says he grows down the base of his spine. As well as being a contestant, Scamp is a working social therapy dog and is a reading dog for a 1st-grade class. This is a hard-working socially conscious tramp icon and we’re all here for him.

Scamp In His Full Glory

27th Annual World's Ugliest Dog Contest In Petaluma
Photo Credit: Sam Wolson / Barcroft USA / Getty Images

Here you have it folks, Scamp and his wild locks on full display in the sunshine. He looks so happy here basking in the sunlight and the feeling of moisturized curls. Can we get a Pantene hair flip Scamp? The world demands it.

Scamp was adopted during his last hour at the Los Angeles animal shelter he was at. Yvonne said she knew she made the right decision on the way home from the shelter. She says, ‘it was like he knew he found his forever home.’

Last Year’s Winner Zsa Zsa

Photo Credit: Josh Edelson / AFP / Getty Images

Last year Zsa Zsa graced the stage with her presence, amazing tongue, and stylish pink nails. This adorable English bulldog stole hearts last year with her friendly personality and playful underbite.

Zsa Zsa passed away peacefully in her sleep in July at the age of 9. Fans sent over their condolences to her family and expressed how much they’d miss the bubbly bull-dog. Twitter user @kaicieb says she started tearing up at the gym when they heard the news. RIP to this puppy royalty.

See another former winner and their incredible wrinkles…

Wild Thang Grabs 2nd

Photo Credit: Josh Edelson / AFP / Getty Images

Wild Thang, a 3-year old Los Angeles Pekinese, placed 2nd because of her wild locks and distemper that impacts the movement of her jaw. Look at that style, those highlights and lowlights, and the subtle crimp to her fur. This lady clearly knows her angles and she is working them.

There may not be anything cuter than her hanging tongue. It gives her a constantly cheeky look that just screams diva. Wild Thang, you stole the show, and our hearts.

Tostito Takes Home 3rd

Photo Credit: Josh Edelson / AFP / Getty Images

Tostito looks nothing like the crunchy chip he’s named after. He’s a soft boy – all gummy with plenty of love to go around. Just look at that face. That is a face you want to protect at all costs. Never stop smiling Tostito.

Tostito is truly a rags to riches story. The young pup is a rescue and had a rough start to life, which resulted in him having his teeth and lower jaw removed. His story and his gummy happiness truly will make you smile.

Meet Martha, Your New Obsession

Photo Credit: Josh Edelson / AFP / Getty Images

This is Martha, and she is here to steal your heart as soon as she can figure out where you are. Come on Martha, we’re waving pork tenderloins all around and stomping our feet. No response? She probably has better things to do.

The sweet Neapolitan Mastiff is owned by Shirley Zindler who proudly shows Martha’s folds off. I mean, come on. These are some legendary pup wrinkles that will make any dog jealous and any person feel the unsatiable desire to stick their face into her cheeks. These wrinkles deserve their own personal time in the spotlight.

Check out this dog who was too cool to take the shades off…


Photo Credit: Josh Edelson / AFP / Getty Images

These cheeks! These freaking cheeks! They are so glorious and beautiful and we should all be grateful we are alive to witness these stretched at their full glory.

This moment was captured because Martha decided to take a little rest onstage. That’s right, this sleepy queen decided it was time for a lay-down while her owner Shirley was presenting her to the judges and the audience. Oh, you’re doing your little contest thing? Let me take a quick 5 anyways. Martha, you are a mood.


Photo Credit: Josh Edelson / AFP / Getty Images

This photo was taken directly after Martha won the contest back in 2017. Here she’s shaking some water off her head and showcasing her glorious waggles. Waggles? Is that the proper term? Whatever, the adorable essence of the word suits her so well.

The photographer probably had to clean their lens off after this photo, because this is a true soaker. The water flinging power of the waggles are not to be underestimated by the humans who witness them. Martha truly is a talented and beautiful queen.

This Rascal Isn’t Flat

Photo Credit: Josh Edelson / AFP/ Getty Images

This fashionable guy Rascal Deux also attended the contest Friday and wowed the crowds with his cool demeanor. Seriously, what other dog has the daring and cutting edge style to show up with sunglasses and a hot-dog leash? He’s an all-around icon and my new favorite outfit inspiration.

Rascal is a naturally hairless Chinese Crested mix with a crooked face, multi-colored eyes, and a loose tongue. It doesn’t seem bright enough onstage for glasses, but we get it, he’s too cool to take the shades off. It’s understandable.

The Power He’s Supplying Is Electrifying

Photo Credit: Josh Edelson / AFP / Getty Images

Here’s Rascal again and he’s looking shocked. Literally statically shocked. I wonder what made his hair stand on end like this? We hope this reaction isn’t at the news that his favorite kibble has been discontinued. It really would be a shame if the turkey-bacon-beef-poultry-extravaganza-with-the-essence-of-pork was taken off the shelves.

He also probably looks like a few professors you’ve had in college. You know the ones — they teach in the sciences, haven’t slept since the civil war, and noticeably gets excited when someone uses PowerPoint instead of Prezi. Rascal, what’s your day job? I’ve definitely had you for chemistry.

This pup coming up has a grin to remember…

Here Comes Tee Tee

Photo Credit: Josh Edelson / AFP / Getty Images

Are you ready for some Tee Tee time? Doesn’t matter, because Tee Tee is serving you the tea whether you wanted it or not. This sweet lady seems to be bothered by something, and we’re all ready to hear what gossip she’s about to tell us because knowing her, it’s going to be good. Go on, Tee Tee.

This dog is the definition of camera-ready. She’s got her game face, eyes artfully squinted, and ready to hold a press conference about her latest happenings. Or she’s hungry. Maybe I’m reading too much into it.

Our Love For Her Gnaws Away At Us

Photo Credit: Josh Edelson / Getty Images

Puka was born with a cleft lip, but she doesn’t let that stop her from showing you her best grin and how happy she is. It should make your heart smile to see this lovely lady smiling too.

Puka seems to be gazing off into the middle distance somewhere. She’s got an intelligent gaze and a knowledge of the universe’s workings. She’s clearly pondering the meaning of life in the summer heat. Or she’s scoping out a stand with a new milk-bone flavor.

More Pensive Puka

Annual Ugliest Dog Competition Held In Petaluma, California
Photo Credit: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

She’s back again looking as thoughtful as usual. Is there anything that could surprise this dog? I don’t think so. She knows all with that patient gaze of hers. Is it wisdom or could it just be object permanence as her eyes follow her owner?

One thing’s for certain – Puka is a queen who understands the power of punctuality. Just look at her sitting quietly and early while she waits for her call up to the mainstage. Patience is a virtue and Puka is a virtue. This picture is too powerful and too pure for all of us.

This cheeky Mrs. will leave you feeling all kinds of joy…

Move Over For This Comb Over

Photo Credit: Josh Edelson / AFP / Getty Images

Himisaboo attended the contest in 2016 and won over crowds with her sweet demeanor and sensible fur choices. Seeming to feel that a little thinning on top was something to be embarrassed about, Himisaboo rocked a comb-over that gently fluttered in the wind.

Well Himisaboo, you should never feel that you need to hide under a hairdo. Let your fur down and choose the style that you feel the most ‘you’ in and disregard what everyone thinks. Then again, this is a dog and fur style probably doesn’t cross her mind ever.

Mrs. Kravitz Is All Class

Photo Credit: Josh Edelson / AFP / Getty Images

Mrs. Kravitz the Chihuahua blessed us all with her presence last year where she strutted her stuff onstage and let everyone know who exactly was the classiest queen in the building. Spoiler – it was her. It’s always her.

There’s nothing better than adding an honorific to the beginning of any animal’s name. It’s hilarious when we call our furry friends Mr., Mrs., Dr., or Professor. It’s also a great way to remind us of which species is truly superior. Mrs. Kravitz, you deserve it all.

Big Yawns For Smol Puppers

Photo Credit: Josh Edelson / AFP / Getty Images

This photo was taken last year at the contest where Mandarina sat panting on her owner’s lap trying to beat the heat. She definitely knows the saying ‘sun’s out, tongue’s out.’ That’s how it goes right? With tongues?

This sweet girl is showing off her impressive chompers in this picture. Look at how white and healthy her teeth are. They should be hanging Mandarina’s photo in dentist offices everywhere to remind you to get an oral cleaning. Or remind you to adopt a cutie like this. Do it after the dentist.

King Quasi-Modo

Photo Credit: Josh Edelson / AFP / Getty Images

This incredibly good girl is named Quasi Modo. Quasi Modo has what’s called ‘short spine syndrome’, but it doesn’t cause her any pain. Owner Virginia Sayer says she lives a healthy and happy life running and acting like any other dog.

Quasi won the contest back in 2015 with her sunny personality and shortened spine. This dog is a crowd and internet favorite, and definitely a winner for anyone who likes abbreviations, shorter commutes, and Coca-Cola in the small cans.

Walle? More Like Walle Berry

Photo Credit: Josh Edelson / AFP / Getty Images

Walle, a Beagle-Basset mix, is rocking the red carpet back at the competition in 2013. With his sultry stare, poise, and confidence, you know this good boy was born and bred to be a star. I just hope he didn’t pee on the carpet at some point.

Walle is so cute and short that we should name other awesome short things. Short stack of pancakes, Smart cars, Kevin Hart, the line at Starbucks at 9:55 pm, and hot tubs. Walle, you rock, so keep strutting your stuff.

Moe Money Moe Problems

Photo Credit: Josh Edelson / AFP / Getty Images

Moe is a Brussel Giffon pug and is just about the most chill dog I’ve ever seen. Look at his bored gaze as he stares down the other competition in the summer heat. He’s so over this business. He’s so anti-materialist he doesn’t even care about the crown. Wow Moe, you’re so cool and hip.

Miriam Tcheng is his owner and she does a good job of holding him high up for the world to see. Too bad Moe doesn’t want to see the world. He’s got other things to worry about. Like what time his drum circle is at.

‘My God! You Are Almost As Beautiful As I Am!’

Photo Credit: Josh Edelson / AFP / Getty Images

This is Fabio. But you probably already knew that. You spiritually knew it the minute you saw that bow tie and tongue roll. This dog has a certain style and energy that just can’t be matched by any other man.

This 13-year-old teacup chihuahua graced the contest with his presence and his suave good boy style. He’s proving to all of us that we’re never too old to be iconic and cool even in the summer heat. Rock on you silver fox. Or I guess, silver chihuahua.