These Senior Pups Prove That Dogs Can Be Adorable At Any Age

Everyone loves a puppy. They have that fresh new puppy smell and they’re always over-the-moon excited to see you. You can’t feel stressed if you’re around a puppy — it’s pretty much scientifically impossible. But you know who else it’s impossible to feel stressed around? Senior citizen dogs.

Senior pups deserve love too! They are seasoned veterans who have super cute whitened/greying faces, and they all look like a mentor from a children’s book who has a life lesson to teach, which is why we’ve collected a bunch of senior dog pics to bring you joy.


Amber dog 18th birthday
Photo Credit: Reddit / funkadelic9413

Here’s an inquisitive Amber posing for the camera to celebrate her 18th birthday. She doesn’t look a day over 100 right? Reddit users have decided Amber looks like the – much – cuter version of William H. Macy from Shameless, or potentially Albert Einstein. What do you think?

One user commented “Her eyes are a gateway to the vast variety of experiences happy sprees she’s experienced. God bless Amber! She’s a sweetheart!”

Golden Oldie

old florida boi from Reddit
Photo Credit: Reddit / Fiasko21

This golden boy understands the only way to beat the Florida heat is to cool down with a float in the pool. With a fence to keep the alligators out (no, seriously, that’s what it’s for according to his owner on Reddit) this peaceful boi can sit back and relax.

Remember, age is simply an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind it doesn’t matter! It’s pretty clear this Siesta Key retiree doesn’t mind.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Mikey 15 years old
Photo Credit: Reddit / DragoonPhoenix

All Mikey wants for Christmas is to give you all the love he has, and also maybe a chew toy or two. The true present that year was this adorable 15-year-old boy taking a snooze under the Christmas tree.

Mikey’s family posted the picture and talked about how worried they are to lose him but other Reddit users assured them it would be okay, with one user commenting, “losing a pet isn’t about the love you’ve lost; it’s treasuring the love you’ve received.” Are you crying yet?

Cheers To The Best Years

happy retired boating gal from reddit
Photo Credit: reddit / DeadskinsDave

This sweet girl is living her happiest life, enjoying her retirement in the mountains and soaking up some sunshine. She’s sitting pretty in the boat, not doing any of the work, which is clearly the spot she deserves.

Her owners commented on Reddit, “She’s been the perfect dog, and watching her go from untrusting and anxious to loving us and her new home is the absolute best feeling.”

Driving Ms. Doggie

driving ms doggie from reddit
Photo Credit: Reddit / CagSwag

Lenox can’t manage to go for walks anymore, but that isn’t stopping her! Her owners decided they’d put her in the wheelbarrow to walk her around the neighborhood, so she gets all the good smells and none of the work.

This golden gal doesn’t look like she’ll be using that wheelbarrow for yard work any time soon. One Reddit user narrated what Lenox was probably thinking, commenting “Wheel me over to that hydrant, driver. I need to find out who’s been here.”

Grady’s Up For Grabs

Grady from OFSDS
Photo Credit: Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary

This big boy is actually up for adoption from the Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary, located in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee.

Grady’s age isn’t posted online, but the site describes him as “a goofy fella that loves to be scratched and loved on. He is an active guy that would love to go on walks with his person, and make them smile all day with his big smile and funny bark.”

Ashton For Adoption

Ashton for Adoption party hat
Photo Credit: Instagram / @susiesseniordogs

Ashton is another sweet senior boy who’s looking to spend the rest of his life with someone! Ashton is 9 years old and is currently located at the SPCA in Syracuse, New York. He has “excellent house manners and is already potty trained. He’s gentle on the leash, loves snuggling on the couch, and really wants a human best friend.”

Basically, Ashton is perfect. He’s a proper gentleman who will always dress up for you, and he knows how to sit pretty until you got the perfect shot to post on Facebook for all of your friends to see.

Bugsy’s Life Of Luxury

Bugsy Senior Dogs Across America
Photo Credit: Facebook / Nancy LeVine

Bugsy dealt with an unexpected Seattle heat wave in the best way possible. This 10-year-old pug is not here to mess around with UV rays either, rocking some fashionable shades to protect his eyes.

Bugsy was featured as part of photographer Nancy LeVine’s Senior Dogs Across America project. The goal of the project is to document the love between older dogs and those who care for them and love them.


Daisy from East Village
Photo Credit: Facebook / Nancy LeVine

Karen began fostering 13-year-old Daisy from the ASPCA in East Village, New York, after seeing a picture of her online. Daisy was timid at first as she was rescued from a hoarding situation, but Karen said “After a couple of weeks, she started making eye contact with me and wagging her tail. Soon after, she started smiling, even in her sleep!”

Daisy now gets to live out her retirement years in a loving foster home, getting all the treats she could ever want.

Wizard Brows

wizard brows from Reddit
Photo Credit: Reddit / kiiirsten

This bean was uploaded to Reddit by user kiiirsten under the caption “happy old dude” and she’s not wrong! This border collie boy just wants you to give him some love.

One commenter said “his eyebrows make me think he’s a bit of a wizard…” while another believes he would give great life advice, something along the lines of “Let the ball chase you instead of you chasing the ball.”

Fast Friends

13 y/o german shep from Reddit
Photo Credit: Reddit / timberviolence

There’s a reason dogs are considered man’s best friend, and this picture right here is the reason.

Adopted just two weeks before this picture was taken, this 13-year-old gal didn’t have any trouble warming up to her new family members. This girl doesn’t look nearly old enough to be in her 80s, shocking many users when they read that she was 13. A number of them commented that they thought she looked more like a two or three-year-old.

Smiley Sadie

Smiley Sadie - 16 y/o corgi
Photo Credit: Reddit

This happy girl was posted by a Reddit user who was able to capture their dog at her best. Sadie is a 15-year-old corgi who’s perfected her naturally candid “I didn’t know my picture was being taken” smile for Instagram.

One Reddit user responded to the picture saying “Give Sadie a huge for me! I just want to wrap my arms around her” while another user commented, “I want to smell her old dog fur!” … one comment was better received than the other.


Artie adopted at 15
Photo Credit: Reddit

Artie was given a new leash on life at the fresh young age of 15. Artie was adopted by a coworker of his owners who had known him for 12 years previously and who had dog-sat for him before, so they all knew Artie and his new owner got along already.

After a weekend of dog sitting, Artie’s now-owner had jokingly offered to adopt the dog from the former owners because the then-owners didn’t have a lot of time for him, and after seeing how happy Artie was with the now-owner, they agreed to the adoption.

Lovely Libby

Libby from Reddit
Photo Credit: Reddit / MyCatIsFamous

The only before and after photos we truly care about. Libby is a 13-year-old black lab who is just as cute now as she was when she was first brought home! She’s giving all of us a lesson on how to age gracefully.

Reddit user wojosmith said it perfectly with, “Looks like the old gal could belly up to a bar stool and tell a few tales,” while another commenter summed it up perfectly with “I’m not crying you’re crying!”

I Shot The Sheriff

pittie with a hat smiling
Photo Credit: Reddit / themostaveragehuman

This little girl’s aging face can’t hide her happiness over her new deputy’s hat, and Reddit users are eating. it. up. One commenter posted “you need to get her more hats. Look how delighted she is with that one” and her owner agreed 100%. Other users requested more pictures of this gal with her hats, which we’re still [impatiently] waiting on.

Everyone needs someone in their lives who looks at them the way this happy lady looks at the camera.

Wilderness Wonder

majestic golden from reddit
Photo Credit: Reddit / SirDitamus

This majestic golden boy’s favorite place to explore is the Sawtooth Wilderness in Idaho and he looks like a walking brochure. Brodi was 4 years old in the picture on the left, and 13-14 years young in the picture on the right.

Brodi was adopted from a pound when he was younger so his exact age isn’t known but what the owners do know is that every year they’ve had with Brodi so far has been well worth it!


Shadow the war widow
Photo Credit: reddit / james122345

One Reddit user commented after Shadow’s owner shared this pic of her that she “Reminds me of the lion from Narnia.” Another user nicknamed her ‘Dumbledoge’ because she looks as wise as Dumbledore.

Shadow looks like a hardened wife who has been waiting for her husband to return from the war, and we’re here for it. The old girl looks like she has some serious life lessons to share with you.

You’ve Got A Friend In Me

best friends from Reddit
Photo Credit: Reddit / Tyindorset

The color of their coats may have faded but that hasn’t stopped them from supporting each other. At 11 and 12, their owner said on Reddit that they’re starting to face some health issues, but as of 15 days ago, they are still living their happy lives together!

Reddit user moodblue commented “1. So adorable. 2. For some reason this reminded me not to use the wrong detergent for colored clothes.” These best friends can teach you lessons about love and laundry,

A Work Of Art

Picasso from Charleston,SC
Photo Credit: Facebook / Nancy LeVine

Picasso is a southern gentleman from Charleston, South Carolina. This 17-year-old blue-eyed beauty is truly a work of art. Picasso received rave reviews on Nancy’s Facebook page, one user commenting: Awwwww what a handsome guy!” while another simply commented, “senior dogs are the best.”

Picasso looks like if he were a human, he would be an actor playing a wise old seaman on a fishing boat in a George Clooney movie.

The Rebel

Buttons from facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook / Nancy LeVine

Buttons is a 15-year-old rebel from Bloomfield, New Jersey, who likes to live life on the edge (literally). He knows he’s not supposed to come into the kitchen, but after 15 years, who can blame him for testing his limits?

Buttons was part of photographer Nancy LeVine’s “Senior Dogs Across America” photo book project, for which part of the proceeds go back to helping senior dogs find proper care and loving homes.