Snakes Wearing Hats Will Fill Your Heart With Happiness

Some ideas are so adorable, they make even the scariest creatures look friendly. Take snakes wearing hats, for example. Someone, somewhere, decided to help the reputations of snakes everywhere by making them look friendlier. It’s impossible not to smile when you see a snake in a hat! They suddenly become adorable, little animals, ready for anything. Some just want to celebrate their birthdays while others are ready for a showdown at sundown. We’ve collected the best of the best; the cutest of the cute. These are snakes in hats, and now that you’ve seen them, your life will never be the same.

Just wait ’til you see the majestic unicorn snake on slide seven!

Let’s Go To The Opera

This snake put on a little top hat and transported back to the 1920s! It’s ready to go to the opera, will you be its date? Sign us up! We’d be the center of attention with this little guy by our side.

Not only does it look dapper in its hat, but it’s also absolutely stunning in a natural orange and yellow pattern. We just hope this snake doesn’t slither away at intermission because of the theatre’s air conditioning.