Snakes Wearing Hats Will Fill Your Heart With Happiness

Some ideas are so adorable, they make even the scariest creatures look friendly. Take snakes wearing hats, for example. Someone, somewhere, decided to help the reputations of snakes everywhere by making them look friendlier. It’s impossible not to smile when you see a snake in a hat! They suddenly become adorable, little animals, ready for anything. Some just want to celebrate their birthdays while others are ready for a showdown at sundown. We’ve collected the best of the best; the cutest of the cute. These are snakes in hats, and now that you’ve seen them, your life will never be the same.

Just wait ’til you see the majestic unicorn snake on slide seven!

Let’s Go To The Opera

This snake put on a little top hat and transported back to the 1920s! It’s ready to go to the opera, will you be its date? Sign us up! We’d be the center of attention with this little guy by our side.

Not only does it look dapper in its hat, but it’s also absolutely stunning in a natural orange and yellow pattern. We just hope this snake doesn’t slither away at intermission because of the theatre’s air conditioning.

Fitting In With The Flock

That fact that this snake is okay with wearing this ridiculous hat is amazing and hilarious. Yes, this snake is wearing a chicken hat. After years of not fitting in with its own kind, it decided to take matters into its own hands and become a new animal entirely.

We’re not sure this little fella will fit in with the chickens, but kudos for trying. Just remember, don’t eat the eggs, it will give you away!

Up next, a royal snake you don’t want to miss!

The Royal Treatment

When this snake enters the room, everyone is expected to bow. It’s the Queen or King and it’s ready to make a declaration. We’re ready to make a declaration, too. This snake is fabulous and deserves the royal treatment it’s getting.

We’d pay whatever taxes this slithery sweetie asks for to be able to live in its kingdom. Does it need a personal mouse catcher? Done! We charge a very fair hourly fee that will make everyone happy.

The Luck Of The Irish

This is not the leprechaun you want to steal gold from. Not only does it know magic to stop you in your tracks, it can also squeeze you into a pulp if that doesn’t work.

Don’t be fooled by how cute this snake is, it takes no prisoners. It keeps its lucky charms to itself, guarded closely at the end of the rainbow. Tread lightly, and try not to say “awwww” when you cross its path. That only makes it angrier!

On the next slide, we welcome you in the wonderful wizarding world of snakes!

You’re A Wizard!

This charming snake doesn’t need a wizard cast to cast its spell on us. The hat really makes us want to hug it, which probably isn’t a good idea considering it’s a snake.

How much does wizarding school cost? This snake is worth any price. From the look in its eyes, it’s graduating top in its class. Its specialty is hypnosis because one look in its eyes and you’re hooked. You’ll do whatever this magical creature asks you to.

Bring The Crepes!

This snake doesn’t know if it was invited to the tea party, but that didn’t stop it from showing up. It looks absolutely dashing in its french hat. With any luck it enjoys the tea it’s been served.

What do you feed a snake to go with its tea anyways? Crumpets? Crepes? Mice? Honestly, we don’t know and we don’t really care, we’re just happy this snake is here with us now. It’s the life of the tea party and now it knows it.

Ahead, that’s no illusion, just a snake wearing unicorn hat!

Sunshine And Rainbows

This snake is turning over a new leaf. It’s choosing to no longer live the life of a scary snake, instead deciding to be a majestic unicorn. To show how much it’s changed, it even had a photo shoot to show how friendly it now is.

This fills us with happiness. It’s hard to be upset when you look at the pure joy captured by this snake in this photo. It’s found the secret to happiness and now so have we.

‘Tis The Season

No human or animal loves the holidays more than this snake. It’s been a Santa fanatic since its youth and it doesn’t care who knows it. Bring it some milk and cookies, it has a hankering for some holiday treats.

Just remember kids, “You better watch out, you better not cry, better not pout, I’m telling you why, Santa Snake is comin’ to town.” Hopefully, you’ve been nice, we’d hate for you to find out what the bad kids get instead of presents!

A Beautiful Day To Garden

According to the person who posted this snake online, it’s celebrating its 18th birthday. That’s pretty incredible! This fancy snake is celebrating in style too, resting in its favorite fake plant while wearing its favorite gardening hat.

For those wondering, the average lifespan of a snake in perfect conditions is 20 to 30 years, so not only is this snake celebrating its birthday but retirement as well. Now it gets to relax the rest of its life, living in comfort under the sun with its hat on.

Next, we don’t remember snakes being in Mario Kart!

A New Kind Of Snake Racing

Whoever owns these snakes wanted to take their love of Mario Kart and find a way to include their pets. Luigi has the lead, but Mario is coming in hot, and might just have the dreaded blue shell to throw!

This picture really needs more snakes dressed as Mario characters. Let’s see Bowser barreling up from behind. Then again, it’s probably better to avoid using a snake the size of Bowser. These modestly-sized snakes are safe when handled with care. And ready to save the Mushroom Kingdom at a moment’s notice.

Snake Looks Like a Bunny

Now we’ve seen everything! First it was Santa Snake, and now it’s the Easter Snake. Somehow the idea of hunting for snake Easter eggs just doesn’t sound fun to us. Sorry Easter Snake, you’re cute, just not practical.

We will admit, the Easter Snake mall pictures would be pretty interesting. Easter photos already scare children enough. Now you take the bunny and make it a snake. That’s a whole new world of child nightmares! We are fans of the ears, though.


This is the scariest snake in a hat you’ll ever see. This rootin’ tootin’ rapscallion is looking for trouble, and hoping it found it. Put the kids to bed early, this showdown is happening at sundown.

Do you have what it takes to beat Billy the Kid at his slithery game. Here we go; turn your backs to each other and count to ten. Oh God, we can’t look! Someone tell us when it’s over. Who won?

Excuse Me, Can I Help You?

This dapper snake is glorious and it knows it. It’s feisty, too! Look at the leopard on its hat. Here’s one snake with a bite. Or is the feline just for show?

This might just be a case of a snake who’s soft and knows it. Like a few of its friends on this list, it wanted a change of personality. The only difference is this restful reptile wants to look tougher, not nicer on the eyes.

Solid Snake

For those who didn’t grow up playing video games; this cosplaying snake has reinvented itself to become Solid Snake (not a pun) from the Metal Gear Solid series. In the games, Snake must move with stealth to take out bad guys and complete his mission.

This snake had the stealth factor down already. With its snazzy new costume, now it has the cool factor too. Will it make it to the final boss? We’re betting on yes!

Coming up, another birthday snake. What will it wish for?

Happy Birthday To Snake!

This snake is wearing a birthday hat while celebrating in its birthday suit! What a lucky reptile. Blow out the candle little snake, and don’t forget to make a wish. We wish this snake wasn’t so darn adorable!

What do you think this snake wished for? Maybe a new glass house? How about a fresh new branch to fall asleep on? We’re sure snakes have dreams. Tonight, this snake is only having happy dreams. Just look at how perfect its birthday celebration was.


This beautiful creature isn’t just any F.B.I. agent. It’s special agent Dana Snakey and it’s looking to bring you to justice. After it wakes from its nap and eats a big meal of course.

A snake has gotta eat. No crime is too big to skip a meal over. Question; what was the training process like to become a special agent snake? How was Dana even recruited in the first place? There are so many questions about this we need answered.

Root Root Root For This Snake’s Team

This snake has team spirit and isn’t afraid to show it. The 49ers might be struggling, but it’s not about to jump ship to another team! Nope, not this football loving snake. It was born in San Francisco and will forever root for the red and gold.

Eventually, this super fan of a snake will see its team find glory again. Until then at least it has the offseason to look forward too. That magical time when all hope returns.

What Are You Grateful For?

Only one of the snakes in this picture is real. Can you guess which one it is? If you said the one in the pilgrim hat not sticking its tongue out then you are correct.

These snakes have come together to celebrate Snakesgiving. A holiday where snakes give thanks for the bounty the world has provided them. Sometimes they let humans celebrate with them, but we’re usually too busy with Thanksgiving to accept the invitation.

Snake-achu, I Choose, You!

Were you a fan of Pokemon growing up? This snake was, but instead of falling for Ekans (the snake one), this reptile fell head over heels for Pikachu. Can you blame it? Look how huggable it looks in that Pikachu hat!

No need to capture this snake in a pokeball though. It has no problem curling up into a ball of its own. And if you have any problems with bad pocket monsters, just throw the ball and see what happens.

Happy Father’s Day!

This snake is one proud father! And for the most part, its kids look exactly like it. They’re just a little pink. Don’t worry, though, as they grow up their pigment will fade to a perfect white.

Are snake dads strict dads? This proud papa doesn’t look like he’s going to be very strict, just very loving. And now our hearts are filled with love. Congratulations snake dad, you’ve just become the happiest snake in the world!