This Girl’s Story About Her Mom’s New Boyfriend Taught Us What Love Really Means

University of Arkansas student Ana Stanowick posted a photo to Twitter of her mom’s boyfriend who built Ana’s mom a display wall for her mug collection, and we could all take notes.

The tweet has over 200K retweets, and nearly 1 million likes, so clearly Ana isn’t the only one who thinks this gesture was worthy of some appreciation. What could be perceived as a woman who simply has too many mugs has been turned into a lesson for all of us on how to value our partners.

As you’ll quickly find out, it’s about more than just the mugs.

The One With All The Mugs

Ana stanowick twitter pic
Photo Credit: Twitter / @AnaStanowick_

Ana shared the photo to her account on June 12 saying, “my dad used to get so mad every time my mom would come home with a new coffee mug (she likes to collect them) and her new bf literally built her a wall to display collection. this is why we don’t settle for loser boys, ladies!!!!!”

This tweet sparked a thread of other users sharing stories about their own parents who have moved on to better relationships than their previous ones.

Room To Grow

room for more mugs
Photo Credit: Twitter / @AnaStanowick_

Twitter users were also quick to point out there seems to be a number of empty spots near the bottom and top of the display for Mrs. Stanowick’s mug collection to grow. Her boyfriend clearly understands that eventually, she’s going to get more mugs so he might as well make room for the new ones now, rather than have to build a new display later.

As far as we can tell, Ana’s mom currently has 50 mugs (at least on this display) but it definitely seems like there’d be room for another display on the other side of that wall…

Try Not To Smile At This Couple

twitter @jesplore two pics photo collage
Photo Credit: Twitter / @jesplore

The display of affection – and mugs – inspired Twitter user @jesplore to share a personal story about her mom in response: “my dad was an addict and emotionally abusive and would call my mom fat and make fun of her for trying to lose weight. My stepdad bought them paddleboards so they can go together, paid for a personal trainer and goes on hikes with her daily bc he knew it was important to her.”

Even with all the colorful birds around them, it’s hard not to focus on @jesplore’s mom and stepdad’s smiling faces in the first photo.

First Husbands Deserve Attention Too

coffee bar built for mom from dad
Photo Credit: Twitter / @Varnessa_Marie

There are dads out there who are also killing it and deserve some attention, which is what Twitter user @Varnessa_Marie set out to do.

Vanessa shared this photo with the caption “My dad built my mom a coffee bar because she said she’s always wanted one.” One user commented on the photo saying it wasn’t relevant because it was simply praising her father, not a new boyfriend or stepdad, but others were quick to jump in and defend the gesture. Whether it’s a father, stepfather, or boyfriend, it doesn’t matter. Their love still counts!

Not The Only One

twitter drawer mugs
Photo Credit: Twitter

As well as sharing anecdotes about their own parents finding love, users pointed out the more interesting mugs in Ana’s mother’s collection, and they shared pictures of their own mug collections. Many users pointed out the frog theme that seemed to be happening. There are multiple frog mugs as well as the stuffed animal the boyfriend seems to be placing on the top shelf.

Some shared photos of their own mug collections as well, including this Twitter user who stores their mugs upside down in a drawer so that spiders don’t make a home inside of them… gross.