The Funniest Baby Photoshoot Fails

There’s something many parents don’t realize about capturing a baby’s best moments during a photo shoot. Professional photographers can spend hours trying to capture just the right frame. If you decide to venture out on your own and take pictures of your little bundle of joy, you probably can’t expect the same results that a professional will deliver. These parents attempted to recreate popular baby photo shoot scenarios and they failed miserably.

We Wouldn’t Be Happy Wrapped Like This Either

If you are going to wrap your baby up for a photo shoot keep in mind they might not likely being restricted by a blanket. This baby looks like they are about to go into hulk mode and bust out of the blanket to exact their revenge. The photo on the left probably took a long time to capture just right. Make sure you understand your baby’s temperament because you embark on an elaborate photo shoot. At the same time, this is going to be a great photo to share with their dates in the future. It’s a fail but a pretty funny one at the end of the day.