The Incredible Makeover This Homeless Man Received Changed His Life Forever

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but that’s easier said than done. In our society, it’s easy to judge someone by the way they look and treat them differently because of it. A homeless man named Jose Antonio knows all too well what this is like. Without access to a shower, his unkempt beard and overgrown hair made people turn away from him rather than see who he really was on the inside. Luckily for him, he was offered the chance for a free makeover. Little did he know how much it would change his life for the better.

He Suffered From Mental Illness

For most of his adult life, Spanish native Jose Antonia lived on the streets in Palma. Although he had been trained in a technical field, it wasn’t his lack of effort that constantly landed him on the streets.

Unfortunately, he struggled with mental illness which made it difficult for him to live normally and form a routine that would be conducive to someone working full time. Instead, he found himself frequently living on the streets.

A Known Member Of The Community

For almost 25 years Jose was a local trademark of Palma. Although locals familiar with his presence knew who he was, many would typically carry on with their daily lives, not giving him a second thought. However, a group of the locals took a liking to Jose, and even gave him the affectionate nickname “Josete.”

As the years went on, those who cared for Jose began to devise a plan to get him back on his feet, although Jose had no knowledge of their plan. They didn’t want to get his hopes up until it was a sure thing.

He Tried His Best To Earn Money

At just 30 years old, Jose lost his home and found himself living on the streets. But he didn’t give up entirely and did his best to make any money that he could. He worked small jobs for meager wages, even working as a parking attendant in Mallorca for some time.

Most of his money went towards buying food, although it wasn’t enough to put a roof over his head.

Things were looking grim until he eventually met Salva Garcia, a Palma local who would be instrumental in changing his life.

An Offer He Couldn’t Refuse

After almost 25 years of being homeless, Jose had grown used to his life on streets. Although he was 55 years old, he looked much older due to his living conditions. His hair was long and his beard was shaggy, adding decades to his look.

But after being approached by Salva, he was going to hopefully get out of his less-than-ideal situation. Salva was the owner of a salon called ‘La Salvajeria,’ and offered Jose the opportunity to have a complete makeover with no charge at all.

A Whole New Look Was Needed

Salva recognized that Jose would need a completely new look if he ever wanted to find success in a professional career once again. She also understood that it would take more than just a haircut and a shave to get him back on his feet and in order to be taken seriously.

After making it clear that she would be covering the cost of the makeover, Jose gladly accepted Salva’s offer. He was ready to change his life.

He would later be beyond pleased with his decision.

Taking The First Step

Upon entering the salon, Jose felt extremely uncomfortable. For 25 years he had remained on the streets with such an establishment being completely out of his reach. He felt that he didn’t belong in such a nice place, especially since he wasn’t paying.

While he may have thought about going back on his decision to accept the offer, he knew this was the first step in changing his life. So, he calmed himself, knowing how beneficial this experience would be.

Saying Goodbye To Mirrors

Before starting the makeover process, Jose stared at himself for a long time, knowing that he probably wouldn’t even recognize himself after. Then, all of the mirrors were taken down in the salon so that Jose would only see the final results.

Jose then asked, "Leave the doors over the mirror open for the moment so I can see myself for the last time like this, then close them to see if when they open again, it’s as if something else really opened up in my life, like a symbol."

Looking Good, Feeling Better

When Jose first entered the salon, his hair was long and gray, reaching down to his shoulders. His beard was also unkempt too, which wasn’t only uncomfortable but unprofessional.

Of course, for the past 25 years, Jose didn’t care about his physical appearance, as he was more worried about what he was going to eat, where he was going to sleep, and how he was going to survive.

However, he was ready for a change and Salva was there to help.

Jose Was Nervous

As soon as Salva began cutting away his hair and beard, Jose began to express how nervous he was about the whole process. Even though he agreed to go through with the makeover, he was scared about how everything would turn out and was scared about the unknown.

Regardless of his concerns, he knew that this makeover would be life-changing and would maybe even help him get back on his two feet again. This would be a redefining moment for him, something not everyone is as lucky to get.

He Was Getting Rid Of A Lot Of Hair

Salva brought along a group of her top beard and hair stylists to give Jose the makeover he deserved. The team worked extremely hard, considering that this was no regular styling appointment, there was a lot to be done.

He had so much hair that the team had to put it in a bun while they took care of other parts of his face. His new look was coming along nicely, as he was being transformed from a man on the streets into a stylish gentleman.

Giving Him Some Color

Since Jose’s hair was so gray, it made him look decades older than he actually was. So, Salva and her team thought that it would be best to change his hair back to its natural color which Jose told them was brown.

By coloring his hair, they knew that not only would it make him look more personal, but it would also help make him look way younger.

The dying process was time-consuming but everyone knew that it would be worth it.

Onto The Beard

Unsurprisingly, Jose hadn’t been taking very good care of his beard since he had been living on the streets for so long. The hair on his face has become long, grey, and unkempt to the point that Salva knew it needed some serious work as well.

She first cleaned it, then added the same coloring that they had done to his hair. She then shaped his beard into a sleek and clean look. His new look was becoming a reality.

Feeling The Difference

As the process continued, Jose could the feel chunks of his hair falling to the ground and his head getting lighting. The weight of being homeless was literally being lifted off of his shoulders.

Being homeless, it was rare for Jose to receive this much affection and one-on-one time with other people. He wasn’t even used to people talking to him on the street.

Now, with all of his nerves gone, he was enjoying every second of being pampered.

Changing The Shape And Texture Of His Beard

One of the first biggest changes made to Jose’s appearance was the shape and texture of his beard. While on the streets, the hair on his face had become dry and brittle, making it look particularly unkempt.

However, the stylists applied a deep conditioning treatment to his beard, moisturizing it and helping to bring it back to life. Jose was only a matter of hours away from his makeover being fully complete. Something he couldn’t wait to see.

Final Touches

After all of the major coloring, trimming, and cutting of his hair and beard were complete, there were only a few little details that needed to be taken care of.

The team went to work trimming and cutting any stray hairs that they could find, giving him a perfectly trimmed jawline. Jose even let them give him a shave around his neck.

After his hair and face were done, there was only one thing left to do, pick out the perfect wardrobe for him.

New Man, New Clothes

There’s a saying that goes “the clothes make the man,” and that’s something that couldn’t be any more true in the case of Jose’s transformation. Finding the right clothes for Jose was the final step in his full transformation, and in his case it was trying on some new designer clothes.

As soon as he put on the new clothes he felt like a brand new person — after all, he had been wearing the same raggedy clothes for years.

A Look At What Was

Before Jose walked into the salon, he looked like a different man. He looked tired and much older than he actually was. He was wearing the same clothes that he had been wearing for the past 25 years and was dirty beyond belief.

His hair was long and shaggy and his beard hadn’t been maintained in years. Take a long look at this picture before you see the final transformation that Jose underwent. The difference is uncanny.

The Shocking Difference

Even the stylist were amazed by how well Jose cleaned up. He looked completely reborn from the man that had walked into the salon earlier, leaving everybody in the salon speechless.

His unkempt beard and hair had been switched out with a clean, controlled, and suave new look. However, there was one final step in the process, Jose had to see what he looked like.

He wasn’t ready to believe his own eyes.

The Big Reveal

After countless hours of the salon’s staff working on Jose’s new look, it was time for the big reveal. Jose’s reaction was just about what you would imagine.

He couldn’t believe his own eyes when the staff showed him what he now looked like. His eyes filled with tears and he rubbed his hands through his beard and hair in disbelief.

After so many years of living homeless with no ability to stay clean and well kept, he had a new sense of hope that it’s never too late to start over.

Jose Was In Shock

Jose was so overwhelmed by the change he underwent that he was at a complete loss for words. After a few moments of sitting in disbelief, he finally opened up to say this, "My God, this is incredible, is this me? I’m so different, no one’s going to recognize me unless I tell them who I am."

He wasn’t wrong either, his other friends and the locals had no idea who he was when he finally stepped out of the salon.

A New Door Was Opened

After living as a homeless man for 25 years, Jose suddenly had the realization that he could now have a new opportunity at life, something that might not have been possible without his makeover.

His new look gave him a deep satisfaction and he was determined to make the most of it. His new look gave him hope, something that he had lost many years ago. It was now up to him to make this new look work in his favor.

A New Day

Even though he felt a new sense of hope, he still couldn’t get over just how different he looked. He said that "I have totally changed. It’s not me!" Even though it was just his physical look that had been changed, it helped him gain a whole new outlook on life.

He had a new positive mindset and even his posture and demeanor changed, he really was a new man. He couldn’t stop smiling even if he wanted to.

Now, it was time to put his new looks to work.

Heading Back To His Old Spot

After leaving the salon, Jose headed back to the spot he knew all too well, his monument. It was here that he would spend his days smoking cigarettes and listening to old cassette tapes to pass the time.

However, this time at the monument, he was no longer the man he once was. He was dressed in new clothes, looked like a new man, and had a brand new outlook on life. He was no longer the homeless man that sat there as people passed him by without any regard.

People Were Doing Double Takes

Even the people that have been seeing Jose around for years couldn’t believe how he looked when they saw him for their first time. The local waitresses that were used to seeing him everyday were ecstatic when they saw him and couldn’t be happier for him.

Many people were complimenting him on his looks and were giving him thumbs up and high fives as he walked by. While hours before he looked like a homeless man on the streets, he now looked like a magazine model.

The man that was once nicknamed Josette was no more.

More And More Compliments

When other people saw Jose, they just had no idea who he was at all. Most people would have never guessed that the man wearing red pants was the homeless man that they had seen around town for 25 years. Out of a few men that recognized him, one asked, "No Josette?" and the other even asked where his Ferrari was.

These were only a few of the reactions that Jose got as he walked around the streets that he once called home. The locals weren’t the only people that were shocked either, as Jose was equally bewildered as he made his rounds.

He Wasn’t Recognized At His Favorite Spots

To show off his look to those that knew him, Jose went and bought a beer from a bar that he had been to numerous times. The waiter came out and gave him his beer and didn’t say anything, as he had no idea who he was. It wasn’t until Jose asked why he didn’t recognize him that the waiter was stunned beyond belief.

He responded by saying "I do know you now!" Jose was no longer seen as the homeless man that he had once been labeled as, with most people having no idea who he was.

Catching New Looks From The Ladies

The most surprising reactions of all actually came from the ladies! Many women were left completely speechless by his transformation. They kept telling him that he is “very, very handsome,” and Jose would respond with “thank you very much.”

Those that knew Jose before thought that his new look was remarkable and he reacted with them in a completely new way. It was clear that Jose’s new look not only made him look better but made him feel more confident in his interactions with other people as well.

He Became A Viral Sensation

While he was once a homeless man on the streets of Spain, it didn’t take long for his story to go viral online after it was posted. His transformation became an online sensation and everyone wanted to talk to him and hear his story.

In an interview, he said that "It wasn’t just a change of look. It changed my life." His newfound celebrity status then began to help him out financially.

He no longer had to live on the streets and now had a new chance at living a normal life.

Approaching His Old Employers

Even his old employers didn’t recognize him at first. One local woman named Paola Bocardo was thrilled and claimed that she was at a loss for words. She continued to say that "Jose helps me to park my car every day. When we saw him after his makeover we didn’t recognize him. He’s a wonderful person and the video is amazing."

Today, Jose has even been referred to as the "Spanish Hugh Jackman." Yet, he wasn’t happy with just his new look, he claimed that "What I want now is a proper job."

He’s A Ladies Man Now

Jose is now on the search for a woman that he can call his own. Since nobody can recognize him, he believes that it’s the perfect time for him to have a shot at love. Although not long ago he was homeless and living on the streets, he is now a well-groomed and suave older man, and the ladies love him for it.

Whether they know his story or not, it’s clear that Jose is doing alright for himself in that department, something that he wasn’t used to until now.

He’s Getting Support From Everyone

While Jose was working at a restaurant assistant, parking cars in the parking lot, a local businessman was passing through. When he caught one look at Jose he couldn’t believe it. He couldn’t even explain how good Jose looked and was overwhelmed with emotion.

Being so happy for Jose and what the future holds for him, he walked up and gave him a massive hug to show his support. He also gave him a huge congratulations, something that truly meant a lot to Jose.

Jose Clooney

Today, Jose is just glad to be keeping his look natural and under control. But that’s not all! He’s even made some physical altercations on his own. He shaved his beard entirely, so now he has a clean face like he did when he was younger.

While people were already calling him the Spanish Hugh Jackman, his clean-shaven face made it so people began calling him Jose Clooney, after George Clooney, the original silver fox. If people are comparing you o him, you must be doing something right!

Unfortunately, Jose ran into health problems.

He Almost Went Blind

After years of living on the streets and not having proper health care or a solid diet, Jose ended up developing cataracts, leaving him almost blind. After everything he had gone through, he wasn’t going to let this stop him.

Luckily, fortune shined on Jose and he was able to receive the surgeries necessary to help heal his eyes as best as possible. Today, Jose can almost see perfectly which means he is both looking good and seeing well too.

He’s No Longer Homeless

Since his incredible transformation, Jose’s life has turned around in more ways than one. He now looks better than most people, has a part-time job, and is receiving the financial aid necessary to greatly improve his quality of life. However, the greatest thing to happen to Jose is that he isn’t homeless anymore.

He now has an apartment and his very own bed, something he lived without for 25 years. With his life in order more than ever, he is on the search for a full-time job to better his life even further.