There’s A Theory That All Women Have A Freckle On Their Wrist, And We’re Shook

Is this the latest black and blue/white and gold dress phenomenon to hit social media? Twitter user Aaryn Whitley asked a simple question about whether or not girls have a freckle in the middle of their wrists, and people went wild.

It turns out a lot of women are part of this club, flocking to Twitter and Facebook to respond back with pictures of their wrist freckles. Some have it on just one arm while others have it on both, and everyone is freaking out.

How Did This Even Start

four freckles from @aarynwhitley
Photo Credit: Twitter / @aarynwhitley

Aaryn shared a series of four pictures to Twitter on May 22, 2019 along with the tweet: “ladies….. u got a freckle on the middle of ur wrist or is this a myth lmao” In the last three weeks the tweet has blown up, receiving 24K retweets, nearly 65K likes and 14K responses.

The responses point clearly to the fact that this is not, in fact, a myth. Many many women responded back with pictures of their own wrist freckles.

Oh Wait This Is Actually True?!

i couldn't have it omg jk i do
Photo Credit: Twitter / @KARISSAPUKAS

People were truly mind blown by this discovery. It really got out of hand as women started responded back with pictures of their own freckles, shocked that they too were part of the club that they didn’t know they wanted to be a part of.

One woman perfectly summed up what most were thinking as they read the original tweet. YouTuber Karissa Pukas tweeted out a photo of her own wrist saying, “I was like haaaa not me. Then I looked at my left wrist.”

A Wrist Among Freckles

Carlotta AB facebook wrist freckles a plenty
Photo Credit: Facebook / Carlotta AB

Other Twitter and Facebook users posted funnier pictures as a response, with one user posting this picture of her wrists, which are completely covered. Carlotta AB posted the photo with the caption “Yeah I have a freckle in the middle of my wrist” to which someone responded with “I’d say you have a wrist in the middle of your freckles!”

Other Facebook commenters aptly pointed out that on Carlotta’s right wrist just under her tan line there is one particularly prominent freckle, so she still gets to be in the club.

We’re Not Just Talking Female Humans

@warner_parkes dog photo
Photo Credit: Twitter / @warner_parkes

Mississippi State student @warner_parkes shared the most important discovery of all when he posted this picture of his dog’s feet, along with the tweet “Not a myth ladies.” She definitely gets to be in the club, we don’t discriminate… as long as you have the freckle.

Other men have been responding as well, with one writing, “How many other males just checked their wrist?” Sorry boys, but you have enough clubs. You can’t join this one.

Is There A Reason For This?

another wrist freckle @adela_babyari
Photo Credit: Twitter / @adela_babyari

New York City-based dermatologist Debra Jaliman told Health magazine that there is a logical reason behind this phenomenon: sunscreen, or lack thereof. “A wrist is somewhere people wouldn’t think to wear sunscreen… if you’re wearing clothing, the hands and wrists aren’t somewhere people would think to apply sunscreen,” she says.

It seems reasonable enough, but the much more likely cause came from one Facebook user who suggested it’s a symbol of the witches coven that all women are all inducted into at birth. Coven or not, we have more proof that this is a very real thing.

A Family Affair

a family affair
Photo Credit: Twitter / @jazzgordon19

The Rebellious Side Freckle

illaria martire
Photo Credit: Facebook / Ilaria Martire

“Yeah This Is Wild”

Photo Credit: Twitter / @malwestie

Not Centered But Still There

Christina Bach facebook freckle
Photo Credit: Facebook / Christina Bach


Photo Credit: Facebook / Stephanie Broek


Photo Credit: Twitter / @doddleoddle

Do Forearm Freckles Count?

Photo Credit: Facebook / Leigh Lewis

“But Why Do We All Have Dis?!”

but why do we all have one
Photo Credit: Twitter / @KaitNicholexo

Dealer’s Choice

twitter's choice
Photo Credit: Twitter / @lindsey_beane

Hidden Away

tucked away
Photo Credit: Twitter / @_brrandi99

The Wannabe

spice girls
Photo Credit: Twitter / @Alikindolll

“Low Key Freaking Out”

low key freaking out
Photo Credit: Twitter / @Freyyx

Spooky Stuff

spooky stuff
Photo Credit: Twitter / @lexikbutsch

Seeing Double

double trouble
Photo Credit: Twitter / @SabrinaTheBunny

Still Think It’s A Myth?

anna swart
Photo Credit: Facebook / Anna Swartz Burch