These Animals Are Accelerating The Whole ‘Taking Over The World’ Thing A Little Too Quickly And It Should Terrify You

Whether you want to admit it or not, animals are taking over this world much quicker than we expected them to. They’re adapting to life with humans way too well and using their manipulative skills to make us think that they’re “man’s best friend,” when really, they have bad intentions for our entire race.

We’ve given them too much freedom and too much time to figure out human patterns and calculate human conditions. The pictures in this article should terrify you. They’re just a glimpse into the training that animals are doing to gear up for their inevitable World War against the human race.

They’re Training To Be Fire Fighters

sliding down a pole.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

They are partaking in bar hang training camps where they strengthen their muscles by latching onto a pole and holding it for as long as possible.

But, they’re also practicing sliding down poles like a firefighter for when they kill us off and need to take over the stations. This is hard to look at.

They’re Always Watching

behind the door.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

We’ve allowed our pets to be around us at all times when we’re at home. We let them in the washroom when we’re doing our business, we let them in the shower, at the dinner table etc.

They’re always watching us and learning about human nature. They know when we’re going to be home or when the kids have soccer. They know it all and it should make you very uncomfortable.

Hell’s Kitchen Season 200 Winner

the cat cooking .jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / NinjaStain

If they start to learn how to cook, we’re going to be dead even quicker than we originally thought.

If they can sustain themselves by making a roast beef dinner, or cupcakes with human kitchen utensils, we’re all doomed. This cat is well on its way. Coming up, a dog killed its own and tried to hide the corpse. It’s intimidating.

This Should Scare Everyone

cat attack.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / ninjasoundtech

This picture is what nightmares are truly made of. This is a rare glimpse into the lethal tactics that cats are taking to kill humans.

This girl was just trying to do some yoga on her living room floor and got blindsided by her cat. This cat is trying to rip out her eyeballs and it’s one of the worst sights imaginable.

They’re Attacking Our Most Vulnerable

puppy puppy .jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

These animals are very strategic, and we as humans are completely overlooking their intelligence.

They’ve started attacking our most vulnerable — our little kids. This puppy is doing a classic “sit and suffocate” technique that the animal kingdom has been known to do.

Nothing To See Here

dog dog dog (2).jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

These pets show no mercy to their own kind if they feel like the slack isn’t being kept up on their side.

The dog under the bed was being too friendly to its owners, and that’s just not acceptable behavior at this point. That was acceptable a few years ago during the “grooming stages” which was to get humans to trust dogs. But now it’s game time. Just ahead, a picture that perfectly shows how pets get excited about annoying humans.

They’re Not Afraid Of Anyone Or Anything

cat cat.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / freudian_nipple_slip

One massive hurdle that the animals are going to have to overcome is the infighting between species that already hate each other.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that cats and dogs aren’t always the best of friends to each other. This shows that cats aren’t afraid of anything. They’ll take on big dogs, humans, whales, you name it.

They’re Savage Enough To Go After Their Own

drown brother.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

This is a sad picture to look at. Just like there is bullying that happens in the school yard, there’s bullying that happens in the animal kingdom as well.

This is the dog version of getting a swirly and it doesn’t look like a pleasant experience, to say the least. Today it’s the dog, tomorrow it could be you.

Obstruction Is Their Middle Name


Photo Credit: Reddit / IM1RU1too

One of the worst qualities of these animals is that they get joy from annoying us on a regular basis.

From hitting food off of the counter top to sitting on our face in order to obstruct our vision, they get genuine joy from making us angry. It’s a red flag. If you see a dog disguised as a human, like in this picture coming up, call the police.

How Many Cats Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb?

how many cats .jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / EsperaDeus

This man in the picture is doing the entire human race a disservice by teaching his cat how to replace a dead light bulb.

Again, it’s the little things that these cats will do which will end up allowing cats and dogs to sustain themselves after they put us all in cages. He’s only accelerating the process.

They’re Becoming Literate

cat cat .jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / lamestersparius

This is probably the most disturbing picture in this article. It’s easy to get lost in this kitten’s glossy eyes, but we need to concentrate on what’s actually happening here.

This kitten is learning to read. Once these animals are literate you can kiss the human species goodbye. The possibilities are endless at that point.

Master Of Disguise


Photo Credit: Reddit / Darkwave

They’re starting to dress up as people and it’s a bit scary. This dog went up to the bar and ordered a rum and coke.

The worst part? He didn’t even get ID’d. If dogs start infiltrating our bar scene we’re done for. They could obtain too much crucial information about our hobbies and desires if they hang around drunk humans. Coming up, a picture that shows animals are starting to learn the benefits of R&R and it’s not a good sign for the human race.

They’re Mating At A Pace We Can’t Keep Up With

they. mating.png

Photo Credit: Reddit / platypossamous

It should be noted that very shortly we won’t be able to keep up with the population growth of animals.

It’s very rare for a human to birth four kids at once, but that’s completely normal for a cat or a dog. We’re going to be overrun by the sheer number of these things.

They’re Leaning How To Steal

dogs dogs dogs.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / Schumi_jr05

Thankfully, this dog was caught in the act of stealing personal items from its owner that they could use for future Intel.

Unfortunately, this goes on all the time, and we never end up catching them in the act. If you have a dog and don’t believe me, just set up a security camera while you’re gone.

Doing Some R&R

doggie doggie.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / hercules25

In the early 2000s, dogs would never partake in relaxation or rejuvenation. They only had one gear and that was GO at all times.

But, they’ve started understanding that it’s not always good to be stressed out. They figured they could live longer lives by starting to relax like their homeowners. The pool is one of the most popular spots. A dog that’s learning the rules of the road is coming up, and it’s a very scary sight.

The Devastation They Can Cause Is Insane

looking guilty.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / Helloamby

In general, we underestimate just how much destruction and devastation our animals can do to our homes.

They can make a beautiful house look like it just got hit by a category five hurricane in a matter of seconds. They’re quick and efficient demolition experts.

You Can Dress Em’ Up And Take Em’ Out

lipstick lipstick (1).jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / actonesceneone

It’s quite disturbing to see that dogs are now starting to understand how makeup and fashion work.

This dog just got the newest Kylie Lip Kit color “Ketchup K” and is about to go out for a night on the town. She’s newly single and needs to have a girls night.

Transportation Isn’t A Problem

dog dog.jpg

Photo Credit: Tumblr

Another obstacle that the animals are going to have to overcome is transportation. While they can all walk or run, there comes a time when they’ll need to understand cars and motorbikes.

This dog is already learning the ways of the road. It has memorized the route to the grocery store and the pet store and has a basic understanding of how to shift gears.

A Squirrel On The Barbie


Photo Credit: Reddit

As you can see, the animals have gone from using our barbecues to actually making their own. It’s actually scary.

It’s one thing to see a squirrel cooking up some burgers on a human-sized BBQ, it’s another to know that they have the smarts to build their own. Oh man, we’re screwed.

They’re Doing The Jobs We Don’t Want To Do

guinea pig.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

One of the ways that our pets are building our trust is by doing jobs that we really don’t want to do.

From watering flowers to picking up dog poo (with their mouths and then eating it) to even raking our lawns, they’ll do it. Let them do it, but don’t be deceived. It’s all a act to take over your world.

They’re Learning How to Drive

dog on motorcycle.jpg

Photo Credit: thiswildidea/ Instagram

Humans have long thought that they are superior to dogs because they can do so many things that dogs can’t. But that is exactly what our furry “friends” want us to think.

Just look at this picture of this hound doing a wheelie on a motorcycle. We bet he didn’t think anyone was watching. But we are. And we’re onto them.

They’re Intellectuals

dog intellectual.jpg

Photo Credit: pamlovesferrariboys/ Instagram

I don’t even have to meet this dog to know that he is smarter than me. I mean, look at his green cardigan. His round glasses. His serious demeanor.

This dog is an intellectual. He probably took this selfie during a much-needed break writing his thesis. His IQ is 178. Mine is not.

From D-O-G to C-E-O

boss doggy.JPG

Photo Credit: bentleyandcoco/ Instagram

This picture says it all. This cutie isn’t just an adorable dog who accompanied her owner to work. She is there TO DO the work. She’s the boss lady and she knows it.

We bet she’s busy right now, crunching away at numbers and making sure her team hits their KPIs. She will be on Forbes 30 Under 30.

They’re Breaking Down Barriers…Literally

no doggy door.jpg

Photo Credit: superrhino_r1 / Instagram

For as long as humans have had dogs as pets, they’ve kept them pent up, only allowing them to enjoy the wonders of the backyard via a doggy door. Not anymore!

Dogs are calling the shots now and they have decided they will no longer be restrained by fences, doggy doors, and any others barriers in their way. Watch. Out.

They’re Masters at Hiding

masters at hiding.JPG

Photo Credit: thiswildidea/ Instagram

Normally, a picture like this would be “cute.” But in reality, this isn’t a dog who is hiding for fun and games He’s hiding because he’s training for when his kind take over the free world.

It’s easy to be fooled by the cute creatures, but you have been warned. They are preparing every chance they get.

They Know How to Balance a Checkbook

balancing check book dog.JPG

Photo Credit: Ivonne Reyes / Pinterest

Did you know that 80% of Americans are in debt? Yes, it is true. But that is not true for animals. Animals are now smarter than us in many ways, including financially.

While animals have spent time brushing up on their financial skills in secrecy, they have learned the art of balancing a checkbook. This dog’s credit score is 1,000 believe it or not.

They’re Capable of Pondering Life’s Biggest Questions

professor bunny.jpg

Photo Credit: dizzythebunny / Instagram

Many people think that animals have small brains and low IQs. But this is wrong. Over the years, animals have spent their time learning when humans weren’t looking. Now they are powerful.

This bunny is actually a genius. Just look at his glasses. He spends all of his time pondering the many secrets of life.

They’ve Surpassed Humans In Physical Fitness

doggy crunches.jpg

Photo Credit: sakura.the.shiba / Instagram

As if you needed more proof that animals are taking over the world, here it is. Animals have been training tirelessly to surpass humans in both strength and intellect and they have finally done it.

They’re so strong and smart these days that they actually feel bad for us pathetic humans — so much so that they’re the ones helping US train now.

They Read the Dictionary for Fun

reading kitty.jpg

Photo Credit: emilio_britishshorthair_cat / Instagram

There was a time when humans read the dictionary for fun. But now that we all have smartphones, we spend more time looking at memes than expanding our vocabulary. But not animals.

This little guy is just one example of the hard work animals are putting in when we’re not looking. He knows more words than I do.

They Excel at Manual Labor

doggy labor.JPG

Photo Credit: Ivonne Reyes / Pinterest

Think the days of craftsmanship are gone? Wrong. Animals are here to do the manual labor. They can use power tools. They wear work boots. They can build homes.

It’s things like this that will allow animals to flourish without humans. Before we know it there will be luxury dog houses popping up everywhere.

They Can Keep Their Own Crops Alive

doggy vegetation.JPG

Photo Credit: Ivonne Reyes / Pinterest

If there is one thing you should be especially scared of, it is this: animals are now growing their own food. And they know how to keep their crops alive.

While I can’t even keep a succulent alive, this dog and her green paw are thriving. She is living off the land, eating her own crops, and probably living in a luxury dog house that she built too.

They’re Civilized

cat uses toilet.jpg

Photo Credit: opoqiesci_z_toalet / Instagram

One of the things that have long set humans apart from animals is how they answer when nature calls. While we use the toilet, our furry friends go to the bathroom outside, in litter boxes, on pee pads, or on the floor in some cases…but not anymore.

Animals have learned how to use the toilet by themselves. They can flush too.

They Subliminally Control Their Humans

cat on back.jpg

Photo Credit: desireekwillet/ Instagram

Lots of pet owners let their furry friend get away with whatever they want because they’re just so dang cute. Case in point, this guy who lets his cat hang out on his back while he grooms himself. The cat knows what she is doing. And this is exactly what the cat wants.

For years, animals have been subliminally controlling their humans and we haven’t noticed. Is it too late?

Do You Even Lift?

doggy lifts weights.JPG

Photo Credit: Ivonne Reyes / Pinterest

While you were at the gym taking selfies instead of working out, this dog was lifting a new personal record. He may look little, but he is swole.

Just look at the human bystanders off to the side. They have fear in their eyes. They have seen firsthand what animals are capable of now, and they know it is scary.

They’re Not Afraid to Risk It All

dogs gambling.jpg

Photo Credit: cjisthekooliest / Twitter

Animals may have become smarter and stronger than us through a well-thought-out strategy, but that doesn’t mean they’re afraid to take risks.

These dogs meet weekly to discuss world domination and risk it all a chance to win a game of poker. They all somehow win.

They Know the Importance of Relaxation

dogs relaxing.JPG

Photo Credit: roisinquinn_ / Twitter

Humans are so busy all the time. Many of us burn both ends of the candle until we’re on the brink of a full-on mental breakdown. But animals, who are much, much smarter than us, do not. They know the importance of relaxation.

This dog is just one example. She knows that if she is going to take over the world she needs to be well rested. She has her favorite robe on and is ready to eat a bowl of popcorn while watching Homeward Bound.

They Are Expert Communicators

baboon at computer.jpg

Photo Credit: blavity / Twitter

Many humans are bad at communicating. Some even go to school and spend thousands of dollars to learn how to communicate. But not animals.

Animals have surpassed us in strength and now in communication skills.

Humans forget that knowledge is power, but animals don’t.

Knowledge Is Power

sloth shcool.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

Knowledge is power. Humans forget this and spend their time looking at memes all day. Animals have not forgotten that knowledge is power, and now they are smarter than us.

This sloth is the first one to arrive at class every day, despite his slow speed. He is the top student in class and will be teaching the class next semester as he has surpassed the teacher.

cat compoutes.jpg

Cats Crunch Numbers

Photo Credit: Imgur

Think animals don’t know anything about math? Wrong. Just look at this cat. She is crunching numbers like a mathematician. She really doesn’t even need the calculator, it’s just for show.

Now that animals know how to do math, build their own homes, and make their own food, they truly no longer need humans.

Get In

dogs are driving.JPG

Photo Credit: lolbook/ Pinterest

Get in, good boys, we’re going to take over the world.

If this picture doesn’t send a shiver down your spine, nothing will. Animals have clearly exceeded humans in every sense that we are truly no longer needed. These dogs have stolen your keys, hotwired your car, and are on their way to Pet Smart to load up on treats before taking over the world. Just let them.