These Animals Are Being Total Jerks, But You’ll Laugh Anyway

Humans have funny relationships with the animals they love. If a person acted like a jerk, you’d probably write them off for good. But if a beloved pet or other animal you love acts up. you probably just laugh at their behavior. The following animals are acting like jerks, but we bet you’re laughing at them regardless.

Dear Human, Why Do You Look So Puzzled?


Cats have a tendency to get in the way of things — like directly in the way. And while they might not know any better, it seems as though their actions could be interpreted differently. Take this cat, for example. He clearly sees his humans touching these puzzle pieces on the table. However, he chooses to lay down across them anyway, prohibiting additional puzzle play.

Perhaps the best part is that the cat just stares at his human as if to say, “can I help you with something?” Regardless, it doesn’t look like he is going to get up any time soon.