These Animals Prove That Being Chubby Makes You That Much Cuter

Animals are adorable in their own way, but these animals’ chubbiness elevates their cuteness to a higher level. Whether they’re sassy cats that are way too big for their own good or tigers that are really taking advantage of the free food at the zoo, these cute and chubby animals have more to love!

The Look On Your Face When When Dinner Is Ready


Photo Credit: cuyahogavalleynps / Instagram

Otters are undoubtedly some of the cutest animals on the planet. They collect their favorite rocks, hold hands when they sleep, and they mate for life. What’s cuter than that? The answer is a chubby otter. Look at this one as it runs in the pouring rain in search of its next meal.

Check out the penguin that clearly knows how to get more fish than the others.

All Ready For The Winter


Photo Credit: animalsarefromheaven / Instagram

While most squirrels spend the majority of the year finding and hiding away acorns and nut for the winter, this squirrel had a different plan. It looks like this one decided to eat whatever they could find instead of storing it for later. It’s a bold strategy, but we hope it worked out.

Need. More. Fish.


Photo Credit: major_awww / Instagram

It looks like this little penguin let himself go when he got to the zoo. All of that free fish is really doing a number on his figure, but there’s no turning back now. We’re sure the zookeepers are getting him on the right track.

Coming up: This raccoon is doing well for itself.

No More Climbing For This Goat


Photo Credit: mageetye / Instagram

Goats are all-around amazing animals. They are smart, cute, and have incredible climbing abilities. However, after a goat reaches a specific weight, their ability to climb decreases considerably. It looks like this goat isn’t going to be jumping up any hills or mountains anytime soon!

One Trash Can Too Many


Photo Credit: squeaky_paratweets / Instagram

Raccoons are sneaky animals that are not picky when it comes to food. They’re known trash can divers and will eat their fill given a chance. It appears that this raccoon scored the jackpot in his neighborhood and found a can with a full families Thanksgiving leftovers. He certainly didn’t have any leftovers.

Have you ever seen a fat fox? Get ready to see three.

Spoiled Foxes


Photo Credit: aintyourwaifu / Instagram

Being overweight seems to go against every foxes nature. They need to be quick, sneaky, and small enough to fit inside their underground burrows. However, it looks like these foxes don’t have to worry about any of that. They’re likely domesticated and spend their days eating, moseying around, and enjoying a carefree life.

Just Hanging Out


Photo Credit: malyn_lol / Instagram

Bears are big animals; there’s no getting around it. This bear looks unusually large, especially as it sits almost human-like on the top of his exhibit. For the people below, it might be a little bit concerning to see all of that weight sitting directly above their heads!

Birds Gone Wild


Photo Credit: tanjiandfriends / Instagram

This bird let himself go, and by the look in his eyes, he knows it! He seems to be in the middle of an internal dilemma whether to eat the rest of the food in his bowl or to try and get back into shape. This shows that it isn’t just people who struggle to maintain their weight.

Catching Some Rays


Photo Credits: sinesiphopakade / Instagram

Being a sea lion in captivity isn’t a bad life. They don’t have to worry about sharks, they get fed all of the time, and they have the time to lie around and enjoy the sun. This is the outcome of all those luxuries and these sea lions don’t seem too bummed about it.

Too Plump To Move


Photo Credit: satorujitomo / Instagram

Again, sea lions prove that life in captivity isn’t too bad! This guy spends his day relaxing and eating all the fish he wants while being safe from predators. Sure, his lifestlye may have contributed to him packing on a few pounds, but we think it makes him cuter!

Wait until you see the bird that’s way too big even to fly.

“It’s Just Baby Fat”


Photo Credit: / Instagram

This baby rabbit is almost too cute for words. Sure, he’s a little chubby, but we think he just hasn’t shed the baby fat yet. If one thing’s for sure, we’ve never wanted to hold an animal more in our lives.

Fatty The Frog


Photo Credit: cjmartinnn / Instagram

This overweight frog’s name is Casper. He’s so fat that his whole body jiggles when he swims. While this may seem a little sad, at least we know that he’s making the most out of his life in his tank. Somebody should as call Guinness and weigh this guy for a world record.

This Bird Isn’t Fat, He’s Just Fluffy


Photo Credit: saorujimoto / Instagram

This bird looks like he may have eaten one too many stary french fries in the park. We’d be impressed if this bird can still fly. However, at least it looks like he’s in a protected area so it doesn’t have to worry about outflying a predator.

King Of The Jungle


Photo Credit: _lucky13x / Instagram

When we think about tigers, we tend to picture majestic, strong animals that are the apex predator. We’re not sure exactly what happened to this tiger, but it looks like they’ve put on some pounds over the years. Even though this tiger may be more on the round side, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be any less respectful of it.

Sleep, Eat, Repeat


Photo Credits: animalsarefromheaven / Instagram

This dog is the essence of comfortable. It looks like his size only makes napping that much more comfortable. He clearly knows the best spot on the couch for the ultimate nap too. The only thing that will probably get him up from his snooze is some kind of treat. We want to spend our days this way too!

Life’s Hard Being A Dog


Photo Credit: thickanimals / Instagram

This is one chubby little dog! He can’t help that it will eat anything that’s put in front of him so now he looks like he does. We’re sure he’s a happy dog although it may not look like it in the picture. All he needs is some more walks and less food to whip him back into shape.

if you thought this dog was big wait until you see this mountain lion!

Wide Load


Photo Credit: shaggy_thereal_boy / Instagram

We’re not sure what would be worse — running into a normal size mountain lion or this one in the wild. That is a wild cat that should be respected and handled with care. We wonder how much it has to eat a day to sustain that size.

Don’t Mess With Him


Photo Credit: bl9od_on_the_mo0n / Instagram

Possibly the cutest little chubby animal on our list is this little tiger. Not only is he cute in size, but he’s got a serious attitude. Don’t even bothering interacting with him unless you have some food for him or he may attack!

Chubby Beaver


Photo Credit: lofgreli / Instagram

Beavers are busy animals. Continually working on their dams, finding food, mating, and of course, hiding from predators and trappers. However, it looks like this beaver has been skipping out on his duties in favor of spending time eating and laying around. It’s surprising he can be picked up!

This Cat Has More To Love!


Photo Credit: adventureswithdesiree / Instagram

Fat cats are not all that uncommon, but this cat lets it all hang out. He’s accepted he’s got more to love and now welcomes it. Cats usually don’t leave themselves exposed like this, but this cat looks comfortable enough not to care anymore. His lazy demeanor is quite unlike this next cat you’re about to see.

Gotta Catch Them All!


Photo Credit: boopyouonthenose/Reddit

This perfectly chubby feline knows he has a little extra baggage, but that hasn’t kept him from keeping an actively inquisitive lifestyle! Everything is a wonder to this kitty, especially bubbles. He just doesn’t quite get how they disappear every time he tries to grab one!

A Very Polite Chinchilla


Photo Credit: squirrelDefender/Reddit

This polite chinchilla looks as if he just stopped you on the sidewalk to ask for the time. How could anyone possibly deny so much chubbiness in an adorably cute package? We’d love to give the time to you, Mr. Chinchilla! And then maybe we will try to take you home to keep!

This Husky Is A Little Husky


Photo Credit: Pinkerton55/Reddit

Okay, maybe he’s a Siberian Husky or maybe he’s an Alaskan Malamute, but you can’t deny the floof on this one! This guy has a lot of love to offer and a lot of fur to go with it. This guy probably enjoys an extra scoop of food every now and then which is probably why he’s so chubby.

Is That A Snack You’re Holding?


Photo Credit: theInventorArtist/Imgur

This squirrel ran up to some people, possibly hoping that they were good samaritans who would toss him a couple of nuts. After all, he has to start storing food and start bulking up for winter! It might not be wrong to assume that this guy digs into his stash a little earlier than he should though.

These Chunky Babies Are Too Cute


Photo Credit: MultiReddito/Reddit

These newborn platypuses are chubby little monsters! We mean that in a good way, of course. Their chunky little fingers and their smooth face wrinkles from all the chub only goes to show that they will grow up to be quite strong and healthy. At least we hope so!

Time For A Water Break


Photo Credit: _elvis_pugsley_/Instagram

It’s quite a warm summer and Elvis Pugsley knows that all too well. Just the walk to the car from the dog park warrants a brief water break. The sun is scorching out there and it doesn’t help that Elvis has a little extra padding. But hey, that doesn’t make him any less happy.

We All Wish We Had Him Growing Up


Photo Credit: Pinterest

Many kids had guinea pigs growing up, but few were as amazingly chunky as this guy right here. He doesn’t know how it got to this point, but hey, at least he’s still healthy and living an awesome life! Here he is showing off his summer bod and might we add that he looks amazing.

Friendship Is Blind


Photo Credit: Infinity/Reddit

Friendship knows no bounds. Size and species are nothing for these two pals. THis loving chihuahua would love nothing more than to sunbathe in the window for a nice siesta with his lovable chubby pig. They’re most likely the best of friends and have each other’s backs no matter what.

This Baby Hippo Is Making A Splash


Photo Credit: StrokinCole/Reddit

This baby hippo was born with a little chunk and it is too adorable! Baby hippos weight around 100 pounds when they’re born, so it’s no wonder that they’re chubby! This little guy was likely getting assistance from a caring handler since baby hippos don’t know how to swim.

Who You Callin’ Floofy?


Photo Credit: Imgur

This floofy guy has had it with being called a floof! He’s ready to take down the next person that doesn’t take him seriously… Oh, who are we kidding?! This pup is a chubby fluffy wonder and they’re no denying that. He can attack us for it, sure, but it will be the most adorable attempt ever!

This Tiger Has More To Love


Photo Credit: GmOnEy4L1fE/Reddit

This tiger might be taking advantage of the food wherever he lives. We’re guessing he’s at a zoo or a sanctuary, and what better gig is there? They get fed regularly by some kind hoomans that unfortunately do not count as food. Even without them though, these tigers get to eat a lot and then some.

Caught In The Act


Photo Credit: Biggy33/Reddit

This hamster’s owner has been wondering why he’s been having a hard time on his wheel. Apparently, he’s been sneaking a few extra snacks that he shouldn’t be! This explains why this little hamster has put on a few extra ounces. At least this hamster knows the true meaning of “treat yourself.”

This Baby Sloth Has A Cute Tummy


Photo Credit: littlematerz/Reddit

This young sloth is excited to be living life, so much so that he is enjoying every last bite! It’s clear to see based on his chubby tummy, but it only adds to his adorableness. He’ll likely lose all that baby fat as an adult when he’ll inevitably be moved to his natural habitat in the trees.

Your Majesty Will See You Now


Photo Credit: TheAmericanWay/Reddit

This cat knows it’s a queen and we wouldn’t be surprised if that’s how her hoomans treated her. After all, who else would have a photoshoot for their chunky cat in the middle of a lavender field. The only thing that would make this better is to know that she really is that chubby and it’s not all fur.

This Bird Would Like To Have A Word


Photo Credit: elhooper/Reddit

This cardinal would like to chat with you about the type of seed you’re leaving in the feeder. He appreciates your efforts to provide him with perpetual snacks, but the ones you’re leaving out now are doing him no justice as you can clearly see. Just look how much weight he’s gained!

This Toad Has A Lot To Show


Photo Credit: Magneape/Reddit

This toad has a little extra on the sides but that’s okay. We still think he’s as cute as ever! This is actually an Indonesian White’s Tree Frog. Their little fat rolls make them reminiscent of Jabba the Hut, except you actually want to cuddle them. Don’t be fooled by how close up this picture is! They only grow to about four inches long.

They Must Have Hit The Motherload


Photo Credit: Trippy_Hippy_Rap/Reddit

These round raccoons must have found a jackpot in terms of food to eat! They look completely unfazed by the winter weather around them and that’s probably because of how much fat they’ve stored up in their system. And no, that’s not a cat on the left side! It’s an incredibly rare albino raccoon.

This Chubby Squirrel Is Straight Out Of A Cartoon


Photo Credit: lavalampdreams/Imgur

This little guy is a momonga, which is a Japanese dwarf flying squirrel! They only grow up to about eight inches long, but they do pack a little extra in the tummy department. They may be chubby, but these little guys are small enough to fit in your hands.

Paint Me Like One Of Your French Kitties


Photo Credit: CanyonsOfStatic/Reddit

This cat might be reenacting its favorite scene fromTitanic or it just might be enjoying the sun a little too hard. This cat is so relaxed that it’s really letting it all hang out and he doesn’t care who sees. This cat is probably spoiled, which explains why it’s lounging on the table and why it’s so chubby.

Never Letting Go


Photo Credit: jromeit/Reddit

This little hamster is so loved and it knows it! Never mind the fact that it’s a little chunky — that only makes it more cuddly! This hamster probably maintains this level of chubbiness, eating just enough and working out on its wheel just enough to remain this cute. We wouldn’t blame him!