These Communities Offer A Totally Different Way To Retire Because Baby Boomers Do It Their Own Way

An incredible 10,000 Baby Boomers retire each day in America, and that rate is supposed to remain steady for the next nineteen years. It doesn’t take a lot of math to realize that we’re going to be needing a lot more retirements homes. With a reputation for ditching traditional values and doing things their own way, this generation is also demanding alternative ways to retire. We put together a list of communities that embrace their residents’ lifestyle, whether they’re a yogi, cross-country traveler or a retired actor. Retirement is looking pretty sweet.

Have Fun With Your Toys At Lake Weir Living

There’s a reason they call Lake Weir Living “toy-friendly.” The retirement community has no restrictions concerning their residents enjoying their bikes, boats, RVs, and more. What is often banned in other retirement communities is welcomed here.

At Lake Weir, you can expect to have fun doing what you love. Many of the citizens there enjoy a relaxing Sunday cruise on their motorcycle or boat. You are also able to customize your home, and you’re only a few minutes away from the beach.

Retired On The Road

There is a different breed of retirees. There are the traditional folks who like to settle down in a beautiful community and spend their days. We also have the others who don’t want being tied down, or you can call them escapees. Living their life in RVs is what they prefer.

Luckily for the latter, there is Escapees CARE. This is a facility that provides services for people who live on the road in their RVs. In this community, folks can stop by for medical care and good food.

Retired Hollywood Actors Head To NoHo

NoHo Senior Artists Colony is a match made in heaven for the creatives out there. After you’ve spent your best years being an artist, you have the chance to settle in at a place built just for you and your desires.

NoHo caters to those passionate in arts. Located in North Hollywood, the community is home to Hollywood actors and writers. If you choose to learn more while retired, there are also various educational programs.

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Live In Luxury With Victory


If luxury is what you’re looking for, then your search is nearly complete. Mountainside living at Victory at Verrado provides the perfect luxurious experience. Victory is located right outside of Phoenix, Arizona in the foothills of White Tank Mountains. Your family and friends will love this place.

Shopping is convenient and located in Victory’s own Main Street Shopping district. Amenities include yoga lawns and fitness centers and resort-style swimming pools. Medical help is also only a few minutes away.

Are You Ready For 365 Days Of Vacation?


You can consider The Villages the main event, and the other retirement homes are merely the opening acts. This luxurious way of living makes it feel like you’re always on vacation. They bless their residents with hotel-style amenities.

Huge outdoor and indoor pools are available. An almost over-sized fitness center is present. And you can’t forget about the racquetball court. If this is your choice, then vacation style living is now your life.

Retire And Take Your Education Higher

Jamie Collins, Kenneally Creative

Did you ever feel like you didn’t learn enough while in school? Do you ever wish you could go back, but you never end up there? Lifelong Education at Lasell Village is the place for you.

Located in Newton, Massachusetts, this retirement facility is on a college campus. The catch here is that you must participate in at least 450 hours of classes every year. Not only do you get a chance to further your education, but you still have fantastic amenities.

Make Sure You Sharpen Up Your Pickleball Skills


Anyone up for some Pickleball? Sun City West Festival is in Buckeye, Arizona. They refer to it as the “Pickleball Community” because they offer a ton of pickleball clubs with excellent facilities. Miniature golf is also on hand for residents.

The patios have a design made for you to enjoy your free time. And if you’re into the scenic views, plenty enough spaces allow you to gawk in amazement at the Arizona landscape.

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Encanterra Defines Posh

Here’s another community located in sunny Arizona. Encanterra Resort Community is the epitome of posh. With a full golf course equipped, going for a birdie is only one of the activities you can enjoy.

If golf isn’t your thing, don’t worry because there are private tennis courts at your disposal. The fitness and spa center caters daily to your beauty needs as well. And to make everything better, there are a handful of sophisticated restaurants.

If You’re Looking For The Largest, Look No More


The search is over if you were looking for the largest retirement community there is. Sun City in Summerlin out in Las Vegas is said to be one of the biggest in Nevada. There are three golf courses, five swimming pools, and 14 tennis courts. And that isn’t everything.

Shopping isn’t a hassle as the local infrastructure is right by the shopping centers. There is also a grand ballroom that can fit 300 people inside.

Stay Active, On Top Of The World


On Top of the World is a retirement community that caters to those who still wish to stay active. Former athletes, aspiring athletes, and anything in between is welcome here. There are two recreation centers ready for use.

Also, racquetball fans will enjoy the access to all of their courts. Programs providedifferent classes to people of all levels. “It is a privilege to develop a program that can positively influence the quality of people’s lives.” Fitness Director of On Top of the World Communities, Inc. Cammy Dennis said.