These Crafty People Made Beautiful Things With Their Own Two Hands

Why go to the store to buy some gorgeous home decor or a beautiful necklace when you can just go make those things yourself? What’s that? You don’t think you’re talented enough? Well, these people weren’t born talented. It took years for them to develop their crafting skills., and if they can do it, so can you.

Keep reading to see some of the most impressive items people made with their own two hands. I promise you’ll be inspired to pick up a sewing needle, or a paintbrush, or a hunk of clay.

A Polymer Pizza

m_marks / Reddit

There is nothing more mesmerizing than watching talented people make tiny food out of polymer clay. There are entire YouTube channels dedicated to the art of tiny clay food. These pizzas look super realistic. Usually these things are painted using soft pastels and then sealed with a clear glaze.

That pizza cutter is so teeny tiny. I don’t know how you get so much detail into a thing that’s smaller than your fingertip.

This Felt Veggie Garden Is Melting My Heart

IamN0tAGoose / Reddit

A very talented mother crafted this felt veggie garden for her little ones. This is the most adorable thing I have ever seen. I would seriously consider giving birth to children just so I could make them a felt garden like this.

Or maybe I could just pay this lady to make me one. This doesn’t look too difficult to make, but it does look like it might be difficult to get my vegetables to look as good as hers.

The Soapiest Crystals

AtticusLamb / Reddit

Yup, you heard me right. Those aren’t actual crystal clusters. Those are bars of soap that look like crystal clusters. It takes this craftsperson an hour and a half to make each crystal cluster.

She melts, colors and scents a glycerine soap base, and then pours it into rectangular molds. She lets that set, and then she hand carves and arranges the crystal shapes.

A Cactus Pincushion

safeXcamp / Reddit

I am freaking out at how cool this is. I love the idea of a cactus shaped pincushion. Then the pins can be the little cactus prickles. Apparently, this was super easy and cheap to make.

This talented craftsperson made it out of letter paper-sized sheets of felt. Now she has all of her pins securely in one place so she can use them to make even more beautiful crafts.

Tree Of Life Rope Decor

HIbouCailou / Reddit

I think if I tired to make this it would just look like a bunch of knots in a circle. I don’t know how this is even possible. The person who made this said that it took her a whole day to create it. I wish I had that kind of patience.

I would seriously pay real, hard-earned money for a piece like this. I love everything about this whole idea.

This Clay Octopus Candle Holder

Ginger_Snaps_Back / Reddit

The amount of work that it must have taken to compete this octopus candle holder is absolutely astounding. Making ceramics is a multi-step process. First, you have to sculpt all the pieces, then you have to let them dry until they’re leather hard, then you have to blend all the pieces together.

After that, the whole thing is fired in a kiln, then it’s painted and glazed and fired again. I love the spherical candles. They kind of look like giant pearls.

A Tolkien-Inspired Embroidery Piece

fatcatfatsack / Reddit

The artist who made this gorgeous embroidery piece says that this design reminds her of The Hobbit. I’d love to see her do a whole series of Tolkien inspired embroideries— maybe one of The Shire and one of the Eye of Sauron.

I like that this design looks cool and interesting even if you don’t know anything about The Lord of the Rings series. I love the rustic colors.

The Cutest Rocks Around

gilafox / Reddit

The first time I looked at these, I wondered how this craftsperson found a whole bunch of rocks with little ears and little feet. It turns out that she bakes polymer clay feet, ears, and horns onto the rocks to give them their signature shape.

After she’s done painting the rocks, she hides them around town for people to find. I would love to find a cute Totoro rock in my town.

A Mountain Shelving Unit

storky0613 / Reddit

This craftsman made a mountain shelf as a gift for a baby shower. It was actually his first time making anything out of wood. I love the grey-blue color. This thing is going to look amazing in a baby boy’s room.

It doesn’t actually look that difficult to make, but looks can be deceiving. I know if I actually tried to construct this, it wouldn’t look anywhere near as nice as this one.

The Perfect Paper Dahlia


It took this craftswoman over an hour to make this paper dahlia. She said that her hands and wrists hurt so much after fashioning all those petals out of crepe paper.

Her hard work definitely paid off, though. I can’t believe this isn’t a real flower. I would love to use paper flowers like this in a wedding bouquet. It would take so much time to make a whole bouquet of these, though.

A Ceramic Elephant Never Forgets


I love that this ceramic elephant looks realistic and cartoonish at the same time. I wonder how this crafts-lady made all of those super cute elephant wrinkles? Maybe she crumpled up a bag or tin foil and pressed it into the clay.

I would love to have a little elephant like this in my house. I’d like to have a big elephant in my house too, but I just don’t think that my house is big enough for the real thing.

Dainty Feather Embroidery


This woman embroidered a feather onto her favorite pair of pants. She did it all my hand, and it took her around two and a half hours. I love the color of the thread that she used. Gold goes well with everything.

I wish I had enough skill to make my favorite clothes cooler. Little touches like this ensure that your style is completely your own.

They Caught The Golden Snitch


This crafty father-son duo is making geek-themed jewelry. This is their golden snitch ring, and it is probably the coolest Harry Potter jewelry item I have ever seen.

This would make an excellent engagement ring for a lady who really loves the Harry Potterseries. I think it looks nice even if you’re not into Harry Potter and you don’t know what a snitch is.

A Collection Of Vessels


These small vessels and plant pots are all made out of resin, glitter, and gold leaf. I think I need to learn how to work with resin. These things are so cool. I would buy so many more plants if I could make all these sparkly resin pots.

Not that I really need any more plants. My apartment is overflowing with foliage as it is.

This Dragon Journal Is Entirely Handmade

BJsHandmade / Reddit

This journal is made out of aged paper, genuine leather, polymer clay, dry pigments and acrylic paint. I don’t really journal, but if I had a gorgeous journal like this one, I would just have to start writing down all of my feelings.

Most of my feelings would probably be about how beautiful this journal is. I’d write whole poems about this dragon’s yellow eye.

Realistic Bird Embroidery

Eloise_D / Reddit

These are absolutely beautiful. I love birds, and I love embroidery, so bird embroidery really is the best of both worlds. I think the hummingbird one is the most intricate of these three birds, but I’m most interested in the hawk. I think it’s because I’m more drawn to neutral colors.

This craftswoman sells her embroidery hoops and embroidery designs on her personal website,

Gorgeous Resin Earrings

wildwoodnature / Reddit

To make these beautiful earrings, this person laid single hydrangea petals flat and place the Queen Anne’s lace on top. Then she slowly dripped resin on top of the flowers with a toothpick.

She let that cure and then did the same to the back. Then she sanded the edges of the earrings and drilled tiny holes for the jewelry attachment. Now I really want to try my hand a resin work. These things are amazing.

Tiny Needle Felted Baby Penguins

Puggytoesnf / Reddit

I am overwhelmed with cuteness. I didn’t even know needle felting was a thing until right this moment. I’ve searched Wikipedia high and low and I still don’t understand how you can make something this cute and fluffy using only a needle and some fibers.

A penguin is actually the perfect thing to make if you’re going to make something. I think I need like ten of these.

An Adorable Handmade Whale Plush

mooshmooshs / Reddit

I love this whale so much. I especially love his fleece belly and his patterned top. It’s so much cooler than a basic blue or grey whale. This would so cool in a nursery or a kids’ room.

I also like that she sewed the bottom of his mouth to give him a ridged effect just like a real whale. This is so creative and fun.

A Real Fern Pendant

wildwoodnature / Reddit

Yet again, here is even more evidence that I need to start making things out of resin. These are actual fern leaves placed in a mould and then covered in resin.

The fern leaves kind of look a bit like parsley, but I’m totally ok with wearing a parsley pendant around my neck. Parsley is fresh and delicious. We should celebrate it more often.