These Parents Are Here To Show The Positive Sides Of Raising Kids With Autism

Children with autism spectrum disorders face many challenges navigating life as they grow up, but we shouldn’t forget that their parents face many difficulties as well. Parents of autistic children sometimes admit that the challenges of autism can create an overwhelming and often isolating experience, as other people fail to fully understand exactly what they’re going through. But many parents have found an outlet through social media, to seek and offer their support while advocating for autism awareness. You’re about to meet some amazing families and hear all about their journeys with autism.

This Mom And Son Gave A TEDx Talk About Their Journey


Photo: @benjitalk / Instagram

This is Debby and her son Benji, who was diagnosed with autism when he was three years old. Debby has shared her and Benji’s experience on their blog, Benji Talks. Benji did not speak at the time and the doctors told Debby that they worried he might not ever gain that ability.

But many years later, Benji is a teenager on the cusp of entering high school. He is very talented with the ability to play multiple instruments and has an uncanny memory for major roadways in the United States. In 2017, Benji even gave a TEDx talk and shared his experiences growing up with autism.