These Parents Desperately Need Their Own Timeout

You know you’ve hit peak-parenting when “What did I just say?!” could either be a threat or a genuine question. All parents go through the highs and lows of raising tiny little humans, all while doing it on an average of four hours of sleep.

That’s why sometimes it’s the parents that need their own little break. These kids are pushing their parents to the limit, and we just want to send mom and dad to the corner for five minutes of quiet solitude. When your child is projectile vomiting or upside down in a restaurant, you’ll be begging for a timeout.

This Is How Playpens Work, Right?

Photo credit: @shop_psychobaby / Twitter

This first time I heard about a parent using a playpen to keep a child out of an area, I immediately thought “why didn’t I think of this yet?”

Parents know that even three feet of personal space can be the difference between having an enjoyable evening or having a minor breakdown.

Do What You Need To Do To Eat Cake

Photo credit: 2nie / Reddit

It’s common for kids to need to be rocked or held to fall asleep. For this dad, his kid would wake up whenever he put them down.

How do you deal with a restless child and a hungry father? Use their tiny little bodies as a table, duh.

How To Stop Your Toddler From Interrupting The Five Minutes Of Peace You Get In The Shower

Photo credit: B_Geisler / Reddit

What do you do when your child has finally figured out how doorknobs work and they can now interrupt you everywhere, including the shower? Use a quick grip clamp. Also, you can tell this is the shower of tired parents because there is a juice box leftover that they probably mixed with vodka.

The dad coming up proves that pre-teens might be worse than toddlers.

Well, He’s Learning

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This was probably the hardest decision for this parent. On the one hand, you obviously don’t want your kid peeing in a non-functioning toilet at the local Home Depot.

On the other hand, if you stop him, it would set you back months on the potty-training schedule.

Walk-In Closets Were Invented To Be The Perfect Hiding Pace

Photo credit: @sarcasticmommy4 / Twitter

Any parent that says otherwise is straight up lying. Walk-in closets weren’t made to hold more clothes, just more people to hide from their precious little angels.

If you’re not going to be forcibly handed a timeout like kids get, then you have to get creative and make your own.

Please Take Note Of This Dad’s Earplugs At The One Direction Concert

Photo credit: Imgur

Only the sound of thousands of teenage girls screaming at a One Direction concert could force a middle-aged man to meditate. He’s having an outer-body experience, and not the good kind. He’s doing everything he can to imagine himself drinking a beer on his fishing boat. Please, give this man a break.

The next two kids prove why parents should just give up and stop trying to go out to restaurants for dinner.

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Photo credit: thegreatbarcia / Reddit

Why do children get special treatment? Take a kid to dinner, and they end up mimicking their chicken tender, and the waitress thinks it’s cute.

I go to a restaurant and end up upside down in the chairs and I get forcibly removed. When will the ageism stop?

Don’t Push This Dad Because He’s Close To The End

Photo credit: couchsittingbum / Reddit

I want to know what happened in the bathroom that allowed this kid to strip all his clothes off and make a run for it.

This poor dad looks like he’s about three seconds away from giving up and letting his child run amuck, but simultaneously trying so hard to keep his cool. May the odds be ever in his favor.

Parenting Magic Tricks

Photo credit: @homesinbrandon / Twitter

Once again, I’m upset that I didn’t think of this first. Most of the time, I sit there trying to drown out the “mom, mom, mom.” Next time, I’ll just tell them “it’s time to take a bath,” and I might get a few minutes of peace.

If you’re a parent who has mistakingly taken their child to Disney, then you’ll relate to the mom coming up on a deep, personal level.

It’s So Validating As A Parent To Feel So Much Love From Your Children

Photo credit: notusuallyhostile / Reddit

Once again, teens prove that they might be worse than toddlers. At least when they’re young, they rely on you for everything, so they are forced to give you unconditional love.

Once they figure out how to cook mac ‘n cheese themselves, they don’t need you or your love anymore.

I’m Not Sure Who Is More Upset Here

Photo credit: faja92 / Reddit

I want to say this dad is upset about having projectile vomit all over him, but any parent knows that he feels terrible for his child. When kids are sick, they are helpless and pathetic.

Parents just want to end their pain and suffering so that everyone in the household can get a good night’s sleep.

Has Any Parent Out There Actually Enjoyed Their Disney Trip?

Photo credit: @bibliobags / Instagram

This is a serious question. Because I’ve been to Disney and I’ve seen both sides of the coin, I’ve seen parents having the time of their lives with their kids, and I’ve seen moms like this. Moms who are tired, have sore feet, and are regretting buying their kid that last Mickey-shaped ice cream cone.

If you think being a parent to one is tiring, then check out how parents of twins have to handle things.

If You’re Forced To Sneak Chocolate In A Coffee Mug, You May Be The Parent Of A Toddler

Photo credit: @mommythezookeeper / Instagram

Is this a parenting hack, or a desperate cry for help? If you have to eat chocolate from a coffee mug so that your children don’t see, it’s a sign you need to take a few minutes to yourself.

Drop the kiddos off at grandma’s and eat a full bag of M&Ms on the couch. You deserve it.

When Learning Your Children’s Unique Personality Is Way Too Hard

Photo credit: @LeeStrobel / Twitter

This parent definitely has enough on their plate. Learning about their children’s unique personalities and mannerisms is way too much work. Shaving “1” and “2” into their hair is way easier.

I honestly can’t imagine what it would be like having twins. And what about triplets? I can barely handle one miniature human.

If You Didn’t Notice There Was A Lemur On Your Child, It’s Time For A Nap

Photo credit: Musicats78 / Reddit

I’m not here to give parenting advice, but if you didn’t notice there was a lemur sitting on your child’s head, then maybe it’s time to head home and have a nap. I will say, it’s pretty impressive that the kid didn’t wake up despite having a wild animal sitting on them.

The mom coming up made a simple mistake when packing lunch, and now she has some explaining to do.

It Even Has A Little Bit Of Shade

Photo credit: @amaramoberly / Instagram

One of the hardest parts of being a parent is finding time for yourself to do the things you love. Joining a recreational soccer league sounds like a good idea until you get there and have no idea how to play and watch a child at the same time.

Voilà! A parent-approved way of confining your child while you run around and do something you love.

This Is Why Overalls Were Invented

Photo credit: Reddit

There are only two reasons why overalls were invented. The first is for old Missouri farmers to wear when they’re feeding their barn animals, and the second is to make transporting children easier.

When they’re in that cute onesie, you have to hold them carefully with two hands. Overalls are like a pre-attached handle.

Oops, She Accidentally Packed You Dad’s Special Juice

Photo credit: @KenzieeStrangee / Twitter

This mom has a lot of explaining to do after packing a Four Loko in their child’s lunch. Obviously, she should have had a Four Loco that morning to wake her up before she made that mistake.

Also, she’s going to come home to her husband wondering why she packed an Arizona Iced Tea in his lunch instead of his “special juice.”

Even When They’re Asleep, They’re In The Way

Photo credit: @MiaSimper101 / Twitter

Kids have an incredible skill of managing to be a pain when they’re asleep. They’ll pass out on the couch right on top of the remote so you can’t even watch your favorite TV show.

Or they’ll fall asleep right in the line of your sunflower seeds. It’s almost as if their sole purpose is to push their parents to the limits.

Playing Cinderella Is The Best Way To Get Yourself A Break

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Most of these parents need their own timeout to relax, but one mom managed to find a way to do it. All you have to do is shell out $20 for a Cinderella dress, and then tell your child it’s time to play a game.

She has to be Cinderella and clean the house, and you’ll be the evil step-mother who watches over her while drinking a glass of wine on the couch.