These Photos Of Labradors Are Exactly What You Need Today

A dog’s love and loyalty is unconditional. There are very few feelings in the world that compare to looking lovingly at your dog, and getting that adoring stare back in return. A snuggle from your pup can turn a bad day into a great one. And few breeds are as awesome as the Labrador. In fact, Labs are the most popular of all the breeds! It’s easy to understand why; they’re easy to train, love to play and snuggle and are great with kids and other dogs. Not to mention that they are utterly adorable! Here are some amazing photos of this amazing breed.

Busom Buddies


This group of yellow Lab pups look as happy as can be all snuggled up, enjoying the feel of each other’s fur right up against their own. They all even seem to have the same facial expression!

Labrador Retrievers are very social by nature. They not only love to hang out with people, but also enjoy the company of other dogs as well as other animals. In fact, they get very lonely and depressed if they are isolated. That’s why they are the perfect dog for a family or a multi-pet household. Who wouldn’t want to take all of these puppies home?

Catching Some Z’s


Any dog owner knows that dogs in general sleep much more than we do. Any time of day is a good time for a pooch to catch a snooze. Adult labs will actually spend half of a day (12 hours) snoozing. Lab puppies that are younger than four months old may even sleep up to 20 hours a day. What a life! They are quite active dogs, so it’s no wonder that they need to rest up. Not to mention they look pretty adorable when they are sleeping. Take this guy, for example. He looks as if he doesn’t have a single care in the world.

Training Your Pup


When it comes to Labs, there is a bit of a debate on what is the appropriate age to start training them. Some trainers believe you can start training your Lab as early as eight weeks old. Others say let puppies be puppies, and don’t start training them until they are six months old. Studies have shown that they will still be able to reach the same level of training skill when they are an adult no matter which of those two ages you decide. Either way, be gentle, kind and loving in your training, and they will respond. But how could you not be with a face like this?

Light And Dark, And Everything In Between


Though most people think Labradors only come in black, chocolate or yellow, there are actually a few more variations. Yellow Labs range from a pale white to almost a deep red. Black ones can be born with white patches or even (very rarely) a combination of colors. Chocolate labs come in a variety of shades, from medium brown to a very dark brown. But alas, there are even more varieties! There is actually a type called a Red Fox Labrador (though it is actually a dark shade of yellow), and, although quite rare, and controversial, there are silver Labs.

The Originator


Black Labs were the first Labs discovered, back in the 18th century in Newfoundland. They are the most popular of the breed, mainly because the black gene is the most dominant. Hunters and shooting enthusiasts love black Labs, and they are often bred for this type of work. Though it is hard to picture this sweet face hunting down pheasants. They are well known as skilled and courageous service dogs, but there is no doubt they still make great family pets and companions, as they have a happy, playful and loving temperament.

Good ‘Ol Yellow


Yellow Labs are the second most popular of the breed. As mentioned, yellow Labs come in a wide variety of shades. Labs with a deep yellow shade are often referred to as “golden labradors”, though most breeders don’t like to like this term. They are also popularly used as guide dogs to the blind. The reason for this is because is when properly trained, they are extremely obedient dogs. They are also very intelligent: they can open doors and help people get dressed and undressed! They take direction well and always give their all to any task.

Who Doesn’t Love Chocolate?

Labrador Retriever puppies

Back in the olden days, breeders who were breeding black Labradors would get a big surprise when their dogs would pop out one or two brown, or chocolate, pups. This would happen when the parents secretly carried the less dominant brown gene. Surprisingly, breeders would get quite upset to see those brown little faces. Previously called liver labradors, chocolate Lab puppies in this brown shade began to get popular in the 1960’s, and still remain so to this day. And quite understandably so; the beautiful brown coat is undeniably amazing. Imagine being disappointed upon meeting these sweet pups? Not a chance.

Back By Popular Demand


These Red Fox Lab puppies are too cute for words! This particular color of the breed was very popular when they were first introduced to us as pets but then lost their popularity to the yellow, chocolate and black Labs. Breeders even started trying to “breed the red out.” But in recent years they have become popular again, and many breeders have been specializing in this unique coloring. And how could they not? Any one of those perfect little faces is to die for. (Though they tend to cost a lot more if you are buying one.)

The Controversial Cutie


This silver Lab has a face to make your heart melt. While no one would debate the cuteness factor, there are a number of breeders who refuse to recognize the silver Lab as a real breed. They were first seen in the 1950’s, when they appeared out of nowhere, and were originally called grey Labs. Because of their sudden appearance on the scene, many speculated that they actually had diluted genes (specifically from a Weimaraner) which gave them their coloring. But this is all speculation with no evidence. And this little guy sure has the look that Labs are so loved for.

Let’s Play Catch


No matter the color of a Lab, it will without a doubt absolutely love to play. They have a lot of energy, so breaking out the toys and having them run around is a great way for them to burn that energy. Balls are always a big hit; any Lab loves to chase them and bring them back to their owner for a game of fetch. They love to gnaw on chew toys, and don’t be surprised if they tear them up into little pieces. Tug-a-war is a Lab favorite as well. They are even pretty skilled at playing Frisbee. Well, catching the Frisbees at least.

Watch This


Labradors are an intelligent breed and can be taught to do a number of tricks. With patience and persistence, Lab puppies actually learn commands quite quickly. They can of course learn all of the classics, like “bark”, “roll over”, “sit”, and “play dead.” But some have been taught to some pretty amazing and complex tricks, like putting specific items in certain areas (so they can actually clean up their own toys), stack cups and even push a shopping cart. This particulate pooch seems to have a fun way to show its appreciation for hotdogs.

Room For Me


A Lab may weight up to 70 pounds, but it will probably still assume it is a lap dog. They may be suffocating their owner and crushing his or her ribs, but they do so with nothing but pure love. They also often seem to sense when their owner is sad or upset, and will come cuddle with a head, or full body, on their best mate’s lap. They even tend to be more calm and gentle with people who are vulnerable for one reason or another. They eat up affection and aren’t shy about dishing it out as well.

How Can I Make You Happy?


Labs are always looking to please their owner in some way or another. They’ll follow their owner everywhere they go, even if it’s just to the next room. They’re willing to go on any adventure they are taken on, wearing that familiar, goofily happy expression. All that they want in return is for their owner to be happy, combined with a little hands-on affection. A little scratch under the chin, and the dog’s tail will be wagging a thousand miles a minute. Their willingness to please is often successful. It is quite difficult to be anything but happy round another creature who is consistently happy.

Must Love Kids


Labs thrive on being part of a pack and a member of the family. This makes them exceptional dogs for families. They are gentle and sweet with children of all ages. Kids make great playmates because they can keep up with the intense energy level that Labradors have; neither will have to worry about ever being bored or lonely. They can adapt easily to most situations, so they make good adventure buddies for the little ones. Plus, Labs have a natural instinct to take care of and protect their family, so they end up being good bodyguards for children.



Labs are notorious goofballs. Their excitable and playful demeanor makes them a riot to hang out with it. They are rather large and clumsy, especially because they do not even realize how big they are. Don’t be surprised to see one accidentally run straight into a door when it is all amped up to play. Almost all puppies are clumsy, but Labradors hold onto to that awkwardness as they grow. Maybe because they seem to think they are puppies even when they are full grown adults. And the facial expressions they give are comical; just look at this black Lab hamming it up for the underwater camera.

It Wasn’t Me


It is pretty inevitable that a Lab will often come home wet, dirty and/or covered in mud. It’s just in their nature. But if a little pup gives its owner a look like this, even when it is covered head-to-toe in mud, who can stay angry for long? Unfortunately, you really cannot bathe them too often as it is bad for their coat, specifically their undercoating, which helps keep them waterproof. They also shed a lot, so expect to find clumps of fur balls all around the house. So they probably aren’t the best pets for neat freaks.

Are You Going To Eat That?


Labs seem to have an endless appetite, and they aren’t the least bit picky about what they chow down on. They will even eat dirt, leaves, sticks, rocks. animal carcasses, and even poop! If it were left up to them, they’d probably eat until their stomach exploded. The reason that they are bottomless pits when it comes to food is that they actually have a gene that causes them to be food-obsessed. Because of this, they are often prone to obesity. That’s why it is so important to make sure they are exercised regularly.



Labs love water! After all, they have a history of working side-by-side with fisherman, and were originally bred for retrieving game in water. They are known for jumping right into any body of water they come across, whether it be a lake, river or pool. They enjoy splashing around in shallow water, as well as going for a serious swim in deeper waters. Labs will gladly turn a game of fetch into a water sport, which it looks like this Labrador in the photo is doing. Labs even like taking baths.

Best Buddies


Part of what makes dogs such great companions is the fact that they never judge us. They don’t care if we lay around in our cartoon-covered pj’s all day. They don’t care if our face is covered with zits. They won’t laugh when we cry at the end of that Disney movie. They won’t remind us how many calories were in that pint of ice cream. That won’t tell us to be more organized when we are running frantically around the house looking for our keys. They think we are awesome no matter what. And we think the same of them.

Best Dogs Ever


It’s no wonder why labs are one of the most popular breeds. They have so many endearing attributes, it is difficult to keep count of them all. They are great to cuddle with and are the ultimate playmates. Their endless energy is utterly contagious. They live to please and impress their owners. They are incredibly intelligent and quick learners. They are amazing with people of all ages, as well as with other animals. They are pretty low-maintenance when it comes to grooming. They know how to make us laugh. Not to mention they are delightfully adorable. Labradors may be the best dogs ever.

Doggo’s First Christmas


We’re not sure what’s more impressive, the fact that this pupper can sit still long enough to take this adorable photo or the fact that the Christmas tree is still standing! Here Maverick’s owners capture his first Christmas as he poses by his stocking like a good boy. This doggo has no idea that his paw print stocking is about to be filled with tasty treats and toys. Labs do pretty well in cold weather so Christmas is nothing but good times for them! There’s no doubt this lab puppy will spread plenty of Christmas joy to his family and neighbors.