These Pictures Sum Up What It’s Like To Be A Parent

Parenting is no picnic and any parent whose newborn has been out of the hospital at least three days can tell you that. Luckily, there are millions of parents who can relate to the struggle. Take a look at some of these hilarious parenting memes and hopefully, your laughter will be enough to mask your tears.

This Is What Parenting Is Like


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Veteran parents always like to laugh at how naive new parents can be. They will tell you everything you should prepare for, but really, all the preparation in the world isn’t enough for the actual thing. Parenting is a learn-as-you-go type of experience for most, but it’s great to have other parents there to support you along the way.

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Dad Always Does The Opposite


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Why does Dad always feel the need to thwart Mom’s plans? Either there’s some big miscommunication going on or Dad just wants the kids to like him better than Mom. Usually, it’s a mixture of both. But we all know that there will be a heated conversation about it once the kids finally go to sleep.

Having A Family Is Not Like The Brady Bunch


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A lot of people have an idealized vision of how they’d like to be when they become parents, but then it actually happens and they realize that it’s just not possible. Life isn’t as perfect as it is in The Brady Bunch and you turn out more sarcastic and cynical like Roseanne is on her show.

Yeah, Whatever Susan


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There’s nothing more annoying than other parents who try to make it seem like they’ve got a better handle on parenting than you do. They always say their kids “would never do that,” but surely that day will come when those people’s kids do exactly that thing they said they wouldn’t do.

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This Is Every Parent’s Goal In Life


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When their kids get older, parents will look for any opportunity to embarrass their kids. It’s a wonder why kids start to think their parents are uncool but it’s pretty hilarious to get on their nerves every chance they get. After all, they have to deal with raising the kids for about 18 years.

The Good Ol’ Days


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Sometimes we long for the days when our kids were sweet and could hardly say a word. Of course, the sweetest time was when they weren’t technically here yet. Unfortunately, once your kids start talking back to you it’s all downhill from there because it will only get worse once they get closer to puberty.

I Wish You Wouldn’t


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Whenever your kid throws a tantrum, they will sometimes be pushed to say these magical words. Parents secretly wish that it would actually happen, but they’re also laughing to themselves because they know their kids can’t go an hour without calling Mom or Dad for help.

We’re sure every parent has felt this way when they’ve finally had a night out…

Why Does Dad Ruin Everything


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Your husband is supposed to be your partner in life and especially in parenting. But sometimes, he is the very person who will betray you. Dad always wants to be the cool parent and sometimes that means messing up the schedule and setting you up to be the mean parent. Thanks.

Please Don’t Put That In Your Mouth


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A lot of parents know that sense of panic that takes over when they’re keeping an eye on their kids from afar and suddenly they see something go towards their mouth. You know for a fact you didn’t authorize any snacks for this playdate and now you have to worry about them poisoning themselves.

It’s Been Too Long Since I’ve Gone Out


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When new parents finally feel that their babies are ready to take on social activities, they sadly realize that they’ve forgotten what goes into getting ready for social events. Moms especially realize that their outfits are dated, and they feel like they can’t look as good as they did before the baby. Of course, they should never feel that way!

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When It’s Been Two Days Since You’ve Heard Adults Talking


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Ask any parent about a kid’s television show, and they could probably tell you about all the characters and the plotlines of all the episodes. As much as it makes them want to blow their brains out, parents will watch whatever their kids want to watch just to avoid another meltdown.

I Relate To This On So Many Levels


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We definitely know this feeling. After a long day of work, we come home to make dinner for the family but all the while, we have to keep our kids from biting each other’s heads off. Then after dinner, there’s the whole ordeal of getting everyone ready for bed which always takes longer than it needs to.

Get Ready For The Chase


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A lot of parents — mostly moms — can relate to how daunting it can be to go to any store with your toddler. You know they won’t sit still in the cart, but you also don’t want to be the parent who has a kid leash, so you brave the store hoping your kid acts like a little angel. But then he sees something shiny and appealing.

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A Quiet House Is Not A Good Sign


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Sometimes you’re home alone with the kids, and then you have one of those movie moments where you realize, “it’s quiet… too quiet.” Then a knot forms in your stomach as you go looking for your spawn around the house because you’re nervous about what you might walk into.

Nothing Prepares You For This Moment


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Every new parent acts like they’re prepared for whatever surprises their baby will leave them, but really they’re not. There will always be some monstrous disaster that will throw them for a loop and make them question everything. Parents love their babies, but even they’ll admit that it can get pretty gross.

Your Kids Become Your Alarm Clocks


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Why is it that kids naturally wake up so early in the morning? Even when we don’t force them to go to bed at their bedtimes, they’ve still saved up enough energy to become screaming banshees at six in the morning. When we wake up to this, we really don’t want to get out of bed.

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The Grass Is Always Greener


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Why does it always seem like other parents raised their children to be perfect little angels while our kids act like little hellions all the time? It really makes us question what we might’ve done wrong, but maybe it’s one of those things where the grass looks greener on the other side.

How Most Parents Feel A Few Years In


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News flash: It doesn’t. Sure, parenting is tough even as the kids get older, but in the end, the rewards are so much better. You’ll have your kid’s teenage years to get through, which might be the hardest part, but after they’ve gone off to college you can look back at all the great work you’ve done and treat yourself with a glass of wine.

The Magazines All Moms Need


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This play on magazine titles has most moms rolling on the floor laughing. It’s very true that once they enter motherhood, every other aspect of life gets placed on the back burner. Their kids become their number one priority and a lot of time that means sacrificing their own self-care.

When School Was Your Kids’ Babysitter


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Most parents are not as excited as their kids when Spring Break comes around. It’s the one time of the school year that they can’t just take off of work to look after their kids. Most parents let their kids be for one week and hope for the best, counting down the days until they’ll be back in school again.