These Reunions Between Parents and Siblings Will Bring You To Tears

The parent and sibling bonds that we share with our family members are hard to explain. The love and devotion we feel for those individuals is often unbreakable, even if they get on our nerves from time-to-time. But what happens when that bond is suddenly lost or what if we never had it to begin with? Whether it’s siblings meeting for the first time after an adoption or parents reunited with their children after a kidnapping or sudden disappearance, there is something really special about a first meet or a sudden reunion. We’ve captured a handful of the best parent and sibling reunions and they will bring you to tears.

Reunited After Her Abandonment Made Headlines

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Tammy Makram was abandoned by her birth mother at a young age. Her story made national headlines after she was wrapped in a blanket and left in a cardboard box on Christmas Eve in 1961. She was eventually adopted by a nice family who operated a farm in Minnesota. Twenty seven years after she gave birth to her own son, Makram attempted to track down her birth mother. Makram lived a happy life with three other adopted children, but she had questions she wanted to be answered. “It became part of my mission I guess to try to find my birth mother to tell her that things turned out great for me,” she said. To hunt down her mom, Makram ordered a DNA kit from and posted her results. That’s when things took an unexpected turn. Another woman was in the middle of her own search and her DNA matched Tammy’s! It turns out the two women were sisters. Liz Kellner was abandoned in a Minneapolis apartment building on December 30, 1965. The women then tracked down a third sister, Abbie Greene, who was living in Florida. It turns out their mom had four children and their dad had five.